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There's nothing I love more than an all day meeting, which is where I will be for the rest of today.

However, I couldn't let the entire day go by without boring the internet with a story about my fetus. The other night, I fell asleep while Chris had his hand on my belly. The next day, he told me that after I fell asleep he could feel the Bean moving around in there. I was really excited about it, because I feel like it was the beginning of their bonding - the first time he "made contact" with her without me really being involved. I am also proud of the Bean that she has found a way to start manipulating her father before she is even born.

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Yay! 37 years later and I'm STILL manipulating my dad with a look or something even easier.

Good job, Bean.

For a guy it's the coolest thing to have your baby - especially if it's your daughter - respond to you in the womb. There are things my daughter responds to now that she responded to while in the womb and my duaghter is 2. I believe the bonding starts REAL early. Truly amazing!

~ Jef

Oh yes, let the manipulation begin. There is a distinc possibility that this child will be spoiled beyond all imagination because Chris will turn to a giant pile of mindless goo as soon as the tears start to well in those little eyes.

Ah, you have taught her well. Excellent work.

Start manipulating? Sounds like she's taken care of that a while ago!(see "why my husband rocks" post)

I agree with Shannon. Bean has been manipulating Chris for awhile now. Since that ultrasound.


adorableness. Manipulation is good for men, makes them healthy and contrbute to society.

Oopps, did I type that outloud?

Awwww that;s cute!

I'm all with autumn. It's good for them!

Besides, starting this early is a good sign. She'll have no problem getting what she wants later in life. In fact? She may possibly be a genius!

I like the manipulating part. But I bet that won't be difficult for her to do.

Hope your meeting went well. I've got one tomorrow morning 8:30

Daddy's little girl!

That is very cute :)
Reading this blog is affecting me. All of a sudden I really want to have a baby!

Ha! The manipulation is only beginning...

Princess doesn't have a daddy, but that doesn't stop her from wrapping any other man in her life around her little finger hee! When she was younger, she used to order the boys around, saying in an imperious tone "boy, go do that" and the funny thing was...they would!

If we'd have had a girl, she would totally have been a daddy's girl. Sigh. 4 boys - none of them are mama's boys.

see, she knows that he needs to feel special, too so she did that little trick for him.

isn't she so smart?

That is a GREAT story...thanks for the bean updates, keep 'em coming! Also, thanks for visiting and commenting on my site!

she's sooo smart!! ;)

sounds like the little one is off to a good start. not yet out of the womb and already wrapping daddy 'round her finger.

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