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I have very little to say today, because it is very hard for me to reach all the way around this belly and get to the keyboard. I swear I grew several inches overnight.

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Ya know, I had several e-mails promising those kind of results, but I figured they were just a scam.


Getting close. Pretty soon you'll be able to see what she looks like. And what her cry sounds like.

Gosh, you look pretty today!

Bwahahahahaha - Ben you crack me up!

Not long to go now - Hang in there!

Prop that keyboard right up on that belly...isn't that what it's there for? No? Hmmmm, ok then! :)

Wow, Beth, so soon! And the whole internet's getting excited with you.

LOL - I remember feeling that way - and my husband can attest that I actually did grow larger everynight that last week. Squeeel! I'm so excited for you! It's so close!

baby belly!

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