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Whenever Chris leaves the house when I am home, even if I am standing right next to the front door, and even if I am leaving too in 5 minutes, and even though the knob is always locked, he uses his key to lock the deadbolt. I used to try to beat him to it to save him the trouble, but now I just wait for it to happen because I know it is his way of keeping me safe.

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Sweet man.

That is incredibly sweet. I love a man who protects his lady and his bean. *sigh*

that is very sweet. i imagine though that there are times when it's hard to remember how sweet of a gesture it is because you're so frustrated by it! :D still, you guys collectively rock.

awwwwww. very considerate. I have an equally protective man...couple of lucky girls we are ;)

Oh and I have sent cheerleading vibes from my littlest girlie to the Bean in hopes of one more flip!

Very sweet indeed. Can you tell him to send my Hubby an email and explain the importance of the deadbolt? He always forgets and I ask him if he is wanting someone to steal me ;)

Am I really asking that much?? ;)

That's very sweet.

That's pretty cute. Sending gymnastico-vibes to Bean..for just one flip, that's it...just one.

Oh thats too sweet...

Keeping fingers crossed for a Bean flip!

Ok, ok, ok. We KNOW he is sweet, geez!

(Sensing my jealousy?)

you should hook the car battery to it and watch the fun!

I'm just kidding by the way, car batteries don't have enough juice on their own. Now if you hook up the coil and the battery then whammo.

I love that! Hubby does that, too, and it melts my heart every single time.

That is sweet!

It sounds like there's much to celebrate in the Cactus-Fish household this weekend. I hope the Bean gets in the spirit and flips herself around!

good men are hard to come by.... those of us who snagged a good one are soooo lucky! my K will gently hold my arm when I am walking down stairs, any stairs anywhere if he is with know ..just in case I fall... which is highly unlikely but still he is taking care of me :) and I love him for it...


aww... that's the sweetest thing ever. :)

Awww... my hubby does that too.

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