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Lame Excuse

I would post something, but my back hurts. What? Don't see the relationship? Me neither, but I defy you to show me any woman with a 7 pound baby wedged under her ribs who is still worried about being logical. Anyway, rather than going to all the trouble to write something myself, I am going to direct you instead to this post on my husband's site because really, I did all the work so don't see why he should get all the glory. You are welcome to come back and compliment me on what a wonderful, thoughtful, amazing wife I am even in the midst of Beth's Bitchfest 2005, or you can just come back tomorrow and see if I have gotten my act together. Entirely up to you.

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Back labor? With my first I had it for 2 weeks.

You're amazing and cool. If it weren't for you, Chris would just be dust in the wind. ;-) If I knew where Raul the masseuse was, I'd send him. But, I think hubby buried him in the backyard.

Great pictures. Is the baby really 7 pounds? Or was that just an arbitrary number?

I hope your back feels better now.

I kind of like Beth's Bitchfest 2005.

I had massages during my last two pregnancies and they were heaven. Check around and see if anyone has one of those pregnancy massage tables with the hole for your belly. Just being able to lay on your stomach again is PURE heaven.

Love the photos. :)

I hate to break this to you but you DID post something. ;)

As someone who has been suffering with back pain/herniated disk surgery since NOVEMBER, I can tell you that I understand your back pain and reluctance to post. All those stupid muscles are related. One thing my physical therapist said to do is TONS of KEGELS. Apparently the muscle in the pelvic floor is directly related to the muscle that runs from one side of your vertebrate across your belly to the other side of your vertebrate. They're also linked to the small muscles between your vertebrate that keep the vertebrate together. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles will help alleviate BACK PAIN. (sorry, took a lot of words to get to the botton line.

Hang in there, Beth. I'm sorry you're feeling out of sorts lately. You're almost there and then you'll wonder where the time went, I promise!

Hang in there girl...your almost done...
Now how can I manage to look like you when I'm full term?

I hate you

I just saw this and thought I'd share.

Giving birth is as natural as one can tell you when to do it, how to do it, or train you to do it better; all the power you need to become a Mother is within you. It should happen how you want it, where you want it, and in your timing.

So, just so's you know? You totally rock. Rock rock rock. Can I be like you when I'm a year older? Maybe two? (I have no idea how old you are, but I know Chris is older than me, and you met him in college).

You still look so cute in the sombreros. And the weekend of good food! Oh, my mouth watered.

Sweet, wonderful wife. Congrats to you both. Ask Chris to send you my comment on what I wrote on his, cos it totally applies to all THREE of you.

You're brilliant! And pretty, too!

I hate back pain, I hated it even more when I was pregnant, you have my sympathy's!

Beth, I felt that I should drop by to tell you that I've finally decided on a pretend celebrity boyfriend. He's not uber well known, and he's married and probably too young for a bunch of your readers...but not for me! mhua! And after all, it's pretend.

Oh, the backache. Not long now! The fiesta pics were adorable. You are going to make cute parents. Cute, sleep deprived parents. Sorry, couldn't help myself....

Love the sombrero idea!

Being a Beth, I totally love the sound of Beth's BitchFest 2005. In fact, I may co-op that. And I don't have the execuse of a 7 pound anything, other than a roll of fat. And YES! you are a fabulous wife. And cute to boot in your hats.

My last baby (#3) was breech, and here's what they *don't* tell you: After all those months of having his (or her) butt down and his legs curled up, he (or she) will keep those legs curled for a couple of weeks after the birth. It's just more comfy for them like that, for a bit. Don't worry, tho- you can straighten them out if you want to (it's not like the legs are *stuck* that way), and they WILL stretch out.

My first two didn't do that, and I was convinced that there was something wrong with my third when his legs kept curling I asked the nurse at the hospital, who said that's not unusual for breech babies.

Which brings me to point #2: Never feel foolish or inept when asking a question about your me, some other mother has been there, first.

Good luck to you both!

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