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My second toe is longer than my big toe - a genetic quirk from the Scottish side of my family.

Like mother, like daughter.

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Look at that little foot! SOOOO sweet!

Oh... oh... my second toe is longer too... and I'm Scottish... maybe we're related?

That is such an edible wee foot.

My second (and third) toes are also longer than my big toe.

I also have a Scottish side in my family.

That was information I'm sure you needed to know.

Baby feet rock!

Wow..I've got four kids, and those tiny toes always make me say aww..You know you guys with mia, almost makes me want another one.. Almost.

Such sweetness!

OMG - how do you keep from not just kissing thoese little tootsies all day long?

Too sweet.

I have a longer second toe, too. I didn't know it had anything to do with being Scottish (but I am part Scottish, so the theory is holding up).

Awwwwwwww!! I love little baby toes...

So cute! Don't you just want to eat 'em up?

Awww..what a cute foot. My second toe is also longer and I have Scottish in me too, I never knew it had anything with that though. I guess you learn something new every day.

Too cute :)
I have the same thing with my toes, I didn't know it was a Scottish trait.

me too. And I'm English mostly

Great, now I'll have to explain why I, while having my notebook in my lap, I took off my socks to examine my toes. Mr. Sweety will think I'm going mental.

Well, my second toe is longer too and there is absolutely zero Scottish in me so there goes that theory. But, I do hope my child's second toe is longer too. It will be one of the ways I indentify with her/him the most. (I've been teased in my life for having abnormally long toes).

First the ass, then the toes (although I've always been told that was a sign of intelligence-- hey, my second toes normal sized, maybe that means gullable?).

Look at the little tiny toes! What a sweet photo.

OMG, I want to gobble them up!!!

My 2nd toe is longer too - definitely a sign of creativity and intelligence! Hey - it sounds good, right?!

Baby feet are great... I thought I was the only to think so, but I guess not!

My second and third toes are bigger too, but I'm not at all Scottish.

I didn't even think that my baby might have that trait! (She was due yesterday, but hasn't shown up yet....)

how cute!

I love baby feet! So cute! :D

My mom is from Scotland (as in, born and raised), but my second toe is not longer than my big toe. Bummer. I'll have to check with the rest of the family on this one.

Great photo. Baby feet are so cute, I love the arches - or lack thereof. For some reason, I call them "Fred Flintstone feet," but at the moment I can't recall if Fred's feet were archless and chubby like little baby feet. Oh well.

I call my nephew's feet Fred Flintstone feet too. So cute, those toes....

awwwwwwww cute little feet!!

I want to nibble those toes!!!! Even the little big toe!

I aways heard it was sign of intelligence - at least that's what parents always told me :)

So adorable!


I think my ovaries just squealed in delight.

Those are the most adorable toes on the planet. Really.

Something is preventing me from whining..'Iiiiiwannnnntooonneeeeee' though. (Though just barely)

Excuse the drool. I was gnawing on the screen trying to get at those feet. I too have a second toe that is longer than my big toe. Couldn't tell you about Scottish or not.

Shit, I become a recluse and then feel like a total asshat because everyone is having their babies and I'm missing it!!!

Congrats to both of you, Mia is absolutely , stunningly beautiful (but you knew that already).

With you two hotties as parents, there was no doubt she would be so pretty!

I've always heard that a second toe that is longer meant that you would rule the household. Atleast that's what my mom told me, maybe she was trying to make sure I woudl be a strong woman. Either way, my second toe being longer definitely means I rule the house, and I think I might be a little bit Scottish myself.

Awwww... so tiny! So cute. feet. Too cute.

how cute :)

The more intelligent members of my family carry this phenotype. Also the more stubborn, nerdy and subversive (in a good way). My children are blessed to inherit this from both parents.

Oh, oh, genetics in action. Chris's hair and your toes . . . oh my god, the sheer wonderfulness is overwhelming

my second toe is longer than my big toe too...i had no idea i could blame my scottish relatives for that weird quirk. thanks!!!

mia's toes (like everything about her) are adorable.

So cute I'd want to bite it...:*)
Hope you are having a good day Beth!

Works sucks

It's called a Greek foot. See? (scroll down a little for photos) She's got a perfect little one!

just found your blog - brilliant - welcome to babe-land!

ah, little baby piggies, i remember when my mom used to do the "this little piggy went to market" game with me, lol. toes are so cute!

Hum...I think an old wives tale goes, if you have a longer second toe you will be wealthy!

Love me some baby toes! Eat um up! : )

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