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Now first, I want to go on the record as saying that my cats are spoiled rotten and treated better than most children in this world. They live very good lives and are much loved. However, they occasionally have to put up with my whims, including testing the new baby swing.


Poor Callie.

Second, I wanted to show you the lovely baby gifts we recently received from the wonderful people of internetland. Sam very sweetly sent us this lovely pink blanket that is just perfect for rolling around on the floor and drooling all over.


And Etherian very kindly sent us a set of Winnie the Pooh receiving blankets, which I have used to practice my swaddling. How'm I doing?


Thanks ladies!

Comments (21)

Your swaddling is up to the same standards of Mary *herself*!

I wish I had money! :-p

Wow, you swaddled Pooh very well! I wish I had practiced on a Pooh instead of a wriggly baby. :)

The kittie doesn't look too unhappy. But I wonder how long she stayed there.
Have a nice weekend.

We're gardening, and as much as I hate to complain about the heat, it sure is hot out there.

Excellent work on the swaddling! I'm sure Callie appreciates you using Piglet instead of herself after her trip on the swing.

Bravo! When are you coming to feed my baby, Beth? I'm exhausted.

I wish I could find a BIG PERSON blanket like the Beanette's - it's too cute. And Callie looks perfectly happy sitting in the baby swing, of course. Or maybe she's thinking, 'Once again, I placate the pregnant lady in the house.' :)

Heh, heh. I think we had Pooh baby blankets for our son too. Very nice, Beth. Did you learn the "burtito baby wrap" in class yet?

Uh, make that "burito". Well, it could be burtito, but I don't know what that is.

Ooh classic Winnie the Pooh! Way cool! And excellent swaddling, and pretty stuff and awww getting so giddy and excited for you!

Dot's some good swaddlin'! And dang, those Pooh blankets are a heckuva lot cuter than I expected. Neat. Poor kitty... she looks so uncertain. :-)

That is an excellent swaddling job!

Your cat looks thrilled to be in the swing. I'm sure just as thrilled as my dogs when I strapped them in the doll stroller. :)

Aw, the pictures are all so sweet, I may have to vomit! ;)

Looks like some stellar swaddling...that Lima Bean is one lucky baby!

Swaddling is definitely a good thing--and practice makes perfect!


Overload. Need insulin...

I love Classic Pooh! When I get pregnant, I want everything Pooh! :-)

Awwww VERY cute gifts! I love Pooh too. Unfortunaly I can not yet use a baby as excuse to buy tons of Pooh stuff :)

It's funny how you did manage to get the kitty in, on Chris' there is only an attempt to get the kitty in the baby swing ;)

Wow, she is already quite fashionable and she's not even here yet. I have to say, she is doing much better than me! Very cute.

Kitty is NOT pleased!
Piglet however looks oddly calmed.

that cat is adorable in that swing. you have given me ideas ;)

Callie looks like she's having! and Piglet look good! great job! Cute stuff!

ooh, kitty in the swing, so cute...take a lot of pics and make a "baby" kitty calendar!! i would buy it, lol. it would be similar to the ann geddes ones, but with kitties as babies...i know, i am WIERD!

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