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It's meant to be uneven and sloppy

I really wish people would stop giving me beautiful, hand-made baby blankets, because they just make my hand-made baby blanket look like crap. Anyway, here is the blanket I started knitting about 12 hours after I found out I was pregnant.

It is supposed to be 11 inches longer, but considering that it is already nearly as long as the crib and also considering that I have less than 4 weeks until my due date, I am thinking about just calling it good.

I've been playing around with Flickr and it is pissing me off (but honestly, there isn't much that isn't pissing me off lately), but if you click here, you should be able to see some additional shots of the incredible freaking cuteness of my nursery, along with two other baby blankets made by people who actually know what they are doing. Show-offs.

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I say call it good. Also, it's way cute.

I say call it good too. It's great! Plus, you're going to want to tuck it around Bean, so it doesn't have to be as long as the crib.

Wow you have created such a peaceful and beautiful space for your little girl! I dig the diaper on piglet. ;)

Umm excuse me but are you sure you have been kitting all this time? Looks like a crochet blanket to me....bwahahahaha and no its not the same thing!

But I love it! When I was pregnant with my first I crochet a beautiful pink and white blanket with all these fancy my suprise it turned out a

I absolutley love the nursery! I cant belive you are almost done!

I'd say you are good to go, Beth. Summer is kinda warm for blankets anyway, so no need to have it too big. But you did do a great job on it.

Very lovely! I like the nursery color selection a lot. I hear you can never have too many blankets.

It's adorable! Lima Bean will love it!


I also tried to be crafty for my 1st born...

The blanket looks great! I love the nursery, Lima Bean is going to be so happy in it.

I think ALL the blankets are really great, but especially yours. Because you made it for YOUR child.

And the nursery is lovely, lovely. Great job on creating such a soothing space for the sweet Bean!

its such a lovely nursery beth! and the blanket is beautiful!

the nursery looks very peaceful and inviting. the lima bean is going to have a very lovely home. :)

You've got skillz! Seriously, I am very impressed. I couldn't knit to save my life.

I think your blanket is beautiful...and will be the one your child likes the most!

That is the cutest nursery I have seen. The Bean is going to love it there :)

Ahhh - you're smart - you're nursery is ready - Sierra's still isn't done! Mind you, she doesn't seem to care, she'll only sleep if she's in someone's arms. Hmmmm maybe that's why she won't sleep in her room?

I love your nursery.

Your blanket is great because you made it -- plus, it is actually a cute blanket. As the slowest knitter on the planet, I can relate to the not being done yet problem. It looks big enough to me. I bet you could just call it "finished" and no one would ever know it was supposed to be longer.

I think you did an awesome job! The whole room is so beautiful, Lima will be happy to call that home. I totally want that rocking chair though.

Hey that's a heck of a lot better than the baby blanket I started knitting(first one ever!), yeah I think it's about the size of a coaster....someone better have a freakishly small baby or it will never get used for anything but a coaster!!! I think the room is adorable, almost TOO know I have a sensitive gag reflex! ;)

the nursery looks great, very cozy!

it looks beautiful and it's by you... so it will always be special.

i asked my mother to knit, crochet, make one with yarn to donate awhile back in Bean's name... i'll have to check on how that's going!

Well, I started a cute little embroidery project while pregnant with my first one. The project still isn't finished (I don't even REALLY know where it is) and that 'first one' is almost 11 now. Ahh, well.

That nursery is beautiful. Only for the most precious CactusFish...

Yep! Freaking cute nursery! :-)

Wow do people actually send you blankets? How about the baby registry? good Idea! Any chance of getting some gifts for me is cool!

I think your blanket looks pretty damn good.

Ok, you definitely are making the rest of us look bad! How are earth do you have time to nest and create and prepare and work and workout and manage the contractor and KNIT for the bean?? This kid has a lot to look up to!

Ah, its looks good to me and way better than I could do.

By the way, do you want a test run on being a mommy? My kids won't stop screaming at each other and I'd be happy to ship them to you at no charge.

very cute!

Your nursery furniture looks exactly like Nick's right down to the laundry hamper and glider. Too funny!

the nursery looks so cozy and inviting. what a lovely room you've created for the little one. :)

The nursery is beautiful--and the blanket is perfect! I'm jealous 'cause I still haven't completely finished my nursery...and my baby is almost 2 months old! ACH!

I love that you put up the needlepoint from your mom. If I'd asked my mom for something like that (or asked at a younger age to hang on to it) she'd have no idea where it was-- or if she'd even done it.

Good job on the blanket-- the Bean has found her woobie.

The fact that you made something makes it wonderful! I can't even sew a button so I am real impressed.

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