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Postcard from the edge

Got home at 3 today, was on the phone to the pediatrician in tears by 4:30.

This is the most amazing and wonderful and hardest thing I have ever done.

Amelia is stunning in every sense. Chris is my savior. My fingers are numb from exhaustion.

Thanks and love to all of you for support and good wishes. I have to go feed my daughter.

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So happy for you. Take care, it'll get easier and you're better at it than you think :)
Amelia is beautiful, and you are very amazing.

Congratulations, she is lovely and a truly lucky child to have such awesome parents.

Congrats... I just stumbled onto your lovely blog. Blessings!


How've you found time to blog? Even if it was short.
Congratulations again. Hope things get easier for you soon :).

She is just beautiful. And reading this I remember all too well that first week. Well, beneath the mukry haze of love and sleeplessness.

Congrats to you and the cactus on your gorgeous girl. Love her name.

I'm sure you're both doing a wonderful job. Take care and rest when you can xx

Take your time and rest when she does. Congrats to you all on the beautiful family you have made together.

she's gorgeous.
enjoy every single minute of her.

hope you're feeling well!

Just remember "It's normal."

"What you ask?" Everything. All that you are feeling.

Take care of yourself.

Congrats!!! Everyone is right - it does get better. The first couple of weeks home are tough so be sure to ask for help if you need it.

Congratulations! I know it will get easier for you. You and Amelia just have to get used to each other.

Hey welcome back and stop tottering. Of course she is fabulous, why wouldn't she be?! Good luck with the feeding, which I personally found DREADFUL and if you are having a miserable time, I would be happy to send you all kinds of glum tales, if, on the other hand, you are excellent and loving it, I may never speak to you again. Good luck and congratulations again. YAY!

every week things will get a million times easier. hang in there!

Never be ashamed to call the pediatrician (or anyone else) in tears. There's no way you'll believe us when we tell you this now, but it really is true that someday you will be able to trust your instincts with Mia. You guys will be (already are, really) incredible parents.

Congratulations!!! I am glad all went well for you.

My daughter is still taking refuge under my ribs...3 1/2 months to go...

We're all so happy for you. And you're back to blogging already? You're like Wonder Woman or something.

Welcome home, Beth and Amelia! :) I'm so glad everything went well!

Congratulations Beth, and welcome Amelia! I hope you are able to get some rest and make it through these first few weeks in tact. From what everyone tells me, it's all totally worth it. And I have to believe them.

Welcome home to both you & Mia!! Good luck on these first tough days and remember there's lots of us in the blogosphere sending you tons of good energy and well wishes!!

Beth, you rock!

Congrats! I am so happy for you guys! Your daughter is beautiful. The first few weeks are SO hard. My friend called the first 6 weeks baby boot camp - you'll look back later and agree - I did. I can't tell you how many times I cried with Connor when we first got home. I actually cried at the hospital - because I wanted to go home so badly and they wouldn't release us! It's normal and don't worry. Just know we're here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on!

Hey, take it easy and dont stress about everything, it will all work itself out in a few days you will be thinking this is easy.

Im a foster parent and on 2-10-04 I got a call to pick up a preemie, drug exposed little girl from the hospital, she was on a heart and apnea monitor and only weighed 4lbs 4 oz. I was totally scared first, because I had never taken care of a newborn and second, all her complications, but it worked out. WE had a rough first week or two getting use to each other but then it all fell into place. Routine is important, babies love it. We are adopting her when all the legal stuff gets finished.

I shared this story because I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I wanted to let you know that you can do it too. I know you are overwhelmed right now, but it will all work out, so dont stress. Take care!

Congratulations to you! You'll all be fine. I can remember being in a complete and utter stupor for a few days, then finally figuring out what I was supposed to do. If you forget something, Amelia will remind you. We're here for you (figuratively, of course).

You'll get calmer as time goes on, and soon it'll be a normal thing. She's beautiful! The only advice I have for you is sleep whenever you can.

Take care of you guys!

hang in there... it will get better... ! congrats on your little one... i wish you all the best!

Just dropped in and got the news!!!! Congratualtions-- oh she is so beautiful and I LOVE the name--- hope things are feeling better and better with each day. All the best--- Elizabeth

It will get easier :) I'm sure. It has to right? Hang in there. So happy for you!

((hugs Beth))

You are doing great! :-)

Now THAT sounds like a post from a mother, doesn't it? And that makes me smile.

And she's really, really beautiful. When I first read Chris's post, I shouted, 'The Bean is here, the Bean is here!' The Fiance thought I'd lost my mind. ;)

Sending you ALL good thoughts.

sooo awesome!

Try not to be nervous. They can sense it. And have a good time with that little girl.

I'm envious

Doesn't that simple phrase feel wonderful? "My daughter" Those are powerful words.

Welcome home!

Yay...and look at you, posting on day one! (at 2 am!)

Congrats! She is beautiful! Also, it does get easier, so don't be too hard on yourself!

I'm so thrilled for you-- even with the tears and numbness.

Stunned. That totally describes my first days at home with my firstborn.

Much love to you, little mama!

what are you doing blogging already???

anyway, i was thinking today about how much you wanted a baby last year, how it was all you could think about, talk about, blog about. And now look at you -- you have a baby. it's just so amazing.


Hey Mommy,

Stop making the internet cry. :P

Awwww :) Welcome home! You're an amazing woman, you'll do just perfect!

your one brave brave woman! Congrats on your angel!

Awe look at you miss thing! Home for 1 day and already blogging....Showing Mia the ropes already huh?! Congrats again! She really is quite beautiful!

Every mother out here knows what you're going through. "She's so beautiful and tiny, and helpless. Is she getting enough milk? Is she still breathing? Isn't she breath-taking? How did I get so lucky?"

Welcome home to both you and Amelia! I'm sure the pediatrician is used to getting calls from crying mothers - don't worry about it.

Thanks for checking in with us Beth. Welcome home. You're doing a great job.

Good luck with everything. I'm glad you checked in. I was getting worried about you three.

It will get better and better. One day at a time Momma. :)

i can't wait to hear you tell us about it! now go rest, little fishy, go rest.

Beth, you totally rock and are my idol. Cute belly during pregnancy, already blogging after giving birth, you are an amazingly strong woman. I don't have kids of my own yet, but thank you for giving me a glimpse into your life and all that you went through. Bean is such a beautiful baby, enjoy being a mommy. :)

You can do it. You will feel like yourself again, I promise. Call the pediatrician 10 times if you need to, that's why they're there.

I can't wait to hear more about Mia when you get a chance!

My best piece of new mom advice: For the first few weeks, sleep when Mia sleeps. Grab every bit of shuteye that you can. Everything else can wait.

She's beautiful, and I look forward to lots of photos! (Later, after you sleep!)

Soon? You will master the art of sitting with Mia n the Boppy at your breast, laptop or desktop in front of you, typing one-handed or just reading. You will do this because it is something OTHER than breastfeeding or changing diapers or burping or soothing to sleep. You will do ANYTHING that will distract from the caucus race. Also? Catch up on your reading. I read more books nursing my babies than at any other time in my life. What else should you do with the twelve hours you'll be feeding the baby each day?

I used to nurse, fall asleep, and wake up just in time for the next feeding, baby still there...

I promise, it will get easier. It reminds me of when my first daughter was born. During the 3 days my hubby was home with me, I was okay. The first day he went back to work I called him sobbing on the phone at 11:00am because my baby was crying and I didn't know why. And now my firstborn is 10 and just got her ears pierced today :) It will be both the best and the hardest thing you've ever done it your life but so worth it.

When I first brought Princess home, she was up all night, so by the time the next morning came, I was so exhausted that all I could do is cry. It gets way easier, and you are in good company of a lot of women who didn't know squat about raising a child until one day the hospital in its infinate wisdom decided to send us home with one :-)

glad you're in the comfort of your own home now! just keep us updated when you can. :) no rush!

Glad your home where you can relax. You will do fine. Breathe. When you need help ask. When you don't have people leave you alone. Enjoy the journey. Be happy. Cry. Love yourself and your little family! Know you are cared for immensely...and that all will have a way of working itself right!

I am so totally thrilled for all of you! You and Chris will be wonderful parents; you guys are caring and kind which is what's really important, I think. Don't sweat the small stuff, blah blah etc blah. Did I ever tell you that Amelia is my future (?) girl-baby-name too? You have good taste. :)

Congratulations and blessings, Beth! I love your daughter's name--it has a nice ring to it.

Hey Beth, I breastfed for six years-- my cell number is in the signature line of all of my emails, so call anytime for questions, breastfeeding support, etc.



This too shall pass......just keep saying that. :) Hugs and some cyber sleep to you...

I hear it does get easier. Congratulations again on your lovely daughter.

Whatever issues you may have had, THEY ARE NORMAL! Your hormones are peaking right about...NOW...and you are feeling the same things that every single woman who has ever had a baby is feeling.

Never second guess yourself when it comes to Mia because you instinctively KNOW what you are doing.

Listen to that calm inner voice coming from deep within, not the near-hysterical one in your head. Accept any and all help that is offered and sleep whenever you can because that is how you are going to get through what seems darn near impossible.

Blessings to you and Chris and Mia. You are a beautiful family. Try and enjoy this time because it goes so quickly.

Way to go Beth, you've done so well. Your daughter looks amazing and lets face it, we knew she'd be a total original in everything, look at her folks. Nice job, I'm so happy for you!

Many, many congatulations to you and Chris - and many blessings you your beautiful family. Wow. I'm all teary-eyed... :)

I am so happy for you and so proud of you too!! Just remember, this may be the hardest thing you have ever done, but this is the one thing that you truly exist for! I wish I could hug your neck and snuggle that precious little bundle for you while you get a few hours sleep! Hang in there and remember, your hormones will be lying to you for a few weeks.

Congratulations, well done and best wishes. And try to sleep at some stage.

CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of Amelia! What sweet, beautiful baby. :)

I would've never believed I could love somebody that much until I had my daughter. It's a fiercely protective kind of love that I never knew I had it in me to give.

You're gonna be a great Mom. Congratulations again to you and Chris.

Congratulations! Take it easy - i had a c-section too and push myself too hard :(
Can't wait to see pictures of your little girl!

Awww, congrats. You look beautiful even after just having a baby :)

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