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Why my husband rocks

He never goes out in public without a shirt. Mind you, he could, being a total hotty and all that, but he also has class and therefore never does it.

He went out in very ominous weather to get me Prilosec and ice cream. I told him I wanted broccoli and wheat germ, but he got me ice cream instead.

He let me take the first shower, even though he had already said he was about to take a shower and therefore had to wait for me, and I take much longer, and also meaning that he had to use the wet towels.

And many other reasons, that's just so far today.

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Your husband does rock.

My boyfriend rocks too. But you're right, your husband does rock.

he does rock.

when i first read the post i thought it said "Prozac and ice cream" and i was thinking he was a god. then i reread it and saw it was Prilosec, but he's still up there. Keep him. remember these moments when your screaming at him because you're stressed and tired from the baby and he just put the roll of toilet paper on backwards.

Yeah, there is NOTHING like creating life with someone you love.


You are definately blessed!


*said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice*

Well sounds like you got yourself a keeper there Beth...I'm sure you rock a little bit yourself! :)

Lucky Lady! I hope you told him!

Aw, ice cream instead of broccoli and wheat germ? He totally rocks.

:-) yep, a keeper!

Perhaps you should register for more towels?

he sounds awesome. what kind of ice cream????

i thought mine rocked too. he let me test drive the honda pilot yesterday. but then this morning he told me that we are getting a minivan. he's such a poo.

Chris does are both very blessed to have each other!

The really weird thing is I think he rocks for the very same reasons. Odd.

sounds like you need more towels then, lol!

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