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that is the most adorable picture ever. :)

That is frickin' awesome!!

What a great picture! Too cute!

I dare you to turn around for your next picture...

(not to ruin the moment, y'all are WAY TOO CUTE for the internets, and you are too hawt for me. Dang, woman, put some clothes on!)


enjoy your last day as a non-mommy!!!

such a cute picture :) can't wait to hear about your little girl!

My eyes are all filled up with tears, so it's hard to type. That is beautiful!

That? Is so sweet.

Now go treasure all those last kicks and movements, because it really is odd, even a bit sad, not to feel them anymore.

Happy BIRTH Day tomorrow little Bean. I wish you both tons of luck and a wonderful wonderful day filled with GOOD drugs that nake the operation easier on the Momma..:*)

Aw, that made me teary... very sweet. before long you'll both be kissing your little one


Thank you for the post yesterday!

You guys are shameless, trying to make the Internet CRY, are you? Well, it worked.

Woohoo! Tomorrow is the day!

What a sweet picture.

Best of luck tomorrow. We will all be waiting to hear the stats and see some pictures.

an early congrats on your little one! i'm so happy for you guys! i noticed that your belly button finally popped out... must mean you're definitley ready... physically that is. good luck soon to be mommy!

Talk about bringing back some awesome memories. You guys are beautiful.

OMIGOD. ONE DAY MORE. 2-4-6-0-1!!!

Wow! Looks like the baby is ready! Great picture. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way tommorow!

Oh my goodness! I'm all teary and choked up! This is so sweet! And of course I shared it with the other women in my office and EVERYONE ooooo'd and ahhhhhh'd over it.

Very nice!

Awww ...

Perfect post!

And baby makes three. You guys are so cute.

OMG. Way, way, too beautiful. Exhibit #543 for Freak as to why we must commence trying immediately. Jealous doesn't even begin to describe it :P But damn happy for you too. I'll be thinking of you three tommorrow.

Excellent photo. Good luck tomorrow!

This is so ungawdly sweet.


Good luck tomorrow :)

I want to put you guys in my pocket and show you off to all my friends.

It is such a treat to witness your journey! Thank you for sharing these moments with us.

Best of luck tomorrow! Enjoy the craziness! Oh - and try to sleep tonight! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Oh Gawd. Seriously, I am making you guys buy me a box of kleenex or something. Or maybe, just invest in the company and put it towards Bean's education. I'm sure I could cover something Ivy League with all the tissues ya'll are making me use!

I see the belly button!!! It popped! :)

Kinda like a turkey timer. Means you're done.

Best of luck tomorrow. The bean sure is lucky to have parents like you both! My thoughts are with you!

I hope you guys are not wigged out by the fact that I don't know either of you at all, yet I'm so psyched for you!! :)

Also - I didn't comment on the last post, but a few years back, my sister's first baby was breech, and they did a c-sec just like you're describing. I'm sure you've heard a zillion stories like this--but: it went incredibly smoothly and quickly. And while I am obviously no authority to be talking about anything surrounding childbirth, I have to imagine that anything that will help you circumvent a potential 18-hour labor cannot possibly be a bad thing. :)

Best of luck!! And I second bd's comment - the Bean is def a lucky kiddo. :)

I love it! Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to meet the Bean and see pictures.

My God. That's one to keep in the baby book forever.

There you go, making us cry - again! *shakes fist*

It is awfully nice of you to share your joy with us. I wish you all the very very best in the morning. We'll be eagerly awaiting word on all of the Bean's vital stats and, of course, her name.

Best of luck for tomorrow!

She's so lucky... :)

Great picture.

Just wanted to say good luck with everything tomorrow and the next day... and for the next 18 years... Hope that you have an easy delivery and a speedy recovery. Can't wait for more pictures! :)

I'm so freakin' happy for you guys! Good luck tomorrow.

Such a sweet picture.... priceless. Good luck tomorrow!!!

Wow! Great pic! I hope that you and Chris get lots and lots of sleep tonight (well, as mich as you can when you're anxiously awaiting the biggest day of your life!). I am sooooooooooooooo excited for you!

she's almost here!

oh my goodness. now I am going to cry.

and tomorrow, a picture of him kissing her on the outside!!!

Godspeed, Beth. I know you are an atheist, but I don't care. Tonight and tomorrow, Godspeed.

you should get that picture printed up and put it in a big ol' frame in the nursery :)

Good luck! Will be thinking of you ALL day!

Chris and Beth,

I haven't been able to keep in touch much, but trust me when I say I'll be thinking about you all day, and I can't WAIT to meet the Cactusfish! Good luck tomorrow!

Best wishes for a happy and healthy Bean.

GOOD LUCK! You are gonna be a MOMMY!

That is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen! You guys are going to be SUCH great parents!!!!!!

Good luck and OMG Congratulations! I wish you, Chris and your new daughter a beautiful and flawless day tomorrow!

Just think in a few short hours you will be holding the Bean. Good luck tomorrow.

(sniff, sniff) Too sweet. Good luck tomorrow sweetie, I'm pulling for all y'all. And yes, that is the internet chanting faintly in the background "pictures, pictures!". Is it weird knowing that folks all over the world are eagerly awaiting your daughter?

Oh clapping hands! SEE YOU ARE DONE! It popped! AND I love that photo! You guys are the best! Happy Birthday Bean!

Good Luck!! I am so excited for you ;) I can't wait to see pictures of lima bean AND find out her name!!

PS. I love the picture, definitely should be an 8x10 on the baby's wall ;)

I LOVE that picture.

Good luck today. May you have little pain, and much joy!

gorgeous picture.

and for today: good luck, good luck, good luck!!!

welcome little lima bean :)

I better be invited to little Gertie's first baptism (or first haircut - whatever, just give me SOMETHING) since I am, after all, the genius that named her! ;)

Thinking of y'all...

Today's the Day! =) Congratulations!

AW! That one should go in a frame somewhere in the nursery!

Good luck! Happy Birthday Beanette!

Such a touching picture! I wonder if your baby's already come into this world? A huge welcome to her! She has some incredibly wonderful parents :)

Good luck Beth!

You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.

Here's to a speedy recovery and a easy baby.

Beth, you and Chris are awesome parents, Bean is so very lucky to have you both.

Oh my, I'VE BEEN HERE BEFORE!!!! And I had no clue you were Mrs. Cactus. Duh. Now I feel really dumb. 2+2=4. Okay, so I can still do simple math....

Happy pushing!!! I think the picture of Chris kissing your belly is the sweetest pic I've seen in a loooooooooooong time.

Things of all of the cactus, fish and beans and sending you love thoughts.

Just wanted to say I'm thinking about you! Happy birthday Lima Bean!

Happy Birthday Lima Bean!!!

It's Friday and I'm thinking of your family. You should have your baby girl in your arms right about now.

Happy Birthday, you little Lima Bean, you!!!

Beth, I heart that picture. Since I'm a little late saying it, congrats on becoming a new mommy. I know you're so excited and more ready than you think. Can't wait to see pics of your beautiful little girl.


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