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Feelin' Groovy

Mia (Me-ah, not My-ah for those wondering) lost her crusty stump today, er, yesterday I guess, and now has a big girl belly button. We will pretend that there is no chance that mommy ripped the crusty stump off prematurely during bathtime. We just ate for an hour and I think my nipple may actually fall off onto the floor and I will be forced to put it in my pocket for next time, and now we are rocking and rocking thanks to a predisposition to spit-up over the last few days that makes Mia refuse to lie down until she is fully unconscious. I pass the time by singing to her from my vast catalog of Simon and Garfunkel songs. I sing "Feelin' Groovy" a lot, because even though I haven't slept more than an hour at a stretch in two weeks and my boobs feel like they are on fire and half my wardrobe is covered in baby puke or crusty stump goo and I have set several land speed records for cramming food down my throat before the baby realizes that she is not the absolute center of attention and cries until that situation is rectified, despite all that the last line still sums up how I am feeling lately.

Life, I love you. All is groovy.

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Yup, it's official Beth- you are officially a mother. Only a mom could be so deleriously happy with her life when it sounds so painful and harried. I'm very happy for you.

Groovy is good!

Lucky Mia - Simon and Garfunkel. My firstborn had to make do with Billy Holiday songs.
Welcome to motherhood Beth - crusty stumps, goo and all. She's totally beautiful.

I always say that being a parent is the toughes job you'll ever love, so true!!

Sounds fabulous.

So is Mia's big girl belly button an innie or an outie?

awww. :)

mmmm...crusty stump. I've been a mom 10 years, and I'm a two year old teacher, and yet, this is the first time I've heard it referred to as a crusty stump. :) Congrats!

ahhh I remember those days. Welcome to motherhood.
Seriously it gets better. Really it does.

It gets better. The puke turns to a permanent Cheetos stain on the shoulder, you sleep more but never past 7 AM and your nipples, well ... they get better.


I can almost imagine how you are feeling now. ALMOST :)

I'm glad you're still feeling groovy!

Sounds like you are doing great, Beth! Way to find your groove! :-)

Very nice.

It does get easier and believe it or not, even better.

Only advice I have is: swaddle, suck, and jiggle. Check out "The Happiest Baby on the Block" it worked good for Mina.

oh I cant wait for my angel to arrive!! Babies grow up way too fast!

Ah, fond memories. I believe you have hit the phase where you open your eyes and there is a fine foggy mist everywhere and the days just blend into each other.

I know that this is a foolish thing to say, but try to get some sleep. Call in for reinforcements - I am sure there are people out there just dying to help you out!

Here's the lullaby for Mia from Auntie Sam

Oh baby Mia
you're better than a tortilla
sweeter than coconut
better than all your spit up
you're just a baby
but you're Mia o' mine
Mia o' mine
Mia divine

Of course this is for you or Chris to sing, any tune will do!

yay. happy and groovy with a baby in your arms is a great place to be.

enjoy it :)

My son had to make due with Christmas carols. And humming, lots of humming! There are a few CDs, though, that I could put on and distract him with. Until he realized he wasn't the center of attention and cried until that situation was rectified.

Welcome to motherhood!

We shall get through this. We shall get through this. We shall get through this.

Boys are not like that ... it's just because she's a woman -- needing attention - and crying when she doesn't get it :-) (ducking)...

I'm enjoying this -- seeing you go through what I went through oh so long ago... You're doing great...

With the exception of no more sore nipples all is the same here two months latter with baby Roman. Oh, and I actually got three whole hours of sleep before his first feeding last night. The nipples not being sore actually makesa huge difference. Makes the rest bearable. But like you things are groovy here too.

:) Very groovy entry, Beth. I think you are doing a great job as Mommy.


They say breastfeeding mommies lose their pregnancy weight faster (didn't work that way for and I do believe that you've just hit on the reason why--you can only shovel a small amount of food in before the wee one notices and you have to stop eating and feed her instead!

My husband wasn't nearly as wonderful as yours sounds...but I do have one fond memory of him holding a slice of pizza in front of my face so I could take bites while nursing.

Congrats and continued grooviness!

Awwwwww. She has a big girl belly button now.......
They don't stay little long.

Don't feel bad that it "came off" during bathtime :) Georiga's ped took hers off!!! at our first visit last week .... it had dried into a S-hook that seemed to catch on everything so he says "well, there you go" and before I know it he had taken the whole thing off at 5 days old. I was sort of sad....but I've gotten over it :) Just working up to giving her her first non sponge bath - exciting!

This is why I kept water bottles and power bars and apples stashed all over the house when I was first home with my newborns. I'd eat when the baby was nursing, because otherwise I'd forget and then get really loopy.

Groovy indeed ;)

That's my FAVORITE Simon & Garfunkle song!

I so remember these days, try to enjoy them, they go by so FAST!

So funny... I too have a bean (although it's butterbean and bean is a he)with a penchant for 59th Street, Feeling Groovy. We discovered its hidden lullaby qualities at around 3:45 AM week 6 day 3, bouncing on the birth ball when I had exhausted every lullaby I knew...

it is now a bedtime favorite.

that sounds wonderful, i can't wait to have babies someday...LOL...glad you are feelin' so good :)

Very funny that I JUST posted at Chris'site asking what the pronounciation was! I have a friend who recently named her daughter Mya...and she has done great things already in her life (surviving being born at 27 weeks being the first).
So be it MIA or MYA they are both destined for great things I am sure!

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