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Random Bits

It will probably be a while before I get it together enough to put anything coherent here. I still can't believe this beautiful little girl is ours, and most of the time I have no idea what to do with her. This does get easier, right?

Two quick things. I am far more blessed in this life than I deserve. I decided to have a scheduled c-section based mainly on the gut feeling that there was some reason Mia was breech and that trying to move her might, just might do her some harm. Her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck three times and once more around her body just for good measure. Things could have gone very badly for her, but instead she is perfect and wonderful and alseep in my lap. If those of you who go in for higher powers would thank them for me I would be much obliged.

Second, would anyone like to name my left boob? The right boob has been christened Leaky McHurty. I'm pretty sure it's bad when your nipples bleed. We are leaving to see the lactation consultant in a few minutes, but I see now why people give this up and swear never to climb back aboard that particular high horse.

I lied, one more thing. Thank you all for the emails and comments. I hope you will understand if I don't respond, but I want you to know that the friendship and support I have gotten from all of you has been an amazing help to me throughout this pregnancy and especially over the last few days.

Check over at the hubby's site soon for pictures.

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Leaky McHurty - ha-ha-ha! Oh my gosh it gets so much better. Keep at it and before you know it, you'll be a pro. Everything gets better (but at times it is worse). Just cherish every moment -- because they all go so quickly. Each day at this point is so important - each moment. Take pictures, videos, record her "voice," everything possible. Because I tell you, before you know it, your memory turns to swiss cheese and you'll forget the little things. You and Chris are truly blessed!!

Ouch. They never talk about stuff like that. My best friend has a hard time with breastfeeding with achy, bleedy nipple. What about Achy McMealtime for the other one?

It absolutely gets better. Have you tried lanolin (Lansinoh brand at Target is my favorite)? It can help with the bleeding and soreness. It's also great for diaper rash.

Alls I can tell ya it to try and work through does get better but I have never been one of those women who just loves to breastfeed...I only did it b/c it was good for the kiddos. Good luck to you and cannot wait to see pictures!

Yes, it will get easier. Keep on going with your gut feelings and you'll be fine. congratulations again.

Leaky McHurty...ha!

Um, owww.

Also, worry not about coherent. I'm impressed you're finding the time to post at all! And I will definitely pass the thanks along to the higher powers - it sounds like you made the right delivery decision for your little girl.

It gets much better. It gets to be a carefully choreographed dance of feedings, diaper changes, naps, and meals, and it gets funnerer and funnerer every day.

Gee, well, I just don't know... I've never been asked to name a boob before... (digs toe in dirt) gosh. Are they both Irish? How about Angus McMilken. All joking aside, thanks for sharing your miracle with us. It's been a beautiful experience to see it all through your eyes.

It's been a fun ride watching you two go through all this. Especially because I can relate to so much of it!

We're all very thrilled for you. Take your time and get back to us when you can.

one word...lansinoh.

comes in a purple container. it saved my life. helps with painful, cracked, bleeding nipples.

Just a hug... ((((Beth))))

Wow, I'm so glad you went with your gut and had the c-section.

ouch, bleeding nipples. I hope that gets better soon!

I bet you never imagined when you were younger that one day you'd be having issues with bleeding nipples. Damn, that sounds painful. Look how tough and badass parenting has made you already!

Yeah, I guess everyone else has already told you, but Lansinoh is a MUST. If we'd thought to tell you before you gave birth you could have been conditioning your nipples with it ahead of time.

Okay, two thumbs up for listening to your intuition - I got all shivery when I read how Amelia was all wrapped up in the umbilical cord.

(and can I just say that Amelia is a gorgeous, gorgeous name, and also one of my most favorite Joni Mitchell songs?)

I hope your boobs get better - I fixed the Internet connection yesterday, Chris said so I'll try again - Boobs, heal thyself. We really need you girls to come through on this one, okay?

Lefty? No? Too obvious?

Well, yes, on the Lansinoh. But also big yes on the lactation consultant, and La Leche League, too. Having a 'pro' help you correct her latch will make a huge difference in the level of discomfort.

My oldest's mouth was so tiny that I would literally have to grab my nipple, pinch it and cram it into her mouth to get her to latch on correctly. None of that 'just line the baby up and wait for them to open their mouth.'

And that ends your TMI for today. Get some rest!

Beth, I am thinking of you. You are doing fine, my dear! They gave you this baby with no instruction manual! So far your intuition is right on target.

No sign of my daughter yet, but once she comes I am sure I'll know exactly what you are talking about. Hang in there!

Glad all is well--don't worry, Mia will be SO okay!! I was breech and jaundiced too when I was born, and I turned out just fine, if I do say so myself! :)

Glad to hear that things are (for the most part) going well. And wow. I'm glad now that you did the C-section too. *whew!*


Yes it gets sooo much easier! You are doing great! Your the best mommy ever!

As for a miracle, yes! defenetly

Righty McSucky? Take care, I hear it does get easier. You'll do just fine. Glad all of you are doing well and that Mia came out just fine. She's beautiful.

I'll bet the cord wrappage was the reason for the lack of turnage once she got up under your ribs! One of those aha! moments.

Did you know that many many babies come with the cord wrapped around their necks? I'm sure it doesn't make you feel better to know that but just a random tidbit...

I cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die swear that the pain of breastfeeding goes away. Hot showers and ice packs will help.

The lactation consultant will become your brest friend. I personally think they should be elevated to the level of deity because every woman I know that has worked with one can tell you how the L.C. worked magic with her particular breastfeeding problem.

Are you sleeping at all?

Is the other boob hurting too? 'Cause I vote for Polly McPain if it is. :-)
I am glad you went with your gut feeling and had a scheduled c section. I've been told most babies have the cords wrapped around them but that doesn't mean it'll be a smooth delivery. Anyway, thank you for updating at all - it's good to hear how things are going.

Okay, quit trying to hide it -- you're still hawt.

(you could just name one "lunch" and the other "dinner" but then that leaves out the other seven or eight meals. Hmm)

I've heard that if you put a pice of cabbage in your nursing bra, it helps with the healing. There are also certain safe balms that you can put on. Just stick it out, once you get past the first few weeks, nursing gets better, or so I've been told by my sisters.

you and Chris and Mia have been in my thoughts. I do not know from experience, but friends tell me, yes it does get easier (and harder and then easier again and so on).

Many many congratulations.

Oh bleeding nipples, it's all coming back to me in a bad way. If I may offer a mild tip, when your baby appears to be spitting up blood - DON'T PANIC - it's probably yours. Well, it was mine anyway. The breastfeeding does get better sooner or later, I hope for you, it's sooner.

Wow, good call on not trying to turn her. Seems your mother's intution is spot-on. Which means all will be good.
Okay, maybe not all, but a lot.

How about Bleedy McNotFair? Well, it's an option anyways. Congrats again on your beautiful little girl.

bloody nips suck. had them. sounds like it is a latching problem and time for my friend, THE NIPPLE SHIELD!

and yes, it does get easier.

i totally believe in trusting your gut instincts. glad you went with your intuition. ((((BIG HUGS))))

Thank heavens for your gut instincts. I'm thanking my powers that be for you. How scary!

Okay, the nipples: make sure to place your nipple in her mouth as far as it will go-- she only needs to press your nipples for milk, not suck, so she shouldn't be anywhere near the tips of your nipples. Your milk will let down and just spray into her.

Also, this will sound weird, but it really works: put your hair dryer on the lowest setting, hold about six inches from your nipples, and blow on them for a few minutes several times a day. It seals the cracks, and toughens them up. I swear to dog this really helps.

Oh,and this is what you do with her: Just look at her. That's really all you need these days, isn't it?

Lots of advice!

I'll add my two cents: Rent a breast pump from the hospital if it gets too bad- that way you keep up your production, she still gets breast milk, and your nipples have a chance to heal. It helped me be able to continue breastfeeding when I got (OUCH!!!) thrush when my youngest was just a few weeks old.

I had a lactation consultant with #3, and it made all the difference in the world. She suggested cabbage leaves as well, and using the blow dryer on low/cool setting to keep them dry.

And, in the end, if you decide to stop breastfeeding because that's what YOU need to do to stay sane, that's okay, too. No matter what the advice-givers and well-wishers and nay-sayers and guilt-mongers tell you, YOU are Mia's mother and YOU know best. :-)

Yes, you will both survive this frenzied, exhausting time. Takes about 3 months before you'll believe it, tho....hang in there!

Good choice to go with your gut instince on the c-section. I'm glad that everyone is ok. Don't worry if you don't update as much, spending time with Amelia is much more important.

As far as the nursing goes....if you really want to nurse...don't give it will get better! I know...I did it 3 times!

Awww, I'm happy you got a C-section and that Mia is alright!

I'm sorry about the breastfeeding not going very well. I hope you'll feel better soon. Don't feel bad about stopping breastfeeding if that's the thing you gotta do.

I remember those sore breast stages, and it DOES get better :-)

Another vote for Lansinoh, and (don't laugh...) try an ice cube on those nipples. Shinks those puppies right up, leaves no chance for the latch to be incorrect.

I second and third the comment(s) on Lanisoh. It DOES get better - hang in there.

I have no bloody nipple advice (ay yi yi) but do offer a big internet hug, a smile and tons of love coming your Cactus-Fish Family way... :-)

Hi I just wanted to say to try and stick with it. I almost gave up a hundred times because it hurt so much. It just quit hurting a week ago . the unbearable nipple pain went on for 6 and half weeks. But overnight it went away and is just fine now. I am glad I stuck with it.

Hang on! The nipples will improve--I promise.

Welcome to Mommyhood!

Thank heavens you went with the Csection. Always go with your mama's gut Beth. That instinct is there for a reason. And there will be times when you doubt yourself all over the place, try to remember, to trust yourself as you did this time. You did good, girl.

In my experience, it gets better. Then it gets worse again. Then a little better. Then worse. (Repeat and fade...) The worse parts (for me, at least) came when teething began. Now that I'm breastfeeding again, I'm really hoping that this baby never gets teeth. Because kids with dentures are charming.

Good luck to you. Mia is absolutely beautiful.

I think since your right boob is Irish, maybe the left boob should be Italian. You know, since they are traditionally rivals, or something. So how about, Leche Dripsiano, or something. Or the boob can be Polish, and could so be named Milky Leaksavich.

I haven't ever had a baby but I have had lots of friends that have breastfed, and I think it is different for everyone. My sister only ever trickled out milk, even when she pumped, and the baby got angry with that right away. Other girls I know have a steady stream from Day One. I think you just have to go with the flow, no pun intended, and follow what your body is trying to tell you. All you can do is try! Best of luck to you!!! And Mia is the CUTEST BABY EVER!!!!

omg, i am so happy for you guys!!! ok, humor my stupidity, is it me-a or my-a...either way its such a pretty name!

I'm so glad someone mentioned blood in the baby's mouth. It's yours. It will freak you out, but the baby totally will not care or be hurt. I cracked and bled for ten weeks the first time, but it was WONDERFUL after that. And the next baby was easy.

Also? You might not produce the same on each side. I had Stingy and Bessie. Eventually Stingy was shunned and Bessie was a single provider for the last two babies. Yeah, I know. You don't want to know what it's like to be engorged on just one side.

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