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Sometimes, when you are 8 months pregnant and very tired because you can't sleep anymore and you have just worked a nearly 12 hour day and it would have been a bad day anyway even without the working 12 hours part and the contractors who have already been difficult to deal with have messed up your new locks and your generally very nice husband decides to inexplicably defend the contractors instead of telling you that you are absolutely right and when the basement stairs smell like cat pee and you can't figure out why because you have gone over them a hundred times and there is no pee, well sometimes when that happens the only thing you can do is climb into bed with your body pillow Hank and cry for a bit.

I'm just saying in case, you know, it ever happens to you.

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Aw, sorry you had a bad day. Hope Hank was understanding.

Sorry for you Beth. I'm right there with you on the sleep thing. I know when you don't sleep, everything in the world is 10 times worse. Add to it that you miss your old body and wardrobe...recipe for disaster. It will get better soon ;)

hugs to you darlin.

Do we need to go over to cactus land and teach him a thing or two?

I just surfed in to your blog and sorry that I found you in the midst of tears. I look forward to reading a post about you humping Hank... then I'll know things have taken a turn for the better...

I'm so glad Hank could be there for you - I hope today is much, much better. I'm so sorry about the not sleeping.

At least Hank will be there for you. A pregnant girl's best friend is her body pillow. I hope you got some good sleep (I know at 8 months pregnant that expecting a miracle). And I hope today is better!

Awww, big hugs. I spent friday night crying because J promised to go to Blockbuster with me then didnt. It's a very sad thing (who ive become), but my body pillow totally understood. I wont bother to tell you that it will be over soon because Ive done this before and I know it ends and I also know that at this point if one more person tells me that I will kill them.

I sure hope that today is better!

I dove straight into my pillows the other day because someone cut me off in traffic. Pillows are good. As for the sleep thing, I've resigned myself to never sleeping well again. A good rest is totally overrated and probably part of some government conditioning program.

You were right, and I hate those bad men (or women) contractors for upsetting you.

Awwww, honey, hang in there! It won't be much longer!

I hope today is better! Remember that Hank is always there for you and he never talks back or makes you feel bad for being tired or weepy.

Happy Friday!

Hang in there--I racked up a bunch of days very similar to the one you just described. It'll be worth it in the end.

Hugs Beth.

I'm right there with you. :-)

My home is a mess, I am too huge to move around my messy home and one of my kitties is trying to mark all stuff baby related because she is a little confused about the new items in the household. I can also relate to that long hard work day.

In conclusion, my dear, you are completely justified in resorting to Hank. I totally understand where you are coming from.

All that is needed now is some good ice cream...I'm sorry you had such a bad day! I hope the weekend finds you resting and relaxing! :) Enjoy it!

awww... hugs to Beth; it'll be ok. you just hug on Hank all you want. i've never been pregnant, but i'm quite sure Hank will make you feel a bit better.

So basically, Chris liked the contractors more than you? Oh he so stinks! After you're done crying, please go kick him really hard in the head. You'll feel better, trust me.

So sorry its been a rough day.

Crying really does help. It's the hormones.

Aww... Sometimes a good cry is all that you really need. It sucks not being able to find cat messes when you KNOW they are there, and sometimes men just suck. I have been having serious problems with mine. Feel better. I bet Hank helps.

I swear I'd bring you ice cream if I lived closer. Glad you have Hank, anyway.

I'm glad Hank was there for you. Everyone needs a Hank to cry on! Oh...and you were totally right.

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. I'd bring a goodie basket over,... but,... well,... I'm in Wisconsin. So I hope knowing that I wish I could bring you a goodie basket makes you smile!

(I know I'm silly, but I'm really really good at it.)

Damn. Bad days suck.

Body pillow Hank sounds sweet and comforting. I have a sort of beanbag pillow to snuggle with, but it's not full-body so it's only mildly comforting.

Sorry, that made no sense whatsoever. But I do hope you have a nice weekend with nothing going wrong. :)

HUUUUGGG and I love that you named your body pillow. That is so something I would do.

Geez, Chris! Lesson #1 of impending fatherhood is: never make the Incubator sad because you have to sleep in that bed, bucko, and believe it or not there are now drugs that make men produce milk and if you really want to take sides with the contractors, we can march down to the Rite Aid and get you hooked up and then you can maybe have some idea of the misery you are causing me when the baby latches on to your nipple and tries to drain you dry!

(Lesson #1 is one of the longer lessons, BTW.)

you poor thing.

i know exactly how you feel.

I hated that crying thing most of all. It was all "What do you mean, you didn't buy strawberries???" WAAAAAAAAAHHHH. I was like a psycho. And just hours after giving birth, I could actually feel the hormones going away. Like, I didn't even realize I was totally someone else until it was over.

So you've got that to look forward to. :)

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