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Special Request

Dear Lima Bean,

I can deal with the heartburn. I can deal with the lack of sleep and the getting up five times a night to pee. I can deal with the 30 pounds I have already gained and I can deal with having 8 weeks of gaining weight left to do. I can deal (mostly) with outgrowing my maternity pants. I am even starting to come to terms with the whole labor thing. However, I have one special request. Would you pretty, pretty please stop kicking me in the liver? Thanks bunches.


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Owwee! That is a special kind of hurt, huh?

Ah yes...they love to kick your organs don't they? By the way, I am pretty sure your weight will plateau...just lay off the ice cream (a tiny bit) :)

Hi, I've been blog surfin' and came across your site! Loved it! Just thought I'd say hi and that I'm adding you to my site! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

awww, they are love taps!! taps of liver hurting love :)

be careful or she will start grinding your head into your cervix...nothing says "INDUCE LABOUR NOW" like a wee head grinding on your (last nerve) naughty bits.


Oh man, my first one would kick the sh*t out of me, mostly in the ribs. I was mentioning it to my dr. at one of my visits and he said, after doing some ultrsound measurements, it's no wonder she's doing that considering how long she is. She's super tall to this day (age 6). I guess she didn't have any room in there!

Found you from Robin's site...nice posting and thanks for the baby updates...hope it gets better :)

Oh and tell your internet womb buddy Bry to stop kicking me in the ribs! You are making me so sore little man!

um...ow. that's gotta be a special kind of hurt :(

My mother used to always tell me I'd want kids, and I laughed at her. Then I found James, and I want them. But you know, after some of your stories, you're giving me second doubts.

I'm sure that if some little stick said (at some point down the road (now's really not a good time since I'm changing jobs and moving and what not)) that I was pregnant that I'd be very much pleased and overlook the liver-kicking.

I just -- can't quite get that balance worked out in my head.

Kind of feels like your vital organs are just punching bags now. Ouch!

I have to echo the sentiments of the rest of the commenters. OW!!

Ouch! But hey, you don't really need your liver right now since you can't drink any alcohol :)

I felt your pain. My oldest fille always felt the need to hook her little feet under my rib cage and slide around for fun! She is 10 now... I wish she were still in there... at least she wouldn't be trying to sit on the (gabled) back porch roof. Hang in there!

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