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Shower. And also, boobs.

I had a work baby shower today. It was given by a friend from work, we went to lunch, we had fun. I invited four people. You see, I support a group of about 100 people and I didn't want a 100 person baby shower, so I thought that by inviting only my four very closest friends - you know, the ones I have actually had personal conversations with - it would be clear to everyone else that there was no reason to be offended or even want to go because obviously, it was just a small little gathering of the people I am actually close to.

In the first 10 minutes after we got back, two people complained to me about not being invited. One of these people was the woman who called me a bitch when I interviewed her for a promotion a few months ago. The other one, I don't even know her name.

Whatever. They can bite me. I will be too busy setting up the baby swing I got and trying it out on the cats. You have to test these things you know - for safety.

Also, you should all definitely pray for me or something, because tonight I am going to a La Leche League meeting. I am a little worried that they will take my boobs hostage and refuse to release them until I vow to nurse the Lima Bean until she leaves for college. I'm making a friend go with me in case they are all psycho crazy breast fiends. Safety in numbers.

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Okay, for some reason my ears were burning...

Good luck. Those La Leche folks are pretty determined.

And don't leave the meeting without all your parts!

Ahahahahaha, don't you know already they they are crazy brest fiends??? Don't go! :) ahahahahaha!

And hey, those two chicks can bite me in numbers!

Not to alarm you, but all the LLL people I knew were slightly crazy. But that could have just been the people,... I think there's something in the Wisconsin water;)

And cats make very good test dummies. As long as they don't have overactive claws:)

Will you be a lactivist?

They are crazy brest fiends!!!
WE will all help you with breast feeing, without the guilt.

I've heard some crazy things about those people (LLL, not your co-workers) be careful, and when the kiddo can walk up to you ask ask for your boob? Might be time to wean. Just sayin.

Good luck with the Boob Brigade tonight.

Also, can we get pictures of the cats testing the swing? I totally want to see that. Hee.

hey, why didn't i get invited to the baby shower lunch? bitch:)

That should be interesting... tell us all about it tomorrow :) well, if you have any spare time off the swing and all.

PLEASE take pics of the cats in the baby swing! PRICELESS!

Good luck with LLL. You are a braver woman than I! I have been viewing them as a last resort due to all of the crazy rumors - most of which include the word "militant".

You ARE brave! LLL scares me. I only go so far as to read their website. A meeting is too frightening a thought...

OMG my mom was one of the brainwashed for years--i was breastfed til i was 3-- and she almost fainted when I STOPPED breastfeeding my daughter when she was 1.. i say enough is enough...they can be helpful--but be careful of all the brainwashing/scary/alien-ness-- heehee! have fun boob lady!

You know that those are the people that, if they had been at your baby shower, would have given you subpar gifts because they don't like you.

Some people just live for drama like that. Assholes! :)

I found the La Leche league ladies to be somewhat fanatic in their zeal. Me, I'm more like a live and let live kind, so they kind of scared me!

Forget the LLL people and just see the nice boob ladies in the hospital. They will give you plenty of encouragement, they have boob classes, and they don't make you feel like your boobs are ONLY for baby-boobing.

I like saying boob.

Good luck with LLL. My college roomate who was normal, joined up and stopped shaving her pits and legs. Not that that will happen, but...

Screw those catty women.

I completely agree with testing the swing. Cats are perfect for that kind of task!

Hope the freaky boob ladies didn't feel you up too much.

Um, she called you a bitch while interviewing for a promotion? Call me crazy, but I'm guessing she didn't get the promotion.

I have never even heard of La Leche League, but in Hawaii, they had a breastfeeding group that had a few members who were breastfeeding kids who were in grade school.

No, I'm not kidding.

Shall I slap your crazy work bitches? :)

Good luck at LLL! I have never heard of such a thing here. Breastfeeding untill 3 sounds a tad f** up.

I hope it went well. I really loved my LLL group - had to quit going when dh's grad school classes interfered. There was a wide mix of people there with many different views. Keeping an open mind is very helpful - you may not make the same choices that others in the group do, but that doesn't mean anyone is wrong.

Please remember, an entire group should not be judged by a few outspoken members. And it is usually the outspoken ones who have the most "out-there" ideas! I know leaders who *wish* certain members would drop out because they scare others, especially the new moms.

Attending 4 meetings before the birth of your baby can be INVALUABLE! In the course of 4 meetings you will go over the entire series and hear a whole bunch of great ideas for overcoming obstacles, ignoring bad advice and listening to your baby/trusting your instincts. OK - so you have time for two meetings. Go to them both! Ignore what you don't like.

girl, office people get crazy around celebrations. if there's the slightest possibility for cake, people will do anything to get invited, even if they HATE, LOATHE and DETEST the person who is being celebrated. there's no way to avoid the hurt feelings. which, in my book, translates to, "Whatever. Can't please everyone so I'm just gonna focus on pleasing myself."

sounds like that's basically what you did as well so good for you.

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