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Oh dear, lovely internet people, would you pretty pretty please do me a favor? Would you please go visit my sweet and wonderful husband and tell him that he rocks? You see, I'm a little cranky lately with the tiredness and the fatness and the not being able to get my ass off the couch without help and to make up for it I seem to have made being evil and mean to my husband my new hobby. So would you all help me make up for it by going over and saying something nice? (Only, don't tell him he's hot. I mean, he is hot, but when other women tell him he's hot I get jealous and I am already nearly too bitchy to breathe. Just, like, tell him he's a good driver or something.)

Ok, ready? Go!

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Just between us girls, it is your God given right to bitch at him for the next month... He did this to you, remember?!! But I will go tell him something nice anyway.

ok. I did already :)
About the bitchiness, I'm sure he understands it's not you, it's all those hormones.

He's officially been informed of his rock-i-ness. :-)


tis done!

But I may be in trouble, because I did say something about how you may let him buy several CDs to make up for the grouchiness.

wow, I'm not even pregnant and have developped that habit too...maybe that birth control isn't working as well as we thought.

I'll go and tell him right away

Will do!

But you ALSO rock, even if you are a wee little puffy and wenchy these days. Just lie down and take a nap. Naps are magical!

Was just there telling him we are going to Hell together for thinking the book thing is funny. I will go back and tell him he rocks.

I'm a veteran at this....believe me you think it's bad now? He'll look back on this time with great fondness.

Well, ok, but I don't know how one dude feels about hearing how hot he is from another dude.

Buckle up, not long till this ride is over. But I'm sure that's what your husband said a few month ago too!


Wait till the bean comes out and you start breastfeeding. Then the REAL hormone fun begins.

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