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The update nobody cares about

So gosh, over a year ago when nobody read my blog other than my husband and Casey, I wrote about my old friend Mark.

In the post, I said I had emailed Mark that morning, but the truth is that I had emailed Mark and written the post several months earlier, before I even started my blog. Anyway, I sent him a note, he responded after several days, and for some reason it took me about two months to write him back. I didn't hear from him again after that. I was sorry about it, but we hadn't been in touch for a long time and I figured we just had too little in common anymore to pick up a friendship.

But then this morning, I got another email from Mark. I answered it immediately.

Thanks, Mark. You made my day.

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*crushed* I care, Beth. I really, really care! That's a nice story actually.

But, let me get this straight. You only had 2 readers a year ago and today you get like millions of readers a day? How do you do it? Besides being witty, intelligent and totally hot, I mean.

No doubt! You are one hot mama with a smoking a** and tons of readers!! What a difference a year makes (well, except for the a** part - you've always had that, right?)

Awwwwww! What a sweetie!

Some friends you really CAN just pick up anywhere, anytime and it feels all normal. That is great!

I just love friendships like that!

Yeah, 2 readers? How the times have changed. You ARE so hot now that I'd make out with you...but the baby thing would freak me out ;)

Actually, I thought the "Melonhead" post near that one was really, really good. :D

I remember that post :P

Yeah, that's back when I was just lurking cuz I was all afraid of Mrs. Cactus. I'm a wuss that way. *lol*

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