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You can catch a slideshow of some pictures of Mia here.

Yes, I am totally stealing from my husband, but I just gave birth to his child, so I think I am entitled.

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Wonderful pictures.


(I'm quite envious, you know. Sorry, I just can't help it. I had 2 sons, and wished to have another, but couldn't. So I taught nursery school for 7 years, which was wonderful, but I really would have liked to have another child.)

I was smiling throughout the whole slideshow. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures of your little girl. The last picture in the set is so incredibly cute I want to cry. You looked beautiful throughout the whole process, yet again, I am jealous. Thank you Beth. :)

Hey girl! I saw the pics last night, and they're soo adorable. You guys are so cute, and that little creature came out of you! How absolutely amazing.

Omg, she is so sweet! Congratulations, again!

Nice to "meet you" Beth - just saw fluidpudding's link....walking in your shoes indeed over here! I just had my baby girl (Georgia) by emergency C section on the 19th. We're settling in, and healing up, well here. Our girls look so alike - those big bright eyes and all that dark hair!!! My husband hated that silly fold out chair bed by the time we checked out of hospital!!!! Looking forward to reading about your journey with little Mia!

congradulations on the baby. i'm on my 4th baby all of which have been breast fed so if you need any advice please feel free to ask :)

Wonderful pictures! Mia is beautiful! Congrats again.

She is beautiful! Congratulations again!

She's beautiful you guys. Seriously. I'm so happy for you!!!

that was SO great. you steal anytime, i imagine you have about 3-4 years' worth of him owing you, anyway, right?

she's adorable.

ok, you're starting to make me want one of my own now! gorgeous photos by the way :)

Always, always use that for an explanation of why you are right, you should have whatever, etc.

Beth, I just want to thank you and Chris for sharing this time and your beautiful daughter with us all! It's been fantastic fun following your pregnancy, and now getting to see the joy on your faces as you introduce your wee one to the world just makes my day.
End of sentimental comment :)

Adorable! What an amzing little girl - you all did awesome!

Thanks for sharing. I really love the picture, seventh from the end, where Mia looks super excited to be in your arms.

i saw, and they are gorgeous!

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