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38 Weeks

What do you mean I have two entire weeks left before my due date? How can that be possible?

38 weeks.jpg

Also, how is it possible that my belly button has not popped out? Believe me, everything else has.

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Awww. Damn, you look great pregnant. Enjoy these last few weeks.

It's still a pretty cute belly, all popping aside. ;-)

Thank you for keeping the same shirt on,... otherwise I'd have a hard time comparing differences. Also, you looked great in the fiesta pictures (on your husband's site) and I only hope I look as great when I have a baby!

Aw, your wee girl is gorgeous and she's not even born yet! I've never seen such a cute bump.

Yeah my belly button hasn't popped out either! I feel so ripped off. Is that not a Rite of Passage for pregnant chicks?

And the next two weeks better go quick. I too get told "you should relax and enjoy these two weeks" and "this is your last chance to do things before the baby comes". To that I say "pffffft". I am too large and uncomfortable to do all the things I want to do. Quite frankly, this 'twilight zone' of pregnancy leaves a lot to be desired. ;-)

Indeed, it is a most adorable bump.

Lovely's so close to the day...I'm getting goosebumps! :) I'm gonna be off in two days on vacation for a while, I'm wondering if you are gonna go and have that baby while I'm gone! Sure looks like it!

Wow! You do look like you are ready to pop. But, what a cute belly.

From my experience, mine never "popped out". Mine just spread out an disappeared.

Has it spread out yet?

Ooooh! You're so close now - it's very exciting. You must be getting anxious for the big day!!!

yay bigger is cool that you kept the same shirt...that makes it easier on us in internet-land to compare!

I wish you sleep and comfort on the home-strech...oh yea...and one more gymnastico-flip for the bean

You know, you're still adorable. And yes, you still have 2 weeks left. I can tell, because you're not yet in tears, whining to anybody who'll listen, "Get this baby OUT OF ME NOW!"

Wow, I just can't believe it's only two weeks away! I'm sure that's 180 degrees from your perspective though. :) You do have the cutest pregnancy belly ever. And I agree with the other commentor that the sombrero pics on Chris' site are adorable.


My belly button never popped out either, and believe me, you have growing left to do. It becomes completely unbelievable at this point.

TWO WEEKS? Not even anymore!!!

Awww. I can't belive you are 38 weeks! My BabyJuJu came at 37 it was nice timing for me as I was unbearably obnoxious and miserable. Mr JuJu wants another. Don't they understand? Ask me in another 5 years and MAYBE, but probably not. Cutest belly ever.

Your bellybutton hasn't popped yet? Well, that means that Little Miss isn't done yet!

Yikes I panick every weekend thinking you had the baby while I was gone...hahah

Two more weeks? oh come on! Cant wait to meet the bean!

Awwwwwwwww. You look so good. I bet you're going to have that 6 second ab look like 2 weeks after you have the bean

Won't be long now! Hang in there ... the fun has only just begun!

Hate to say it but I will anyway.... I was 14 day overdue with #1 and 15 days late with #2. You could still have 4 weeks left! lol!
PS my dates were not off.

You have the cutest belly. It's great that your belly button didn't pop out. A friend's did and it shows through every single thing she wears.

Very cute belly. My belly button just flattened out and disappeared. And I don't think it's over til your ankles swell up to elephant size.

Even with the baby in the belly? You totally look skinny and hot. I'm not even just trying to stroke the ego. Your ass is way too small to be due in two weeks. :)

Beth you look great! When I had only two weeks to go I could not even put on my own shoes.

Because silly...when it pops out YOUR DONE! The Bean is Coming!!!! I am so excited!

My belly button never popped, I was so happy.

You look great, if you are feeling large, my 30wk pg self will come stand next to you and make you feel much better.

I thought everybody's belly button pops out! I hope mine doesn't. When I see it on other women it grosses me out!

I went over 40 weeks with a 9 pounder and my button never popped as well.

Your belly looks wonderful! I know you're probably very uncomfortable but this will all be over soon!!

Two weeks? That's it? Wow.

You look absolutely adorable! What a pretty pregnant belly! I have seen so many girls, God bless them, that have gargantuan, bumpy bellies lined with stretch marks, and it has always scared the bejeezus out of me. To look at the beauty of your belly gives me hope.

BTW, your site rocks - found you through Chris's site, which I found through Rockstar Mommy's site. You two sound like you will be amazing, awesome, superstar-ific parents. BEST of luck on the big day!

Oh boy, you're pregnant! Still a very ccute belly. Enjoy your last day of pregnancy today :))

....Do belly buttons pop out?

You look very good as pregnant woman. Your belly is perfect! I don't think you have to be worried about bellybutton...every pregnancy is different from another. As long as your surgeon says it's ok..then...ok.
Good luck with delivery!!!:)

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