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Coming clean

Since I was so snotty about still fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans, I decided I should come clean about the true state of affairs. The truth is, I am starting to outgrow my maternity pants. I am even starting to outgrow my much-maligned yoga pants, which still fit over my belly but less so my ass. Last week, I had to stop wearing my watch because it was cutting off the circulation to my chubby little fingers, and I am no more than a day or two away from having to give up my wedding ring as well.

But it gets better. Are you ready for the kicker?

I ran to the post office at lunch today and pulled into an admittedly tight, but not that tight parking spot and then had to move because I couldn't get out of my car. I'm too fat to get out of a car people, are you happy now?

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to go finish my cookies.

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awww you're not fat, you're too "baby" to get out of the car ;) You'll soon forget allllll about it when you see your precious little baby. :) Not that I would know, seeing as I don't have kids, but that's what I've been told ;)

OMG - that is funny - sorry but it's true. That sounds exactly like something that would/will happen to me!!! Nothing like a tight spot to make your DQ cravings TOTALLY justified!!

Well, if your wedding ring is getting too tight, Chris needs to buy you a suitable temporary replacement. One that can later be sized down and worn on the other hand!

Holy shit,I really like that Dona girl. Dona, come and post stuff like that on my site, there's lots of stuff my guy should be getting me too!

Ooh, Donna does have a great idea :) Plus then you won't have to deal with the stupid unmarried and pregnant sideways looks you'll get without a ring.

I had to do that on several occassions when I was pregnant each time. There is no squeezing a pregnant stomach through tight places.

You are 8 months pregnant, and therefore should have the car moved for you. The bastards!

LOL - At least you know the condition is temporary :)

I went to a wedding on Saturday. The wife of an usher is due in two weeks or so. On the day of the wedding she put on the dress that she bought on THURSDAY and it was too small so she was late for the ceremony and almost missed it trying to buy/find an outfit that she could still get into. She is all tummy (you know very skinny everything but the actual baby). Anyhoo she gets there to watch the whole vows thing but she is out of breath, sweaty and she wants a snack.So she tries to leave the Church after the ceremony she is caught by the brides mother who starts making jokes about how big she is and boy did she lose her watch or doesn't it fit anymore and here is the best one: did she get the invite about it being a wedding and not a cookout.
So see a tight parking spot isn't so bad:-)

After the jeans picture I really did need to hear that! I know we shouldn't laugh at the misfortune (or in this case good fortune) of others but....bwahahahaha!!!!

(you're gorgeous and I'm INSANELY jealous!)

At least you have your sense of humor.

Since I just saw you on Saturday, I can say for sure that you are the most not-fat pregnant woman I've ever seen.

My sister-in-law made her husband buy her a larger wedding band and engagement ring to wear while pregnant. They weren't as expensive as her real wedding band and engagement ring, but they were nice. Still are, actually. She pulled them out to wear when she got pregnant again.

you know, i'm sure that makes many people feel much better about the situation. ;) never having been pregnant before, i shouldn't really be pissed about the pregnant lady who stays skinny for ever and ever amen.

but i still am.

j/k - i'm sorry about the car prison! now go get some ice cream with those cookies.

Guh! I remember those days well. I knew things were really bad when I could no longer fit behind steering wheel.

I'm only six months along and it happened to me last night in the parking garage. My husband thought it was hilarious.

You only have 25 days left to go. I ended up resetting my engagement ring to a larger band size with the first one. But, I am still jealous that you can at least zip up your pre-pregnancy jeans.

Seems we have the same issues -- and I'm not even pregnant... at least I don't think I am...

here's something that should make you feel better...

we made a party for my father in law and there was lots of leftover cake. someone suggested that they send it home with me, to which he replied:

"Does Ali really need any more cake?"

I. almost. died.

Dont feel at all guilty for the jeans thing! Do you hear me? Im hugly pregnant and I love to see someone beat the odds. You give me hope. The worst thing someone has said to me so far was at a wedding a few weeks ago. Ive gained 50 pounds, but I bought a gorgeous dress and used That Girl's rule (show enough cleavage and no one will notice the stomach) to provide a distraction. One of those horrible snarky women said to me "Wow, you dont even look pregnant." But I didnt stab her. I swear. That whole falling down the steps thing - I was nowhere near her. Really.

Well, yesterday, I spent my lunch break buying a new side view mirror for my car. My husband then spent 3 hours last night trying to get it on the car. Why did I need a new side view mirror? Because apparently my belly is stronger than the one I had previously. Yes, my husband parked my car too close to the wall in the garage on the driver's side. I decided to squeeze through anyway - and my belly took out the mirror!!!

you're not fat, beth, you're smokin'!

Fancy the Lima BEan getting in the way like that!

And Oh. My. God! Three weeks (and a bit) to go - obviously you still look wonderfully slim - if not a little tired, poor you :( Not long now though - how exciting!

I totally got stuck in my car, and out of my car, when I was pregnant. I had to get a co-worker to move my car so I could get in it. I am a little mad at you about the jeans, though.

Not fat, Beth. Pregnant. Very big difference. Call me odd, but I like the pregnant. :)

You are forgiven! And don't feel bad...
I had to loose the wedding ring at 26 weeks. This week, at 27, NONE of my maternity clothes fit.

I'd flaunt wearing my old jeans, too!

ah fatty'll be back to your trim self in no time..but for now you are busy carrying around your precious baby girl!!!

Hee. Sounds like a good, healthy baby in there! Don't worry, it's almost over. If ever there was a good reason to be "fat," this is it. ;)

This happens to me all. the. time and I'm not even pregnant.

In other words, you might shrink soon, I shalt not...

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