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The Bean Has Landed

Hey everybody! Chris here. I just wanted to share the news that the Bean has arrived. Amelia (Mia) Morgan Cactus-Fish was born Friday morning at 9:52. She weighed in at 7 lbs 13 oz and was just a bit over 20 inches long.

Beth made it through surgery incredibly well and both are resting comfortably. Although I don't think Beth is too comfortable and Mia doesn't really seem to be resting. The bags under my eyes can show that!

Don't worry. Beth will be back soon and I'll continue to update when I can sneak away from the hospital briefly. Thanks for all your support.

Comments (94)

Awwwwww.... I JUST turned on my computer to check... :::tears up:::

Yay for you!

Congrats! Heres to a speedy recovery. Glad to hear that you are all doing well. What a gorgeous daughter and beautiful name.

She's just beautiful. Congratulations to you both - you've done well guys!

I've been watching both blogs since last night for this wonderful update.

Beth awesome job.

Mia is a beautiful baby. Congratualtions to all.

I'll say it again - congratulations, and hello, Mia! Glad everything went smoothly, and can't wait to read what happens next.

MIA!!!! Welcome to the world precious little one. Glad everything went well. Congrats to the entire Cactus-Fish Fam!

A lurker...Blessings to you all...Three is a magic number....

Hello, beautiful baby girl! Happy Birthday, little one!

I am stunned beyond words, Beth. She is amazingly beautiful and her name is fabulous!

Congratulations to your family!

Get as much rest as possible and keep us updated when you can.

God bless!


Congratulations! She's beautiful!

Hope you recovery quickly!

CONGRATULATIONS!! I wish you and Chris all the best with your new baby girl. She's adorable.

I posted over at Chris's page--She looks like you!! And is beautiful, just beautiful. I love the name. And I'm so HAPPY that you made it through ok!


Congratulations guys!!!!


Such a doll! Congratulations to you both!!

Congrats! she's beautiful.

Congrats Beth and Chris! I even had a dream that it all worked out so well for you. Speedy recovery, Beth!

You have a beautiful daughter. :-)

oh myyyy, she's so adorable :) most breathtaking lil lima bean i ever did see.

it was so nice to read all about it on the way. hope things work out great for all of you, wish you the best of luck, and don't forget to post tons and tons of pictures!

Congratulations! She's absolutely gorgeous! Glad everyone is well, here's to a speedy recovery for Beth! I love the name, it's adorable :)

Congratulations again to you both!


This is the best news I've had all day. I checked in this morning, and then said I better check back this afternoon. I'm so happy all went well, and she is just beautiful! Welcome to the world Mia, you are one lucky little girl to have such great parents.


WooooooHoooooo!!! Congratulations Beth!!!

Welcome to the world Mia!!

I am so happy for both of you. What a beautiful name and nickname! Congratulations Cactus-Fish FAMILY!

FANTASTIC. Many, many congratulations. Beautiful name and gorgeous baby. I'm delighted for you both.

Congrats new parents!!! Welcome to the world of parenting. She is adorable!! I hope Beth has a speedy recovery and that Mia sleeps well for you.

Awww! She is a beauty! Congratulations on becoming a new and improved family. :)

Congratulations! She's gorgeous!

Yay!!! She's so pretty:) I love the name too.

Congrats! My wish for you... a good sleeper!!!

Beautiful baby! Beautiful mom! Beautiful dad too!

:) Congrats you guys!

Beth! Mia is beautiful! You look so happy. :-) Congrats.

Amelia so beautiful! Look what the two of you did!!! Thanks for taking on the ride.

Ya know, I was on vacation last week and just got back. I started counting in my head and thought, "Beth had to have had the baby by now." I love being right. Congratulations!!!!

I commented over on Chris's blog already, but I just wanted to say congratulations here, too. I love the name, and she's so cute!

Congratulations to you both. I'm so happy for you. The beanette is just beautiful.

congratulations to both of you!!!

amelia is such a beautiful name!!!

CONGRATULATIONS! Amelia is a beautiful name. Y'all look great. Have a speedy recovery!

Awwwwww... she's beautiful!! Congratulations!

She's here!! Congratulations!

She's beautiful, Beth! Absolutely beautiful. =)

I hope the c-section was at least bearable, and that you'll be back to your old self soon.


Tears! She is ADORABLE. Congratulations.

oh my... congrats you two ... you will have a wonderful life together --- I deem it so .... now, go in peace :-) I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read your blog daily,and it has been very exciting reading about the bean. I kept checking all day to see a picture. You all made me cry... Too beautiful! Welcome to the world have wonderful parents!!! Congrats. I wish you all the luck,love and sleep you can get...

Congrats to you, Beth and Chris! And welcome little Mia! Happy to hear all went well and both mom and little one are doing well.

Congratulations, you two!

LOVE the name!

Yeah! Way to go Beth! Your daughter is beautiful, and your family looks so happy and complete. Congradulations and love to you all, I'm amazingly happy for you. Welcome home Mia.

Congratulations! She really is quite adorable.

Now, about the name... I LOVE it! (Which I'm sure was a big concern for you both as you tried to choose one. Not, "oh dear, this kid will be stuck with this name for life so it'd better be good," but, "We really should choose something that those random internet people we don't know in real life will like!" Uh, yeah. That said, it's a beautiful name and I believe it was one of my suggestions! Woo hoo! Of course, it should be noted that someone after me suggested Amelia with Mia as the nickname, but I prefer to focus on the fact that I was the first!

So yeah, congrats on the baby. Glad you're all doing well. Just understand that I'm taking full credit for naming your first-born.

Congratulations! I love the name and both mom and baby look wonderful.

Congratulations, mama.

Enjoy every single minute, the time flies by.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Much love.


Congratulations! She's adorable!

Congratulations to both of you!!!! Beth, you already are an amazing mom!

OMG! She is absolutley beautiful (just like mommy). Congratulations - isn't it surprising how much love your capable of having for something so small? I'm beginning to cry tears of happiness for you - darn post-partum hormones! I'm so happy for you!

Congratulations! I love her name :). Hope your both home soon.

Beth, I'm so glad you had a smooth delivery, and little Mia is so beautiful! Congratulations, Mommy! Now get some rest! :)

Aww, what a cutie pie. Welcome to the world little Beanie! Congrats Mommy and Daddy. :o)

Congrats! She's beautiful you guys!!
Hope mom and baby are both doing fine!

congratulations! She's is gorgeous!

She's beautiful! Congratulations!

I am so happy for you guys! she is so sweet.

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! The bean is finally here! So happy for you both.


Congratulations!!! I've been thinking of you all weekend! What precious images of you and baby. Way to go!!!! Take care!

i've been away from the internet for a bit. congratulations!!! what a lucky little girl to have two awesome parents :)

She is absolutely beautiful. Congrats.

Congrats! A beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl!

Congrats! She's beautiful!

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww she's perfection :)

Congrats to you!

Congrats :) Mom & Mia are beautiful!

Congratulations and what a beautiful name!
I hope you all are feeling well...hard not to when you are feeling so blessed!


CONGRATS and welcome to the world of parenthood! So happy for the two of you!

Get some rest!

Wow!! I am so excited for you guys, congratulations and welcome, Mia!


she'll be blogging in no time. all about her stupid parents i'm sure. ;)

and what a great name!

Just back from the wilderness - wanted to send you my very BIGGEST and HAPPIEST congratulations. I LOVE the name Amelia and am so happy for all three of you. :-)


Congratulations Beth and Chris! Mia is beautiful.


Congratulation to Mommy and Daddy! Welcome to Mia.
She's beautiful. Now, rest up guys. We'll be here waiting.

Congratulations! Welcome to the world Bean! I am so happy for you and your family :)

I left for a few days and look at what happened!

Congratulations, Beth and Chris! Mia, you are making two wonderful people very happy.

Was praying for you both all day! Glad things went well! Congrats! LOVE the name. Good job keeping it from everyone! Now, TRY to get some rest!

Those photos made me cry...congratulations to the new family!



Good work, she's beautiful! Here's to a speedy recovery and lots of sleep!

Late to the party as usual, but congratulations Beth, Chris, and Mia!

Now we are three. :)

yippeeee............. congrats girl :)

Beautiful name. Congrats!!

I dont think I've ever seen such a beautiful newborn.

Congrats to you both..and welcome to the world little Mia!

Congratulations! Glad everyone is doing good. Can't wait to see more pictures of your beautiful daughter.

YAY!! I'm so happy for all three of you! Congratulations on your new beautiful baby!!

WOW!!!! This is WONDERFUL news!!
Congratulations to both of you, you'll make the greatest parents.
PD. Those pictures are awesome. I wish had taken a picture of my mom right after I was born.

Congratulations to the Fish and the Cactus and the CactusFish!

Hello Mia, welcome to the world beautiful girl.

YAY!! Congratulations! She is adorable!!! I don't know why I was so surprised to see that she is here already! Yay! :)

I can't believe I forgot to check your blog! Congrats!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations over and over again! You are both beautiful!

Congratulations!!! She is beautiful.

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