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So far, all of my dreams about the baby have involved not knowing what to do with her. Last night, I dreamed that I couldn't find her. I ran all over the house and thought maybe I had left her at the grocery store, but it turned out I had left her in her car seat in the car all night. This is unlikely to happen, as I am pretty sure that Chris would notice and ask me where the baby was. However, now I am stuck with this dream image of a screaming, dehydrated, sweaty baby with hair plastered to her face sitting in her car seat where I had left her for, oh, say 12 hours or so.

Eight weeks, people. God help me, eight weeks.

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You poor thing. I'm sure that'll never happen. Or it will only happen once or twice. *lol*

But see, now that you've gotten it out of the way in a dream, it'll NEVER happen in real life.

Sadly, completely and totally normal. These dreams are as common as indigestion in the last few months/weeks. You're almost there! I swear, it's even better than you think it might be.

I am sure that won't happen 'cuz you will notice that things are awfully quiet - too quiet - when the baby isn't around.

Oh, I'm sorry. I remember those dreams.

Believe me, you would never do that. Never.

But you might leave the quiet baby in the highchair and come back and realize that she is sleeping in her peas... Not that I have ever done something like that...

Wait until you start having the panicked waking dreams after 4 weeks of sleep deprivation when the baby is finally here, and you and Chris both begin running around the house sleepwalking looking for the baby, while she sleeps safe and sound in her crib.

Don't worry. Its all temporary. :)

Don't worry, her hair won't be long enough yet to be plastered to her face.

Oh poor you! What a horrible dream. Like they said, don't worry the 'momma bear' thing kicks in and you will never forget her... Chris on the other hand...

Yeah. What everybody else said. AFTER she's born, it's a whole lot of other nightmares that happen while you're awake, so these are just getting you prepared.

This is a big thing going on in your life and it can't help but carry over into your subconscious. And of course your subconscious takes it to a whole new level of freaky.

Sympathies.... I know it's an exciting time and a scary one all mixed together. But you'll be great, and will have a normal, if freakishly flexible kid with great taste in handbags and music.

Maybe you need a nice pre-natal massage? Can't hurt, right?

Oh yes. Any excuse to get a massage or facial should be taken. After all, you need to be calm and relaxed before becoming a mom...right?

I still have dreams like that. And you know my kids are grown and almost grown. You'll do fine. Before the days of remote car locks, I locked my infant and the keys in my car. Can we say 'panic'?! Be thankful you have modern technology on your side!

Such dreams only show what an amazing, attentive mother you will be :) How comes the nursery? :)

Just keep a string tied around your finger at all times -- that'll be your reminder: "Where did I put that baby?" ... I'm just sayin'...

thats not too bad. After the birth of my first i kept having the same dream over and over, think i was waking up from it but i wasn't, it was just starting it all over again. I kept dreaming that i was feeding bubs in bed, then would doze off and wake up to find her not there, then i would dream i would wake up and it would start all over again.
It was very confusing!

I still sometimes have dreams like that and my oldest is 10 1/2 (don't forget the 1/2, please). The worry. It never ends. But it gets balanced out with so much joy, you don't mind.

Sometime in the next 4 weeks you'll switch from "oh no - x weeks left" to "when the hell is the baby going to come out?". I'm scared, scared, scared of taking care of baby, but at the same time I absolutely cannot wait to play with him/her!

Trust me - you'll be checking on her if she sleeps an extra 15 minutes.

LOL you crack me up! Once that baby is born she will become your life! a part of wont leave the house without a leg right? hahaha

What everyone is saying is true. Women have much more vivid dreams, often nightmares, later in pregnancy. BIOCHEMICAL. With a layer of anxiety. I dreamed I was in a field watching planes with nuclear bombs fly over head, knowing they were in the process of dropping them any minute. Color, sound, everything.
It's been rather explosive but nothing end-of-the-world and mostly a lot of fun. Hang in there.

You are going to be just fine ;) Normal to have those kinds of dreams, it is a little scary the first time around.

You will be amazed when she gets here and you realize all the things you really already knew but didn't know you knew. Does that even make sense?

Please excuse me, I have had a sinus headache all day and on 4 hours sleep.

Get a tracking device and keep it on your baby at all times. That'll work.

Jk. :)

i forgot about pregant dreams... they can be real zingers. but don't worry, with two doting parents like you and chris... this baby will be begging for some alone time!

if you're worried about losing her though, i think they make a little lo-jack device that you can insert under the skin... if they don't they should. they do make underpants with a gps locator in them, so i'm sure it's not far off. (let me know if you want the link to the underpants)

BETH! BREATH! This is what lamaz is REALLY for.

It's too late for cold feet! GET YOURSELF TOGETHER WOMAN! What you really need is that one of those key chains that whistle when you clap. Then you will always know where she is.

Yikes that is a nightmare, one that I KNOW won't come true!!!

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