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New Game!

What do these people have in common?

Edward Hopper
Alexander Calder
Bob Dole
George Clinton
Willem Dafoe
Lima Bean

Give up?

Their birthday!

Lima Bean is coming this Friday, July 22. She has her cute little head wedged right up under my ribs and shows no interest is checking out the rest of the uterus, so we are going in after her. Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and advice. Your kind thoughts and words have been much appreciated. We considered all the options carefully and while this isn't the way I wanted things to go I do believe it is the right decision for us under the circumstances.

(I know that there are lots of strong feelings out there about childbirth, so I would like to remind you of something I'm sure your mother taught you. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Thanks and kisses.)

Anyway, that's the news from Cactus-Fishland.

Damn ya'll. we're going to have a baby.

Comments (111)

How exciting!! I'm sure we'll all be waiting for news of the Bean's arrival on Friday!! Lots of universe warm fuzzies coming your way from Minnesota. :-)

Oh and btw, I totally guessed July 22!! wheeeeeeeeeeee

Wow! Way to fix the baby pool! (kidding) While I know this isn't the way you were thinking it would go, there's gotta be some relief at having a set plan. Good luck with it all sweetie, I'll be sending love and warm birthday wishes to you and the Bean on Friday.



I cant wait ..I cant wait!!

Child birth never comes the way we envision it.. It doesnt matter, this was ment to be! As long as baby and mother are heathly and happy! Thats all that matters at this point. Good luck and trust me ..good vibes and best wishes are coming your way from California! I am so excited! How weird that I am so excited for you - I don't even know you for real! But I know everything will work out great and she will be the most beautiful creature you have ever seen in your life. I will be thinking of you on Friday and sending my best baby birthing vibes your way! Congratulations and be sure you take a laptop so you can live-blog the birth, okay?!

According to Mother Goose, Friday's child is loving and giving so congrats ..... even though I had Thursday in the baby pool.

Truthfully, Beth, I don't know of too many people that choose to have a caesarian birth, no matter what they say. First time mothers are NOT recommended to attempt a breech birth, no matter what the presentation, so unless you want to STAY pregnant, there is no reason to not proceed in this direction.

You are healthy and strong and will bounce back from this in no time flat and LIttle Miss will have a beautiful round little head rather than the cone head that most babies have! Keep us updated on the happenings.

OMG! I just realized that your daughter will be born 3 days from now! That is fantastic! Woooo, I was excited before but now I'm REALLY jazzed!

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

I was a c-section birth. It hasn't affected me any, except that I tend to leave the house thru the window instead of the door.


how freakin' exciting! how could someone not have anything nice to say about a couple of real cool people getting their kid out from under the mom's ribcage? sheesh...
i can't wait to see and hear all about her!

YAY! I'm so excited for you and your family. I know how difficult choices like this can be, but it's going to be a miracle that ends with an adorable, healthy baby no matter what. Happy birthday, lima b!

Beth who cares how they get here as long as they get here healthy and happy. I will be thinking of you all and sending you easy delivery vibes. Can't wait to see pictures of the Bean.

Nice. Break a leg.

Any chance you'll reconsider names for the girl? All of a sudden, I really like Willem.



Congratulations!!! As long as everyone's happy and healthy, that's all that matters. I'll send good vibes your way on Friday.

Yea! We'll be praying for you guys!

*Poo-poo on those people that have a problem with it. Your body, your choice!

wow! congrats! :) although it isn't what you had planned, it'll work out for the best! at least you know when she's going to arrive now :)

good luck - although I'm sure you won't need it at all!!

Eeek! Congratulations! I now have another reason to wish that Friday would just hurry up and get here already.

Hip, hip! Congrats you guys! SO excited for you :)

Won't be long now. Best of luck to you and all your family. My birthday's the 26th - I guess she's going to miss it by 4 days.

well congratulations!! (although you should have waited 5 more days... i do believe i voted for 7/27. heh). this is all very exciting. i wish you guys all the best! can't wait to see pictures. :D

Congratulations! I'll be sending good thoughts!

Party time! Go, Lima Bean! Go, Beth and Chris!

I am inordinately excited and happy about this! Oh, Friday, blessed day!

It might not be your ideal way to give birth, but the results are the same! I'm very excited for you, good luck. Now, spend these last few days resting and relaxing as much as possible, as you won't be doing that again for a long time.

Good luck! I hope that it all goes well. Can't wait to see pictures of her.

Sheesh, she's coming early! I had three planned c-sections, without which, one of my children would not have survived. They all went swimmingly. Don't be a hero, take your pain meds, otherwise your blood pressure can spike. Also I recommend getting a spinal rather than an epidural. The numb is deeper, and less potential effect on the baby. Remember, an anesthesiologist is a delivering mom's best friend. Congratulations!

Happy early Birthday Lima Bean! Good luck and best wishes and all that jazz. Yippee! She's coming soon!

Hee hee, not even born and already The Bean is calling the shots! Congratulations, best of luck, and can't wait to see pictures!

Woo-Hoo! The baby is coming! I personally wish I could have had mine scheduled. Seriously, I am sending good vibes your way. Best of luck and enjoy it! :)

Can't wait for pics!

How exciting! Good luck and I hope everything comes out ok. (heh.) Take care and I can't wait to see her!

Congratulations Beth! I'm so excited for you both.

Congratulations and best wishes! I will send good thoughts to the three of you for a healthy, happy birthday! I can't wait for Friday!

(I had a little affair with Calder in my head recently, glad she'll be in good company.)

i'm soooooo excited. i hope i'm even this excited when i eventually have my own baby haha. congrats and good luck! yayyyyy! alksjdflkssdfafafd!

Wow! That is awesome! Woo hoo...

*in small voice*
[and I'll still be sitting here wallowing in my own fat misery while you'll be saying hello to your precious bundle. ;-)]

That rocks!

How very exciting! Good Luck on Friday and I hope everything goes well!!!

Everybody else has already said it, and said it better, but yay for you! I hope everything goes well!

Congrats!! How totally exciting! I had two c-sections and they aren't so bad, really :) Bring warm socks ... I don't know why I remember that so well. Both of my babies are summer babies and you'd think I would've been hot or something. OH well. Best wishes - good luck and remember to post pictures!!

your baby, your health, your choice but damn. that's so not the date i picked!

just kidding of course. can't wait to see pictures! congratulations to you and chris.

Lots and lots of good wishes for a safe and happy arrival!

Beth, Best wishes on a easy birth and quick recovery, cant wait to meet bean, and FINALLY learn her name. If you get a chance, stop by my blog for a post I made just for you. It's not bad, really its not.

YAY! Congratulations Fish, Cactus and baby Bean!!!

No matter how she comes into this world, all that matters is that she gets here healthy and that you have a speedy recovery.

I heard all this stupid hoopla when I had my son via c-section. They told me I might have trouble bonding because of it.

Hmm, he spent 8 months doing sommersaults in my belly. I think we've bonded plenty!

Anyhow, you'll be fine and the Bean will be fine and ohmyfreakinggoshyouaregoingtobea MOMMY!!!

Congrats again, Mom and Dad. Now I'm crying. :)

Hey -- that's my brother's birthday!

Wait a minute... he's a real pain in the ass. Seriously, you may want to rethink this... ;-)

I'm very happy for all of you!

My first son was a long 36 hours of labor and childbirth... Then my daughter was like lima bean, her head was up by my ribs so we went in after her as well. The last one was a follow up suggested by my Dr for health reasons.

I tell you what, I preferred them going in after her to pushing for hours and being 2 weeks overdue!!

Anyway, Congrats I am thrilled for you and Chris. You will be back in you're jeans in no time now holding your baby on the outside ;)

Squeee!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

Will you be telling us her name or will she forever be known as Lima Bean?


congrats guys will be perfect!!!!

OMG! Good luck! My kiddo fractured one of my ribs Sunday nite with a good swift kick in the middle of the night. I don't think she'll be doing that to you with her head! Best of luck. Prayers are with you both and the Bean.

Yay!! Congratulations! You guys and your doc made the right choice for your family so poo on the people giving you a hard time about YOUR private life! You share plenty with us so grr on them! Anyway - this is a beautiful time for your now threesome! Please enjoy the next few days of quiet though!

Congratulations! Wow. The time has gone by so quickly on this end... :)

Wow! How exciting! I've got chills. (And they're multiplying.) Good luck in the delivery room!

Congrats! Can't wait to see pics of the Lima Bean. I'm sure all will be fine.

Well, make sure you have extra batteries for your headlamps and lots of extra rope when you go in after her! Sounds like she won't want to be found.

Best wishes for all!

congratulations! i just realized that is my mom's birthday, also. so now i will never forget the wee one's birthday! thoughts are with you all!

wow! that is huge. no, not your tummy ;) i will be thinking about you and chris on Friday and hoping that everything goes well. My friend's wife is due this week also so I'm just going to be thinking nothing but positive baby thoughts all week.


Who cares about how the Bean comes out (along long as the two of you are ok). Good luck on the big day. oyu two will rock as parents.

Congratulations! Your whole life is about to be dumped upside down and twisted inside out - and it's the best thing that will ever happen to you! Hope all goes well!

Wow Beth. Congrats!! Good luck, and all that. I'll pray for ya. No really, I will ;)

As I so eloquently put it over at the Cactus site, HOLY CRAP!! ALREADY!?!!? :)

I didn't realize it was happening so SOON! :) Congrats, Mommy!! :D

Very excited to hear your news! I can't believe it's that time already. Hope all goes well.

The way you get the kid out isn't the important part. It's the way you love her after she's here. Congrats and good luck on Friday!

I'm jealous that you get meet your baby so soon! Best wishes!

Well congrats to Miss Lima Bean and her parents! Good luck and don't forget the kleenex!

Good luck! I know it isn't exactly what you had planned, but the end result will be absolutely beautiful. I will be sending you and your family lots of good thoughts and prayers!

Wow!!! Good luck to you and Chris and your little one of course! I'm so excited that you'll be meeting your Lima Bean so soon! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Can't believe I am number 63 commentor...Must have been busy today! I will be thinking of you both on Friday and simply CANNOT wait to see pictures of your gorgeous little girl. Damn, you're gonna have a baby!

Congrats in advance. I am sure everything will go well for you guys. Take advantage of the rest and recoup time after the birth and enjoy it with your new little family. Congrats again.
This is so exciting!

Congrats!!! Hope everything goes well and I'm looking forward to pics when things calm down a bit. I'll be sending good vibes to ya'll on Friday.


Fantastic news - I mean not your first option, but an option that will bring your baby girl itno this world - so fantastic news!

Congrats to you both. I'll be waiting for LB's first photo. And make sure that no one steps on Chris after he faints.

Holy're going to have a baby! Ever wish a manual would pop out with the bean?!? Congrats to you both!

Forgive me if I repeat another commentor...but my feeling is that ANY type of childbirth is natural. Good luck to you and just know that there will be wee ones in the frozen tundra of Michigan thinking of you on Friday. And for many days following.

The baby is coming! The baby is coming! Woot-woot!

Seriously, I will be thinking of you and yours! Good luck, Mom!

Oh oh oh how exciting, and congratualations!!! To me, it doesn't matter with what method your child comes into the world, what matters is that she comes safe and healthy, so you do what is right for YOU and you BABY!!! You're gonna be a great mom!!!!!

So, like, is this going to cut into your posting time in a big way?

Just kidding! Good luck and all that stuff! Can't wait to read what you've decided to name her!

In case you had any misconceptions, now you know who's in charge, and who will be in charge for the next 18 years or so. Enjoy the ride. It's worth it.

WOW! You and Cactus must be super excited to have the little bean here already! You guys are going to make such wonderful parents. Good luck with everything and I will keep all three of you in my thoughts this friday! :-)

Congratulations and good luck!!

happy BIRTHday lima bean!! :-)

oh my goodness! i can't believe it's happening already!

i feel like we've been going through this adventure together....i'm so happy for you (see, there are good things about scheduled c-sections!), and am i allowed to say a little envious too...??

I'm very happy for you,... good luck! We'll all be thinking about you this Friday!

Good luck!!

Can't wait to see pictures of the happy family (if you are going to post Bean one's)

I guess my guess of the 27th was.. a wee bit off.

That's great. Congratulations and good luck!


Hope everything goes well! Whether you have a c-section or deliver her without surgery the only thing that matters is that she arrives safely and is placed in your arms!! Best wishes for a pain free delivery and a speedy recovery!

Wow your commenter list is even longer then Chris'. Good luck on Friday. I am sure everything will be bueno!


Congrats Beth!
I will keep you guys in my thoughts for a safe delivery. Try to get as much sleep as you can before updating your blog! LOL

Wow! Now you dont have to worry about your water breaking at an inopportune time!

Wow, how exciting! Congrats in advance, can't wait to see her!

Oh my God! That's just 2 day away! Can't wait to see her :) Good luck!!!! Have a safe delivery! Will say a prayer for you and Lima Bean... and oh! Chris too :) He must be going nuts! Be safe...

I'm sure you've had your fill of unsolicited advice, but here's some more from one woman who has had 3 C-sections:

Listen to your doctor.

Don't let the nurses be bullies.

If a nurse contradicts your doctor's orders (ie getting up and moving around, my doc said to do so as soon as I was ready, the nurses didn't want me to) call them on it.

Stay on top of your pain medication. Don't let the pain get out of hand before you ask for it because it's harder to get under control.

Breastfeeding is harder with a C-section so if its something you really want to do, don't wait to ask for lots of help from the experts (the nurses aren't always the experts, they should have a lactation specialist on the floor)

Recovery usually isn't very difficult and if you have any questions about Csections from someone who's been through them, email me anytime. I'm sure you will have lots of "in person" resources to draw upon though.

Take care sweetie! LB is on the way! Yeah!

YAY!!!!!!!!!! Congrats you guys!!!!!!

Hey, congrats! Very exciting. Good luck to you and your husband and Lima Bean!

That's Kat's birthday too!! Congratulations!

That's day after tomorrow! Yippeee! Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures. You'll have those up on Friday evening, right?

OMG! That is sooooo cool! You're making my nipples tingle (you'll understand in a week from now). Corngratulations! I absolutely cannot wait to see pics of her! Yay! Cactus-Fish!

C-sections are really not as horrifying as they may seem. I had an emergency C, and I swear that I recovered faster than some of my friends with "normal" births.

Relax and enjoy every moment of it! It's a wonderful experience no matter how it happens.

And good luck with breast feeding!!!

HORRAYYYYY!!!!!!! How exciting!!!! I'll be thinking of you!!!! Good luck to all three of yas!

YAY!!! congratulations :)

i will be thinking of you three on friday!

Good luck!!!! this is great news!!!
She's going to be a Leo just like me :)
Let us know how everything went after the Bean is born!! we'll be thinking of you.

Woo-hoo! Time to show that baby the exit :)

I'll be keeping you three in my thoughts on Friday.

Wow! How exciting. And now you don't have to worry about whether or not she's going to turn, when you'll go into labor or any of that stuff. I'll be thinking of you and Chris and Lima Bean on Friday :)

Good luck, Beth! I hope you and Lima Bean are both healthy and happy by day's end Friday. Can't wait to see her and find out what she's called.

WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO... and a awe-filled manner! Bean's quite lucky!

One of my best friends shares that birthday :) Lots of the cool kids were born then. Good luck to you and Lima Bean, I wish you a happy and relatively easy birth.

Exciting! I hope you are feeling okay and are taking it easy. It's a great day for a birthday!

Only 48 hours to take in all the movies and dinners out that you can -- Best of luck and congrats too :)

I know I've already emailed you about this, but YIPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!

Oh man, I think I'm going to cry!

Congratulations, Beth! I can't wait to hear the name of the baby! :)

I'm so unbelievably excited for you guys!! I can't wait to see pictures! I can't believe it's time already :P

All born on Friday....

Woohooo! Well, a c-section certainly beats 30 hour of labor. Good luck Friday! I can;t wait to see the pictures. Of The Bean. Not the c-section :)
We call a c-section an "emperor's cut". So the Bean is entering this world like royalty :)

Hope you haven't checked into the hospital yet. If you haven't good luck; I am sure you will do just great. As far as the childbirth opinion: anything that gets the baby out safely and keeps the mother happy and healthy is good enough for me (like my opinion counts)!

Congrats and good luck!! Hubby and I will be having a toast to you two and The Bean, as it's our anniversary on her birthday!!!!

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