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Ok, I admit that I had myself a nice little hissy fit last night about the Bean deciding to go all breech on us, but I'm over it. The only thing I care about is that she is healthy and happy and gets the heck out of me in the safest possible manner. Period. I really think she turned over the weekend, so there is a chance that she might do it again, but at nearly 38 weeks I'm not holding my breath. So, unless she pulls another somersault, the current plan is a scheduled c-section somewhere around my due date. While it would not be my first choice, I can think of a lot worse things than a scheduled c-section. For example, I could have an emergency c-section with general anesthesia after 30 hours of labor, which is what my poor mother went through for me.

However, if you all wouldn't mind sending the Bean some serious head-down vibes, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Beth - try not to worry too much about her being breech. My aunt's two kids didn't flip head down until her labor began. I wouldn't worry about scheduling that section until you've passed your EDD a bit. C-sections are fine (I'll be having my third in October), but vaginal births are easier to recover from.

I'm sending some strong (good) voodoo vibes out to the Bean hoping that she turns. But, if she doesn't I'm sending more of those good voodoo vibes in hopes of a speedy and safe c-section. It's not so bad - I had one a recovered pretty quickly!

All my good vibes coming your way! Turn Bean baby, turn!

Here is your head down vibe! Good Luck and don't let the C-section get you down at least it took the waiting out and you will know exactly when your bean will be here. I was finally shceduled and induced on June 7 and happy to say Roman Zane is a happy healthy 5 week old baby now. I wish you the same happiness I have had for the last 5 weeks. It is amazing! But I suggest you start to practice typing one handed. It's not easy.

I had 2 c-sections - one of each variety. The scheduled one was by far the less stressful of the two, as the emergency one came after 20 hours of labor. I can totally relate to your mom! Plus, I got to choose my 2nd son's birthday - how often does one get to do that??

Hey, she's probably freakishly flexible like you and will figure out a way to flip at the last second! Also, she's probably got a wicked sense of humor like you and the Daddy Cactus, so she's just messing with you!

Head down, Bean! You have years and years to be difficult! Don't start now!

Sending you all of my "flip, Bean, flip" thoughts. Hopefully she'll turn again.

Did you ever think of trying acupuncture..studies show huge success rates with moxabustion on the little toe for turning a really works.

your friendly acupuncturist

Just popping over from your husband's blog...

Flip, Bean! Flip! Listen to Ms. Q - you have years to be difficult, so don't start yet!

Head down, head down, bean!


try wearing some shiny shoes to grab her attention... *shrugs*

Well Beth, so far we have much in common! We are both due on the same day with girls. Ummmm... we both have peeing cats. And we we were both impregnanted by handsome men. Different, handsome men. ;-)

As I just learned, we ourselves were born under similar circumstances. [My poor mum!]

My girl is head down as gravity intended, and so I presume yours will be too! Now let us say she doesn't turn and you have a scheduled c-section, at least it will be very civilised and still result in a beautiful little girl. The bonus here is the minimising the potential discomfort to your smokin' ass as well! ;-)

Good "head-down facing your back" joo joo comin your way, Little Miss. Get your tiny hiney back where it belongs and start putting some pressure on Mommy's cervix so you can head out and start giving Mommy and Daddy trouble of the crying, runny poopy diaper sort.

Keep your chin up, Beth. (Not you Miss, your chin needs to go down!) Like you said, the goal is a healthy baby and a safe birth!

I am sending very strong head down vibes to the bean.

Get to flippin', baby!

I like the suggestion that you wear shiny shoes to grab her attention.

I'm sure she'll do another somersault and get back into proper birthing stance.

Thinking serious heads down thoughts for you.

OK Bean - do your stuff!

Flip it and whip it, baby!!!!!

There's still a chance she will doa cirue de soleil!! You got 17 days max left!! I would roll around a lot on the floor. Maybe have Mr. RC take a rolling pin and move the baby?

I suggested to your husband bribing the Bean with ice cream or bling. You could try that!

For whatever it's worth, I've had 3 c-sections,and, at least for me, they weren't at all like you imagine or have been told (I think it might be the better deal, I could sit afterward ;), but I still hope she turns for you!

my best friends baby turned her slinky little self around right before they were taking her mommy to the o.r. it was the coolest thing to see!!

sorry no caps holding a sleeping 26 pound 10 mo. old...

I had an OB who swore he did an ultrasound in the OR before beginning a c-section for every mom whose punkin was presenting breech because... When he was a resident they had several hurried c-sections that revealed the baby had flipped between the labor room and the OR. There's hope!!

Sending the Bean happy, 180 degree flipping thoughts.

I will caution you about confusing the bean. My last two children we transverse!
You don't want her to get stuck sideways like my last two did! In the three years from one birth to the next, there wer 3 transverse deliveries in the hospital and two were mine! They became fabulous people once they discovered up and down!

Flip Bean, flip!

flip baby bean, flip babybean, flip, flip, flip!!!

Since you're taking care of the worry about my debt and house, I'll use that extra time to send some somersault mojo to the Bean :)

ok, no fair. lizabetty stole my exact -- and i mean exact -- comment. but i guess it's worth saying again, right? here, i'll change it up a little.

flip it babybean, flip it! flip it good!

Flip baby flip!!!

Ugh, your and my mother both, same exact scenario. I was deathly afraid of labor with my first for that reason. Went so much better than that.

Thinking flippy thoughts for you!

Bean, time to flip now baby. While there's still room.

My daughter turned, three days before the birth.

I put headphones (playing music) down low on the belly and I think that her curiosity sent her seeking out the source of the sound.

Very true! I really really don't want a C-section but if I have to have one, please let it be before many, many hours of hard labor. My sister was in labor FOREVER before they finally did her section. Double-recovery. Ugh.

This is an old wives remedy but I know several who have tried it - hold a flashlight up to your 'gina. I'm serious. Babies can see light and tend to reach for it. I had a friend who did this and the baby went from butt first to head first. She started mid tummy and worked the beam down. If you don't believe me, put a flashlight in your mouth - what is on your cheeks is what the baby sees. I know it's nuts but have proof that it's worked. Go to the light bean....

If that doesn't work, then scheduled c's are not so bad -had one the hard way like your ma, and one the easy way. Whatever will bring bean safely into the world is what you need to do.

Honey, believe me from personal want a c-section! My girl came out I will be chanting for you as well, "Flip Bean Flip!" Relax... you have some time to go...not much but a little.

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