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Horrible Mistake

I have made a horrible mistake. You see, when we were planning the baby shower I had last weekend, my sister-in-law (who hosted the shower) asked whether I wanted it to be all women or co-ed. I opted for all women. I see now that this was a grave error, as if I had made it co-ed I could have forced Chris to write half the thank you notes.

You now know what I will be doing for the rest of the day.

However, in the name of procrastination, I had to stop by to brag that on Saturday we had lunch live and in person with Bad Penguin. And you didn't, so there. It was lovely, of course, and a good time was had by all, at least I think so. The first thing Chris said to me when we parted company was "I hope we aren't lame." In my opinion, lame would be an improvement over huge raging dorks, which is what we really are, but he was concerned about it.

And also, it is time again for a picture of the small planet that is currently passing for my belly. The last time I posted a belly picture, I got teased a bit for always wearing the same clothes for the pictures and for the sad state of fading displayed by my much-loved and oft-washed yoga pants. To avoid more teasing this time, I decided to wear a different pair of pants (I have to wear the same shirt for comparison purposes, you see). Just to be obnoxious, I chose my regular old pre-pregnancy jeans which I can not only still button, but can also button and sit down (although I admit I would not care to do so for long). So, you know, neener neener, or something.

36 weeks.jpg

Now, go blow stuff up.

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You SUCK!!!

Hey, I was just coming by to give you this important link to read:

On Blogging Baby, my editor asked, "How often do you shower?" to new mothers, and since you will be a new mother, I thought you would like to read the 24 responses.

And you really awfully totally suck about the jeans. Your ass must be just awesome STILL!

SO, SO, So cute pregnant!! :) I hope i look like that. Happy 4th! Patrick Dempsey is my celebrity boyfriend...and I think I might add that to my blog!

Beautiful, Beth! The belly is growing nicely. You are going to have one happy healthy baby. :)

Hope you two are having a fun 4th!

Having been a teaser that Beth only posts pictures wearing her super-loved yoga pants, I guess wearing the pre-pregnancy blue jeans lends FULL rights for the, "neener neener or something".

Not only do I now feel bad for poking slight fun at the faded yoga pants, I am AMAZED that you can put on and button the pre-pregnancy jeans. Standing ovation to staying fit and looking awesome -- even with a stomach the size of a basketball. (I didn't think those two things could be done at one time!)

I HATE YOU! My maternity pants fit about as well as your non-maternity jeans. ARG!


You are a true example. Please tell us how you did that! do you not eat?

Such a cute belly. Happy 4th of July.

Yes Beth, that is entirely obnoxious. ;-) You are looking great!

The other day upon leaving the grocery store with DH I whispered to him "Don't tell anyone but I shoplifted a giant watermelon." Hilarity ensued. Sadly, when we got home it turned out not to be a watermelon but my HUGE FREAKING BELLY.

Man I hope I can be obnoxious and like go into labour a few days before you and neener neener back. ;-)

The new jeans may still fit, but I see what you mean by not wanting to sit down for long in them.

Also, with a belly like that, HOW do those jeans still fit?

Well-hell-hell, I can still were my maternity jeans four years after my last child was born! So neer-neer-ne-neer-neer right back atcha. OH WAIT!!!


That's a helluva neener, neener. Well done.

OK, so how did you manage not to gain weight anywhere but your belly? Seriously! Inquiring minds want to know! :-)

Clearly you suck ;)

That is SO unfair that you can still button up your pre-pregnancy jeans!!!
I'm totally jealous ;)

Wow! I am truly jealous. I'm not even going to try putting on my pre-pregnancy jeans, especially since I feel like I'm outgrowing my maternity jeans.

Wow. I am always in awe of women who don't go 'global' when pregnant (like myself). There was no way a 5'1" person like me would not SHOW alllll the way around. :)

OMG. You are at the end of this race! 26 days to go?!?

Awesome for you!

you are all baby! lookin fabulous as always!

It seems wretchedly unfair that your regular jeans still fit you and the only things that still fit me are my bras. I mean, I thought the boob fairy would have tapped me with her wand by now. It seems everything else is growing and now I'm outgrowing my maternity stuff too!

A good time was had by all! You and Chris are most definitely not lame.

good luck with the thank you notes!

I love the belly shots! I'm impressed!

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