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Good News/Bad News

The Good News:

I no longer have to worry about the baby inheriting my great big melon head.

The Bad News:

She's breech.

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Oooohhh noooo! That's completely inconsiderate of her.

Okay. The breech thing? I had a c-section, and I'm telling you? It's the WAY. TO. GO! Because the birth movies in the classes freaked me out! It was easy (relatively), and within a day, I was up walking around.

Honey, you have 18 days left. That means you have, like, 24 days left. they turn. They almost always turn.

My second was sunny-side-up. After 3 days of on again, off again labor, they said the word c-section to me. And right then, he flipped over and (I kid you not) fell out of me.

Don't be afraid. She'll turn. You have plenty of time left.

Have they told you about the get on your hands and knees and gently rock thing - something to do with gravity or something.

Odds are she'll turn. Crossing everything for you that she does.

She may still turn on her own, or your OB may be able to turn her for you. Regardless, you should probably prepare yourself mentally for a C-section...just in case.

And don't worry; in either case, you'll have a beautiful, healthy little girl!

Eek! Nooooooooo! Sending lots of head-down vibes your way.

I was told that swimming would help turn my breech as well as sticking my bum higher then my head for a little time each day. I took the swimming option.
And if she is still breech at the time of delivery then you can still have her normally. I did with my first.

my 3rd child was also breech but they cut her out, something about her not wanting to come out and the waters having been broken 5 hours previously, otherwise she could have been born normally.

Hopefully she does a few flips before she is ready to come out...!!

Eek!!! But, you have to admit it is easier to tap dance in utero when standing on your feet. Seriously, I seem to remember reading that OB's can do some manuevering and that there were exercises that could be done to get the baby to turn. Is that possible in your case?

Although I've never had a baby, my sis has had both kids of birth--natural and c-section. She had a c-section yesterday and was walking around today and said she felt great. SO, either way, don't fret. You and baby will be fine!

She could get herself turned around before the big day. You've got plenty of time.

Deep breaths Beth. Tell Chris to get between your legs and talk to her, maybe she will move towards daddy's voice.

Hey, it could work!

My son was breech and they sent me for version...-the Dr. will put his hands on you and turn the baby from outside. Not fun. Didn't work and wasn't worth it. (In my opinion)I had a c-section anyway and was totally fine with that:)
She could still turn though by herself though. Someone mentioned the rocking on your hands and knees...i did that and my water broke (3 weeks early) might have been a fluke but i'd check before you try!!

Don't stress there is plenty of time for her to turn and if she doesn't then a c-section id not that bad. I had one with my last baby and I recovered in about the same amount of time as the natural or epidural births.

My middle child was breech. He wasn't even easy breech. He was butt first. They tried to stop my labor to get me in for the c-section, but he was bound and determined to show his ass to the world first.

I ended up having a c-section and although it wasn't bad, I was uncomfy for a bit afterwards.

Perhaps it's not so bad when it's your first, though. When you already have a toddler, it is really hard to explain to them why Mommy can't pick them up.

IF Madison hadn't been in such a hurry to get out (he was a month premature), the doc would have tried to turn him.

Hang in there and have faith. She may still have some flips to turn. :)

I have watched enough Discovery Channel Health birthing shows to be a medical expert on this - she can still flip!! Okay, that's just what everyone else said. But I like to think I haven't totally wasted about 18 hours of my life watching those babies get birthed, Miz Scarlett.

Flip, baby Bean, flip!

Breech doesn't mean anything if she hasn't dropped yet - and even then, you've got plenty of time. (Here's a depressing tidbit - my due date was the 5th, and he didn't come until the 25th. I used to have people jumping out of my way in lines at stores and stuff. Heh heh.) Has she dropped yet?

Eh, not ideal, but, like you said - if she stays that way, the melon head will no longer be an issue. She's just being considerate! Or stubborn. Or both.

Try not to stress. The most important thing is that in a couple of weeks we have a healthy Bean and a healthy Beth. How Bean comes into the world matters not, as long as you are both alright, and you will be.
It's scary to be hit with something unexpected near the end, but it will be OK, and I for one, can't wait to see her :)

She could totally turn around. That's happened to three friends of mine.

But the planned C-Section has it's advantages, no?

What they all said. My oldest was sideways until the the onset of labor. SIDE. WAYS. with her shoulder against my cervix. She turned on cue, and all was fine. Even if she hadn't, I was all about getting her out. That seemed like the most important part to me. OUT.

Of course there's no way I can be like, "Don't worry about things you have no control over," and expect you to be all "Okey dokey!" So I won't say that. Just, you know, try not to worry about it, and stuff. It'll be okay. I mean, it's going to be painful even if she comes out the right way, right? Oh no, I'll stop right there. Sorry.

It'll be ok :) I'd rather have a C-section, personally, just cuz the word "tearing" scares me.

I'm 39+2. My baby still hasn't decided on a position. Am I worried? No. Because I've been through this before, and all my babies have come out head-first. Plus, there are lots of things you can do to encourage your baby into a head-down position. Plus, a breech presentation is just another variation, and does not mean a c/s is necessary. As for the word "tearing" being scary - believe me, the words "cutting every layer of you open with a scalpel" aren't exactly fun either. I've done both, and I'd rather have a small tear than major abdominal surgery, thanks.

My first son was breech. And it all worked out just fine

don't worry, lima bean will be just fine. i was actually born breech, as was my first brother. my mom had told the doctor that she didn't want a c-section, if possible, so they kept careful watch on her and us as we were being born and everything went just fine. so don't worry... everything will be a-ok. :)

yeah...what they all said. having never had a baby, i can't speak from experience. but i do think that by whatever method she gets here, all that matters is that she is loved. and i have no doubts about that part.

Wait minute. Technically, she isn't breech until launch. There are days to go before that, and can't these things switch around? If the baby isn't down yet, she can still rotate around. Happens all the time.

Relax, Beth. You and the lima bean will be fine.

There are lots of things that one can do to help turn a breech presentation. My childbirth class instructor is an expert. Some are a little odd (like burning certain herbs at your little toe- don't ask me...) and some are just body mechanics. There are some nice yoga moves you can investigate- they're relaxing and helpful. Anyway, there are lots of ways to go before resorting to a manual inversion. And breech vaginal birth is only dangerous if the feet try to come out first. There's the danger of the cord dropping. Otherwise, it's not a huge deal. (And tons of studies have now shown that it is MUCH preferable to tear than to be cut.)

Swim, little fishy, swim to where you are supposed to be! Don't worry. Maybe load up the iPod with some good music to coax her down. I am sure Daddy knows what could get her to shimmy and shake. At least the smaller head circumference is a load off your mind! Sending prayers your way!

Well, there's still plenty of time for her to decide to take a different view again :) I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

If it's any consolation, I was breech until right before I came out. Also, my first son was stubbornly butt-first breech, and did not budge even for the baby-flipping procedure. I had a c-section, and it was way, way less traumatic than I feared it would be (both the procedure itself and the recovery from it.)

C'mon, Bean - flip!

I'm sending flipping-baby-in-womb-vibes your way all day today... :-)

I'm sorry Beth. Hopefully she will turn, I know you've gotten plenty of examples of that happening. Turn Bean!

You tell little Gertie there that Ebeneizer wants her to flip back around so that they can trade scary vaginal birth stories in the sandbox.... Somehow that wasn't supposed to sound quite so disturbing...

Hoping she flips soon for you, and maybe not right as you have drifted off to sleep for the 20th time, maybe more like when you are out for a walk! Babies can be so inconsiderate.

Hey sweets...heard the news of your insubordinate Bean over at your hubby's this morning and rushed right over. Well, think of this situation as practice for her teen years. I will tell you what I basically told Chris...all will be well. I am sure you are feeling quite uneasy but there is still time for it all to work out. My thoughts are with you!

Unsolicited advice ahead!

"Turning techniques you can do at home are collectively referred to as spontaneous cephalic version. Some trials have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of these various methods, but more study is required before we can really be sure how well they work.

In one study of 71 breech babies, 65 turned when their mother adopted the knee-chest position. To do this, kneel on your bed with your bottom in the air and your hips flexed at slightly more than 90 degrees (don't let your thighs press against your bump). Try to keep your head, shoulders, and upper chest flat on your mattress. Maintain this position for 15 minutes every two waking hours for five consecutive days.

Alternatively, try lying on your back with your hips slightly elevated and your hips and knees flexed. Gently roll from side to side for 10 minutes and repeat this manoeuvre three times a day. If you have had any backache, pelvic pain or hip pain during your pregnancy, do talk to your midwife or physiotherapist before you try this."

These can't hurt to try. You still have a few weeks. She just wanted a change of scenery! And worst case scenario truly is Caesarian birth (never call it a c-section or just caesarian. It's a BIRTH and that should always be formost in your mind!)

Now, take a deep breath, get down on your hands and knees and start turning that baby!


Maybe if you jump enough times, she'll turn around eventually.

yikes! ( i have to say that cuz i dont nec know what breech means...i am not that bright and have no kids yet)

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