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Bare bottom!

Oops, I mean bear bottom.

And just for added cuteness.

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may i be the first to say in this particular post that she is aaaaaaaaaaadorable. those cheeks!

My daughter had hair just like Mia's. She still has a LOT of hair, though it's no longer black.
Cute butt too. Is that from your side of the family?

AAAAhhhhhh! baby butt! baby butt!

how cute. ;)

Have you ever heard of false advertising? If you do that to me again I will have to sue. The title darn near gave me a heart attack!

She looks like you! (In the bottom! ;)

she is so going to charge up a therapist bill on your tab for that photo :)

She has your mouth, for sure. And maybe Chris's hair, forehead and eyes! Wow, look at those little thighs! :) Precious!

I adore her hair. I hope she keeps that thick beautiful hair.

She's beautiful!

Aww look at those chubby legs! Too cute!

What an adorable picture! Can you believe she was inside you just a month ago?

I miss those little baby outfits with the decorative tushes. It's even cuter when they start to crawl.

If my daughter wore anything with a design on the butt today, I wouldn't let her leave the house.

She's got that baby fat now, and it just makes you want to pinch her knees! (in a loving way, of course)

oh my god. adorable. where does one get a bear for one's bottom? ;)

I just wanna squeeze thos cheeks!.. Ohhhhh and that hair. She's so beautiful!

So much HAIR! I love the Don King look she's rocking. So cute!

she's so edible!! delicious. love the thighs!

All together now.


Awwwww!!!! So cute!

So the cuteness on her bottom... my sister just bought me that exact same blanket! :) It is just about the softest thing I've ever felt! :) CUTE!

Hello Darling Girl!

She is so beautiful. I love all that hair!

Did you hear that?
That was my heart breaking. Good LORD, she is beautiful!

Can you imagine the googling going on for 'bare bottom' and ending up only with a sweet baby? Poor perverts.

that is pooh-fectly adorable!!!! :D

She is so adorable:)

AWWWWWW! She's beautiful!



Cute baby pictures....a great way to start off my Friday.

So cute! She is scrumptious.

Aww.. So adorable :)

Such a pretty little girl. And I love her new outfit. I know it must be new, 'cause she's still new.


Mia bottom! I can't stop saying it... Cuteness!

Adorable! that's all there is to say :)

Pictures like that top one make me want to have a kid of my own who I can dress up! Too cute! (Do those come in adult sizes? Just kidding!)

By the way, that might be the first of many blackmail pictures for when she starts dating. Just a thought...

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