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I figured it out! The Bean must have inherited my smokin' ass and has decided to come into the world butt-first to show if off.

Silly baby.

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YOU are so right!! Way to go!

well, that or she really likes it in there and decided to brace herself with her feet. cause she's stubborn like that. did she get that from you?

Let's just say I already thought of that. :-)

Let's now keep it to ourselves because now I sound like a creepy Beth blog stalker ass admirer kinda gal. ;-)

That must be it! :-)

Hands down, that's gotta be it!

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that she's breach. Who knows, she just may turn around at the last moment. Life with children is never what we expect! :) As a mom myself I am very excited for you!

The *only* logical conclusion.

Oh, that is a surprise! But a healthy baby is what you most want and since you have a couple of can mentally prepare for how it will go. But I'm sending please turn around vibes right now! Oh, have you read that, even if you are planning a c., going through some labor/contractions is good for the baby? So if you go into labor earlier than the planned c. it's even better!
Best of luck to you.

Long time no check the blog......You are so close, good luck and congrats again!

you really do love your ass don't you?! lol ;)

At least she already realizes her assets?

oh no, you've got competition!

Mystery solved!

Also, I have a feeling that every time Beanette does a headstand in gymnastics class (or similar) she'll hear you say, "Oh, sure, NOW you stand on your head..."

Awww... like mother, like daughter. Hot asses abound!

Probably true.
One of my friends, whose baby was in the breech position, had the baby turned a a few weeks before the due date. She said it took two people to maneuver the baby into place, and that the doctor gave her a shot of something-ruther to reduce the risk of immediate labor (apparently, the turning of the baby often triggers contractions). The baby started to turn again the next day, but my friend pushed down on her belly to keep the baby in place. Seemed to have worked, since she gave birth vaginally a few weeks later. And the last part of her pregnancy was so much more comfortable, since turning the baby meant that the baby could drop, and my friend could breath a lot better.
(Sorry for the super long comment.)

I'm sorry she's backwards! But, at least you know it and can be prepared.

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