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Why I am the best wife ever

My husband told me last night that his goal for today was to meet five hookers. I was totally ok with that.

Best. Wife. Ever.

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I think the best wife ever would actually be the one to bring the hookers to her husband. Close second, though.

Only five? Lightweight!

It's good to have goals! Chris is really reaching for the stars! Aim high, buddy. Aim High! :) And Beth, you are a fabulous wife, I have no doubt!

And you have the CUTEST ass!

Your only cool if you offered to pay for them! :-)

YOu most definately need a medal stating that :-)

it's great that he's gearing up for fatherhood. good dads get hookers. just ask rex. on desperate housewives.

oh wait. he died.

but YOU my dear. wow. he should kiss your toes.

What did he want with them? Did he want them to help in the front garden?Did he find them? What did he do with them? I'm dying here!

Yeah, hoes could come in handy in the garden. Ahh so bad. Had to say it though. I've been inundated with silly humor all night, went to an improv show.

I agree. I'm the best girlfriend ever. Not that he notices but thats men for you.

Funny,I wouldn't have put Chris down as a rugby fan.

Will he be bringing his Strawberry Shortcake autograph book with him?

Yeah, I have to say if you were actually to procure the hookers? Best. Wife. EVER.

You're a kookie couple :-) .... I'm wondering, is there a place close to where you live - where you can just go meet a gaggle of hookers? That might be interesting...

Interesting hell! That'd be MAJOR BLOGGING ENTERTAINMENT!

Yes, the hookers... I remember offering to find one for Matt once. The looks were priceless.

Good for you. Tell Chris to be safe, I hear they can be pickpockets. ;)

that is the "oh my god I have to give birth you will never touch me again" syndrome talkin'

I think he needs a time goal on that. Maybe 5 hookers in 30 minutes or less.

So what do you get? :-)

Are you going to dress up as five different hookers for him? ;)

where is he meeting them?? a hotel, a restaurant?? if you were a good wife, you would tag along and take pictures to put on your blogs, lol!!!

I wish I could meet a man with a five year...I mean hooker plan. Lucky!

Oh, I see, the hookers are going to post on your blog whily you'r'e giving birth to the Bean. How clever!

I actually hired hookers for my husband - i meant to hire strippers (for his bachelor party - his friends are lame) but - oops!

I saw 3 hookers on a corner in Venice Beach on Saturday. I was all LOOK CHRIS HOOKERS and then he looked and I was all DON"T LOOK THAT MUCH! lol And then I thought of you guys. ;) ha ha ha ha ha

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