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Today, just for an adventure and a little much-needed variety, I pried Mia off my boob, put her in the car, and took her to the bank and Starbucks. (I'm still not allowed to lift anything, so I can't move her carseat and therefore our adventure was limited to places with drive-thrus.) I had been a little nervous about driving with Mia in the car, because I am not a very good driver as I tend to forget to pay attention and arrive at my destination with no recollection of how I got there. I think I did pretty well today, although I may have somewhat annoyed my fellow motorists by not once cracking 15 MPH. Come on people, I had my BABY in the car!

The excitement seems to have worn Mia out and she is sound asleep on Chris's lap. This is huge since for the past three days she has screamed any time there wasn't a boob in her mouth. I'm sure I'll be back on duty shortly, but in the meantime I am marveling at the experience of typing with both hands. Much easier this way, you know?

And as a total non sequiter, I would like to offer as evidence that I have a really amazing husband the fact that I have taken a shower every single day since Mia was born. This sometimes means Chris has to face 20 minutes of surprisingly loud screams with no immediate boob access to stop the insanity, but he does it anyway. I feel a little guilty about sneaking off to shower knowing the baby will probably scream the whole time, but I figure a few minutes of unhappiness is better for her than an entire day of cranky, stinky mommy.

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Stinky mommies make sour milk. I'm sure Mia appreciated the decision, especially when the 20 minutes were up and she had access to the boobs again.

That's wonderful! Isn't it amazing how life changes and a simple shower becomes a big deal. I'm looking forward to that someday. In the meantime, look at that picture! That (+ you) = one damn fine happy family.

That picture is just too cute. I can't believe how much hair Mia has already!

Also, yay showers, and yay for Chris putting up with the screaming while you go and take one.

Lack of boobsmakes the heart grow fonder :)

Love her hair!

Wish I had some witty comment to make, but I don't.

I'm glad you guys got out and about for a bit. I am happy it wore her little behind out. And congratulations on having a wonderful hubby.

Probably just a growth spurt. Couple of days and she'll be less all about the boob. Maybe.

What a pretty picture (no offense dad, I'm not calling you pretty just the picture). You've got a lovely family and a lovely blog to read. Luv that purple!
Enjoy, enjoy, this special (difficult) time. And dig those heels in, 'cause it goes too fast.

Aww, sweet picture. I'm glad Mia is giving you both a break on the boob bondage.

Hey mama - try a baby bjorn if you can - it's been my saving grace. I just pop her in there - technically it's just carrying the baby which is a-ok to do - and I leave her car seat and go....we've gone to the park, the mall, the neighbors house.... May she finish her growth spurt soon and not be permanantly boob attached. Last night I took migraine med with caffeine - wild night around here.

Amen, sister. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Mia may be unhappy for a few moments, but a happy mama means a happier baby. You're [both] doing a great job!

Never feel bad for taking care of yourself, doll! If you don't take care of you, you can't take care of Mia. Okay, you can but you feel like doody doing it!

About the picture: It cracks me up that Mia got Chris' hair! Priceless!

OMG, that pic should be framed, it is priceless. you to are one lucky chick ;) and good to hear you are showering, dont want mia smelling body oder and thinking it means mommy must be near by, lol!

Funny. My husband ALSO screams anytime there isn't a boob in his mouth.

Wait. That's not what you meant, is it?

Good for you for getting out! Have you tried pacifiers? Perhaps it's just a growth spurt, but looking back, I wish I'd kept trying pacifiers with my first (who was also permanently atteched to my boob).
Also? I'm totally jealous that your Starbucks has a drive thru, that's totally unheard of around here.

Totally off the subject... why can't we ever get any cats that like to cuddle? All of the cats we have ever had were non cuddlers. UGH!

I noticed that I was getting out so infrequently that I felt strange I'd lost the coordination for it.

Now I'm back at work and the husband watches the baby. Today he drove us all to the grocery store and had a hard time operating the car, too. It's nice to know he understands now what a day with a baby is like (minus the boob, of course).

YOur husband rocks..and that pic is so wonderful, you are blessed :-)

Wait-- you have a Starbucks???

Hey, I think Jenny is right. Growth spurt. She'll be off in a couple of days. Prolly.

That is an amazing shot of Chris, Mia, and kitty. Give it ten years and that will be one of his favorite photos of all time!

awww...he's got BOTH babies. ;)

If you can't take care of yourself, you cannot take care of anyone else! That is the rule of the universe! Do not stray from it! AND I LOVE the two babies! I am sobbing AGAIN! You guys continue to make me cry! I better check my hormones! maybe I have too many! Grin

Growth spurt...expect some non-stop sucking at/ or about 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months.

Ahh, those were the days!

I have the same driving issues as you! And here I thought I was the only one whose mind wandered while driving. Good to know.(Or bad considering how unsafe it is!)

Glad you and Mia got out for a little while. And that's a great picture. Mia's pretty darn cute (love the hair), I think you gusy should definitely keep her. :)

What would work for me *sometimes* was to take a "not so smelly" shirt that I had worn and put that over the shoulder of the person now holding the boob-wanting screaming baby. It did work for about 15 minutes at a time to soothe them and make them think I actually was there. Though, they do "boob hunt" and that's a bit humorous.

She's a beautiful little girl! I love the full head of hair, reminds me of my daughter when she was just an itsy-bitsy thing!

yup she has DEFINITELY got Chris's genetics... and his hair do :)

and she is utterly beautiful

What a snuggly guy you have! Good to know you're taking care of yourself as well, mucho importante!

God Bless the drive-thru Starbucks. I wish we had one closer, it comes in handy even as your children can walk and talk. Sometimes it is easier to keep everyone in the car.

Wait a minute...You aren't supposed to be driving yet!

I know it sounds kinda silly, but you really do use a lot of those muscles while driving. Don't damage yourself out of boredom, okay?

She has so much hair! It looks like enough to put a barret or ribbon in!

Aww. Yay for Mia's first road trip! And for daily showering!

My baby is the same way, lovin' the boob (she's 5 weeks). I feel bad for my husband too as he often gets only crying time to hold her. As we've found with this one and our previous two, white noise seems to calm her. Our exhaust fan is a big hit right now. Currently she's asleep in her bouncy seat in front of the stove. Good luck, she's a cutie!

This pic reminds me, how are the kitties adjusting to her?? My cat is just now able to get that close to Madeline and only when it is on our bed with me holding her.

They look so great together! I remember the first few pictures of my hubby and the baby. Don't you just want to eat him up? I did! :)

I used to pull the bassinet into the bathroom with me while I took a shower. He'd scream, but at least I knew where he was and what he was up to.

(You three are totally adorable!)

I absolutely love the hair.

love the picture....

I don't know about the USA but in Canada it was recommended that you wait and astounding 6 weeks to drive after a C-Section. Making it impossible to get to all those post delivery appointments. Imagine being allowed to have sex and drive on the same day! LOL!
Congrats on your perfect girl!Liesl

Wait. You have a Starbucks with a drive thru? No fair!

I love that picture and I love that you get a shower everyday! It really is the little things that matter!

Sooooooo cute... daddy with his babies. :)

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