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40 weeks

The last belly pic.

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i had that much hair when i was born, too! dark and thick. she's beautiful :)

Ready to watch Buffy, I'm sure.

She's a doll!

What a beautiful little girl!

Ahh! Look at that hair, I love it. It reminds me of my own little girl!

Sooooooo cute!

OK, I just had to reread the post about breastfeeding so I remember some of the hard parts about early infanthood.

Because otherwise, that picture makes me want to go get myself knocked up again right now. :)

Seriously, she is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. AWWWW.

Absolutely beautiful!

Gorgeous picture and of course baby;) Now, wanna do it again? (j/k)

Breath, taken! SO expressive!


:o - that is what I looked like - just now! She is beautiful, Beth, and her HAIR! Look at the hair!

I am a pool of my former self here on the floor. She is too precious. Great photo :)

Darn you woman! If I don't get one of those soon, I'm going to burst!

Of course she is beautiful....never had a doubt about that one! :)

But, but ... how did she fit in there just one week ago today?

She is so beautiful!!! Congrats again!
I love the hair!

I love her hair! She's such a cutie.

What a great picture!

That is precious! Great idea for a pic!

Oh my gosh! That's classic! What a great idea!!!

absolutely beautiful... congradulations

oh my god - I want to eat her cheeks! And when I say it, it's in the best way possible. Babies have that affect on me. *sigh* That is a darling picture - I love it. So happy for you. :-)

that is one of the best pictures i've seen of Mia! i love it... she is so adorable!! Congrats Beth, i am so happy for you guys!

What a cute picture! She's precious... And thank goodness -- she looks nothing like a bean.

awwww how absolutely PRECIOUS!!!!! she is so so beautiful.

And the cutest one of all! :)

She is so cute. I love the thick dark hair.

She looks so alert! She is beautiful. Congratulations on your new family.

She's saying "Mom! I can't reach the breast from here!"


She is gorgeous! What a cutie!!

Beautiful picture!! She is so pretty.



Your pulling at my heartstrings here. I'm not gonna ever have another one of those precious pumpkins grow inside of me. Sigh... It's a good thing but also a bad thing. Enjoy her.

She's so adorable. I just started reading your site a week or so ago and I'm hooked. Thank you for sharing with us!

that is the cutest picture i have ever freaking seen!

wow, I can't believe how alert she is after only a week! Not to mention gorgeous, cute, adorable... well done Beth & Chris!

Even though I haven't commented I've been reading. I am SO HAPPY for the two of you. Try to enjoy every second despite the exhaustion and feelings of inadequacy (I'm assuming everyone has those feelings just 'cause I did...sorry...i shouldn't do that!)

1. I LOVE the name Amelia and may now actually steal it if we ever have another one and its a girl.
2. She is adorable! And I'm not just saying that.
3. When you look back at the pictures and think about her infancy you'll realize little pieces of her personality were already poking through at this very young age. It's pretty amazing.
Take care of yourselves and baby Amelia!

She's beautiful. Now stop it, you're making me mess up my otherwise perfect eye makeup.

That's an awesome picture, and strikes me as something you might previously have done with your cat. See how Mia fits into the family already? You're using her as picture fodder! Isn't parenthood wonderful? *lol*

p.s. Well done - both on the baby and the picture. :)

Shit, meant to change my email cookie. Sorry. *lol*

This is by far my favorite of the belly pics. She looks a lot like my daughter as a newborn. Translate that to mean, she's beautiful.

She's perfect in every way!!

This was a cute picture!! I checked out The Mr's site and can I just applaud you all on how awesome you did on creating such a perfect little girl! And by the way you dont look so bad yourself....I could call you some harsh names now in retrospect to how great you look for just popping out a kid and all but because you did such a great job I will just politely say that you look wonderful! And im not jealous of how you look or anything, no not all, i swear!

I love that pic... adorable. I love the name too!

What a purrrfect little bean! And yes, it is normal to feel crazed right now. It will pass. Eventually. Kind of. lol! You are doing a bang up job. Hope that Leaky McHurty goes away soon.

Your little girl is beautiful. My wife had a hard time with our son (the older child) learning to nurse. Just relax and try not to put too much pressure on yourself. It's a learning process for everyone.

Your love for her is in her eyes.

she's beautiful.

I don't get it... how did she fit in there?? ;) This picture is so adorable... and so are those on daddy's site. She is soooo cute!! Enjoy every second!

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! That's my favorite pic of your belly so far! ;)

wow. that's really sweet.

i can't wait to read about her 'firsts'. hope you're all doing well.


That's such a cute photo! She's adorable.

What an awesome picture, and beautiful little girl you have.

Omigosh! Can you believe that was INSIDE you???

She is incredible and so lucky to have you and Chris as her parents. Good luck with the Leaky McHurty issue. It gets easier.

I LOVE IT. I agree with Cori, isn't it hard to imagine she was inside your belly?

I came here through fluid pudding...what a gorgeous little girl! Congratulations!

OH MY GOD!! How beautiful!

She couldn't be more beautiful. I hope she has a long, happy, healthy life.


I linked to your site from fluid pudding. Angie's right! Congratulations and blessings.

Cutest picture!!! awwwwww!!!

that's beautiful! she's beautiful!
you're making me consider popping out another one...

i'm here courtesy of the link from fluid pudding, and that is the most lovely photo i've seen in quite some time. bless that baby!

What an absolutely perfect little baby she is! Just exquisite.

Gorgeous! And the hair! You can actually put a little baby bow in it :-)

Love love LOVE that picture.

What a wonderful picture!

As far as the boobs. Get your consultant to give you these lovely brown, gel-things to slip into your bra over those bleeding nipples. They are heavenly and heal the baby-feeders quickly!

ah! i love that!

That picture is so freaking cute I was forced to squeal out loud when I saw it.

That is my favorite belly picture. Totally adorable. Congrats!

She is SO gorgeous!!! I have to say, this kid rivals my niece Evelyn, who I think is the prettiest baby ever. :-) My niece had the SAME head of hair when she was born - so black and so MUCH of it! Your Mia is such a beauty!

Offically the cutest picture ever. How on earth did she fit????? The miracle . . . I suppose :)

OH. MY. GOODNESS! How precious is SHE?? My baby is just 7 1/2 months, but seeing adorable newborn pictures like this makes me want another one already!

Fluid Pudding is right on -- cutest...picture...ever.

Alright...that's about the cutest picture I have seen in a very long time! =)

That is awesome. Just beautiful.

Awwwwwwwwwww! She's SO pretty. Awesome picture.

I love this picture! Fantastic job!

the best belly shot yet! she is beautiful!

That my dear is MOST adorable...and made me cry! How I miss my kids being babies...well all except the crying, not knowing what is wrong! : )

she really is adorable, and now we dont have to see anymore pics of you in that outfit!!! LOL!

That is the best 40 week belly shot I've ever seen! Love it!

What an absolutely ADORABLE picture and ADORABLE idea for a picture. I'm so stealing it for my next baby.

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