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I need your assvice!

Ok internet, specifically all you breastfeeders, help me out here.

In the last week, Mia has gone from a fairly happy baby who rarely cried and had a very regular feeding schedule to a nearly constant screamer demanding a very erratic feeding schedule. I am a high-strung new mom and convinced something must be wrong.

Most days lately, Mia starts screaming somewhere between 15 to 45 minutes after she finishes eating. She eats for between 10 and 70 minutes. Sometimes she falls asleep while eating and cannot be convinced to continue, other times she is totally awake the entire time. She spits up quite a bit, usually in small amounts but every third day or so I get an Exorcist-style drenching. At first, she was ok during the day and only fussy at night, now she is fussy all day too.

She doesn't seem to be gassy, but I have noticed that she is happier when she is upright and some days lying her down is enough to make her scream.

Putting her on the breast used to be a guaranteed cure, but over the last 2-3 days there are new problems. At times, it takes several minutes to get her to latch, which has never been an issue before. More troubling is when she eats for a short time and then screams loudly and will not latch on again. Switching boobs sometimes helps this, sometimes not.

I have started to worry that I don't have enough milk, but I know that is a common trap. She is gaining weight more quickly than "average" and is a prolific pooper, so I don't think she is starving.

So ladies, any ideas? Advice? Suggestions? We are going to the pediatrician this week and will discuss this then, of course, but I would still really appreciate anything you can tell me from your experience.


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Okay now, it's been a while, but I had two "great" eaters like Mia. Katie tended to want to eat ALL the time. What I did was time her on each breast. say 15-20 minutes. and then stop. Burp her, play with her, walk around, or rock her a little. She may want to eat again in an hour or so. That's okay. Do the same thing. I think my saviour was the swing. She loved that.
Trust me, you've got tons of milk, and she isn't starving. She is just a little confused. She just has to learn when enough is enough.
Good luck!

I agree with Maribeth. And it sounds like a little extra gas to me. When you lie her down, do you put her on her back? (I know that's the rules for today's babies) If she's gassy, that may be a reason for her to scream when she's on her back. It hurts more.

I don't have a whole lot to help but have you tried simethicone? I always thought it helped with the gas, but in any case, it doesn't hurt anything. I also think that infants get frustrated learning the latching on thing. Some want it to come easy, and when they have to work (sucking hard) they fuss. I think it is so normal to be worried about making enough milk. I still wonder and went so far as to buy a pump and measure it for a few days. Is it hard to burp her? Perhaps she needs the 3 hour cycle--eating then wake time then sleep time. That seemed to help establish a routine with my guy and he started getting better. Good luck.

I agree, it sounds like gas. My oldesst was sensitive to everything I ate. I had to cut out eggs, broccoli, and any other "gassy foods". It seems to help.

Or she may have just figured out that after 4 weeks out of her cozy, warm, wet room, she doesn't get to go back in. She might just be pissed off. :)

I hesitated to add this little gem of advice...
when she gets really cranky (and she will) try drinking a small bit of beer 20 minutes before you nurse. It chills them out nicely.

Mia sounds like my youngest James. I would be nursing along happily in a somewhat regular schedule and then WHAM... he would I guess have a growth spurt and it was a Mommy buffet all day long. And there were also days when he would seem to forget how to latch on to me too. I did finally figure out that whenever I drank milk or had any type of dairy he would react to that "batch" (sorry I couldn't help it!!) of milk. Other times it was onions and lettuce. Maybe it is something that you are eating. It does not always have to be the so called gassy foods that set them off. Here is where I tell you to just relax and keep on doing the great job you've been doing!! I know the more I would freak out (and I do mean that I would panic and the tears would start because I just knew I was doing something wrong and he would never lead a productive life!!)the less boob that child wanted. But I am happy to say that he is now a happy, burping and farting 2nd grader!! What more can a mother want!!

I don't have advice, but just a hug to a very busy mommy.

I didn't breastfeed (obviously) but Mylicon drops? I would go to the store at 3:00 AM in an ice storm to get those.


Hang in there, you're both still new at this!

I'm not a woman, but I agree it sounds like gas. My question is what you are you eating? Whatever you eat, she eats and lots of food causes gas. Especially vegetables. My wife had to watch what she ate for nearly 2 years because of this: 9 months of being pregnant and 12 months of breast milk feeding.

Good luck,


Have you considered and/or tried pumping and feeding her with the bottle? This way you could see how much she's eating and you'd be able to stop her at every two ounces to burp her. That might help the gas situation. Breastmilk keeps well in the freezer.

Also, are you taking iron pills? Iron gave my girls wicked bad tummy aches. I didn't breastfeed but I had to switch my girls from regular to low iron formula.

I do not have any experience in this since I do not have children, but I have read a lot of times that contacting a person from can be really useful.
I am sure that your pediatrician will give you some advices, but it is La Leche League's sole goal to help new moms like you...

I hope it helps

Check what your eating, (Im sure you are)
Stop her eating every ten minutes and burp her(im sure you are) Lay her on her tummy for a few minutes(I was a belly sleeper mom)Put a warm washcloth on her tummy.
Try a warm bath- for you not her :)

Does it happen during a specific period of the day? Sounds like when my son had colic.

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but yup, sounds like gas. That is the primary thing that would lead to intensive screaming like that. And the Exorcist-like drenching? Sounds like milk you may be drinking.

These are foods to eliminate:

milk (yogurt and cheese are okay)
chocolate (sorry!)
broccoli (as said)
tomatoes (boy, those will get you!)
your prenatal vitamins

I also had good luck with simethicon and mylicon drops for gas-- you can get them in the drug section of the drugstore, or ask your pediatrician for prescription strength.

You DEFINITELY have enough milk, at the rate she is gaining and the way you describe her chubbiness. And I suspect that by listening to your baby, maybe you are listening to her too closely and need to establish some limits and just let her cry (which, unfortunately, can lead to more gas).

One more suggestion, even though she is very young, is that she may have an ear infection. The pressure after she has latched on would lead to the screaming, and so would lying down in a nursing position. My kids, even though exclusively breastfed, did get ear infections.

I also like the suggestions of swing (she is strong and a month old) and another thing you might try is to take her outside. For some reason, that causes some babies to stop screaming.

Next: call your local la leche leader immediately. They are there for you 24/7.

It sounds like she's getting plenty to eat, but she's in pain afterwards, most likely from gas. I'd start first with Mylicon drops (generic is fine) round the clock for a few days and see if that helps. Stop eating beans, cabbage, onions, peppers, broccoli, etc., and see if it makes a difference. Go out of your way to burp her well after feedings. After that I'd rule out acid reflux with the doctor (I say that only because she screams lying down).

Sometimes it just comes down to colic. My son was "colicky" for about a month and then it went away. It was one hell of a long month.

Good luck, and know that it's not your fault and you are doing a good job!

I thought it was gas with my baby. I was wrong. She was colicky and I was able to survive by the 4 S's from The Happiest Baby on the Block. Swaddle, Swing, Shoosh, and suck. She may just want to suck on something that isn't food. Mina got mad when I tried to feed her when she wasn't hungry, so we did either the pacifier, or my pinkie finger. Now she sucks on her own fingers to self sooth.

It's been said before in the comments, but I had a friend who couldn't eat dairy products, even the tiniest amount of butter on bread, while nursing because it upset the baby's tummy. Maybe you should ask her doctor if it could be related to what you are eating.

Hi, you don't know me, but I found you just recently. Someone (forget who, sorry) linked to that adorable picture of you holding Mia up to your stomach. I nursed my twin girls for 13 months, so I have a bit of experience in the breastfeeding arena.

One of my kid did the screaming thing you've described. This is probably not helpful, but I never found any reason for it. I tried different positions, cut out dairy, stopped the feeding and just tried again later, pumped and used a bottle, etc and nothing helped. Usually I tried for a set time period (10-15 minutes) and if there was still screaming and not latching on then I just pumped and tried later. This happened for about 2-3 weeks and then suddenly stopped. I have no idea why. A pacifier did help occasionally.

Spitting up: My other kid spit up constantly. I don't know how she even grew because there was so much spitting up. It eventually stopped around 10 months or so. Until then, I was just thankful she was spitting up breastmilk and not formula. Formula stains and smells something awful.

Oh, and check her for an ear infection. Lying down increases the pressure in the ears and crying at night (and therefore horizontal) is one of the ear infection signs. Also, it can hurt to suck when your ears hurt and that may account for the screaming. It's worth a trip to the ped for a quick check.

I agree with the gas thing. Lil Miss was always really cranky right after eating and it was because of gas.

I used to bend her legs up to her chest a lot, as it would sometimes help push out some of the gas. Besides that, getting in more frequent burbs while feeding, perhaps? That helps get out some gas build up.

But maybe it's not gas at all...

It's so hard at this stage because they just can't tell you what it is that is wrong and it's stressful. Hang in there, hopefully it will be very short lived.

Sometimes babies don't drain the breast of milk completely, getting more of the high-lactose (and often gas-producing) foremilk and not enough of the high-fat, satiated-coma-inducing hindmilk.

If she wants to eat again less than an hour after a feeding, try nursing her on the same breast, instead of switching breasts (you may have to pump the breast she doesn't eat from a bit to relieve the pressure if you get engorged). If it's more than an hour apart, go ahead and switch breasts.

Some women do a rubber-band on the wrist trick to keep track of which breast the baby should eat from - I tried that, but would often forget to move the rubber band! You can also just feel your breasts to see which one feels fuller/bigger (best *not* done in public, although when my baby was a newborn I found myself trying doesn't work so well).

My baby (now a strapping almost-4-month old who always eats & drains both breasts so there's no problem anymore) went through something similar - he was also a sleepy nurser so I went though contortions to try to keep him awake on the breast - the best tactics for him were blowing gently in his face (gently!), taking off items of clothing so he wasn't so warm and snuggly, and tickling his cheek with my free hand.

As she gets bigger, she will be able to empty the first breast completely and will probably want the 2nd as well, if she doesn't already. If she only snacks on the 2nd breast, make sure to start w/that one on the next feeding.

It sounds complicated, but it's pretty easy to get into a routine and hopefully it will make her digestion happier!

Also- the no-milk advice mentioned previously could be a good idea as well. My baby is sensitive to dairy in my diet (although yogurt & a bit of cheese seems to be OK) and I've had to cut out 99% of milk and, more sadly, ice cream. Oh well, it's for a good cause!

I'm sure you've thought of this already, but have you tried different passifiers? I think I read where you'd tried to get her to take hers, but she wasn't soo very keen on it. My initial thought is she's looking for a way to soothe her need to suck, and in the process finding your breast to be the best comfort...and in the process could she be getting too much to eat? Resulting in the projectile spit up from an over full belly?

I didn't breast feed, but I found I had to strip my son down to a onsie when I fed him so he would stay awake...that would give me more skin to rub, or ways to stimulate him to stay awake...

Mylecon Mylecon Mylecon (or the generic brand at wal mart is sooo very much cheaper) If say something you are eating is making her gassy...or if she is just uncomfortable all on her own this is such a wonderful invention. I had a colicy baby for weeks and weeks on end...mylecon with every feeding...GOD SEND! Took me a little while to figure that one out...I only gave it on cranky days to begin with, which would result in the next day being, no mylecon...the following day back to tears and full on crankpot...well it onlly took about a week for someone else to point that out to me, since I was so horribly sleep deprived and trying to be super woman.

Sending you all ((((hugs)))) it's hard on us when we're searching for the answers that aren't always so very obvious.

Sounds like Molly when the colic started. Mylicon drops are worth twice their weight in gold. What worked for Molly was a little Mylicon before she started eating, a little Mylicon after, then putting her in her vibrating chair after a good burping.

Beth, the very fact that you're asking for suggestions tells me you are a GREAT Mom. You and Mia will weather this storm just fine.

I could not get Tyler off the breast when he was a baby. He would nurse and nurse and nurse and then proceed to pull a Linda Blair imitation. He was also fussy.

You may want to try watching what you are eating, if you don't already. Some foods that you eat may be affecting her.

You could also call your latation consultant OR the La Leche League leader. Both can offer you all kinds of information.

didn't read every single post, but here's one that may not have been mentioned--scented soaps and deodorant. there are babies who will refuse to nurse once they get a whiff of either...

I'm going against the grain here to a certain extent. Everyone has their own experiences, but here is what my daughter's pediatrician (and I) believe:

* A mother eating gassy foods does not pass these gassy properties into her child. For that to happen, there would have to be teeny food particles traveling through the blood stream, into the milk, and into the baby. Your body does not handle food like this.

* Simethecone and other gas drops are really more for the parents to feel like they are doing something to calm their child. There is no documented evidence that they really do anything for the baby.

There's more information here:

I just mention these two things because I think it's too easy to head down a rabbit hole when you're trying to solve "problems" like what you've got. My baby went through a period of needing to nurse a -lot- when she was about Mia's age -- it passed, but she still likes to eat frequently. Sometimes I felt like I was nursing 20 out of 24 hours a day, but it did get better. Mia's getting older and more awake and aware of the world, and so she may seem to change personality, etc. overnight as she becomes more aware of her own needs.

My best assvice is to nurse as often as she seems to want but be sure to burp (different positions if you need to but burp often). My baby did the same type of thing, where it seemed like she -should- want to nurse and she definitely wasn't happy but she just wouldn't latch on. Once we figured out that she needed to be burped -again- things got so much better. I don't know if this will work for you or not, but your pediatrician or LLL should be able to sort this out if not. It definitely sounds like Mia's getting plenty to eat, regardless. Good luck!

I have a 2 1/2 month old baby girl. You described her perfect. It sounds like gas to me. Mine even does the same spitting up thing.

We got her some gripe water(from Canada),you can find it in some health food stores or online too.
It; for gas and colic. It works so great and calms her right down. It this point I don't know what I would have done with out it. I called my midwife and she said sounds like gas to me. SO I hope this helps you :)
Good luck

It might be your diet. What you eat truly afects your milk. Talk to the Pediatrician about that. Make a list of quedtions so you wont forget..

I just reread my post -- please don't think I'm saying that you aren't having genuine problems with Mia. What I was trying to say is that sometimes things that are problematic to you are not necessarily problems to solve so much as they are situations to which you will adapt. I'm sorry if this is all coming out wrong!

I read plenty of votes for colic and gas but I think you might want to consider reflux. Ask you ped - in the meantime, try to always hold her as close to upright as possible and incline the head of her crib. Gentle pats when you burp her (don't want anything sloshing around in there) and make sure you hold her upright while she's falling asleep.
Good luck, darlin'. I hope you (and she) get some relief soon!

While you are trying various things, to rule out food intolerance, growth spurt, gas, etc, try raising one end of her bed. Or taking her for a walk to your back yard. You could also try to burp her after each meal regardless of if she is sleeping or not. Most of all, use your mother's instinct. Best of luck.

Lots of advice! Here's mine. Do NOT let anyone tell you that you aren't making enough milk and need to suppliment or pump and use a bottle....
Here's a great site I used while nuring my gal.

I think it sounds like gas too. Also remember babies go through growth spurts and get grouchy too.

I have the work-every-time burping method. Put Mia sitting up on your knee, with your hand over her chest/belly. Lean her forward and rub her back in a circle a few times. Then lean her WAY back against your other hand, and as you bring her up she will burp.

Also lay her on her back and bend her knees into her chest, or lay her on her tummy with her knees up under her, or massage her tummy in a backward "J" pattern.

And as everyone else has said, diet and gas drops will help. It's a tough age, hang in there.

If you can't take one more minute of the never ending screaming, put her in her bassinet, and go somewhere quiet for five minutes. It won't hurt her, and it may save your sanity.

My vast experience reading pregnancy blogs suggests reflux. . .all the cool kids have had it, and their poor mommies and daddies have pulled their hair out until they found the magic prescription to help them out.

Few Things for you:
1) Read/Watch the DVD, Happiest Baby on the Block
2) GET a miracle blanket (
3) Find a BF support group** to go to. It gets you out of the house, you meet people and you all get to ask questions and share tips.
4) Don't be afriad of the 'little tummies' drops.. you can't always tell if they are gassy 'on the outside' .. if you don't want to put chemicals into her little body - try Gripe Water.
5) Growth Spurt.. they go through them at (i think) 4 and 6 weeks and all they want to do is eat.

**I got all this advice at my BF support group! :)

Good Luck.. I swear, its the hardest part about having a baby!

It sounds like you have plenty of milk. It's probably gas or just unexplained fussiness. There seems to be a lot of good advice here, so go with what seems right for your situation.

What helped with fussiness for us was a sling. Something about being so snug and close to mom made my second daughter calm right down (I didn't have a slig with my first).

Try not to stress. Sometimes there's just nothing that helps.

A lot of the homeopathic gas remedys worked for us. There are the little tablets that melt in their mouth and then other liquid things you might try. Also, diet. Avoiding dairy really helped my little one, as well as other "gassy" type foods like green peppers. And spicy foods can really mess with them. The good news is -- this problem will eventually go away. In the middle of the screaming and the latch issues, it can feel like pure madness, but it gets better. It sounds like you are doing great! So happy for you and your little one. Hold on goes so fast. (I know everyone says that, but it's so true!)

Although of the breastless's my son had exactly the same got worse and worse until he cried constantly and would not sleep. Finally the pediatrician had us switch to formula and started him on prevacid. The poor boy was suffering from acid reflux. Change was instant. Slept, ate and was merry.

Here is my advice: gas drops. Actually, for the life of me I've forgotten the real name but they were a great help to us when Ethan, out of the blue, started being a crier. You can get them in the baby section --over the counter -- at any drugstore. The drops are 100% safe (ask your pediatrician...he/she will tell ya) and they relieve gas. They were such a help to us that we typically give them as part of baby gift to friends having kids. Before we tried the drops the only thing that made Ethan feel better was to wrap him tightly in a big queen size quilt and prop it upright -- he looked like a baby Indian in a papoose. But then we discovered the wonderful magical "gas drops".

Haven't read through all the comments.....
Try laying her on her belly to burp, or sitting her up and gently massaging her belly.
Take a good look into her mouth, make sure she doesn't have anything going on in there, like thrush that could be hurting her.
Any changes in your diet?

sounds like reflux - very common in babies, not at all as weird or odd as you think - check with the doctor :) You're doin everything just right.

The gas drops will help but you might also want to watch what you are eating. It really does affect breast milk. Burp her, burp her, burp her. You can lay her along the length of your arm with her head at your elbow and walk her around with pressure on her tummy, it will help her poot if the gas is trying to pass. I would also suggest a powdered formula 1 time in the evening and let Dad feed her. She might be going through a growth spurt. Drink more water she may need more milk than you are giving at one time. -I cannot believe I will be doing this baby thing again in a few months. I just sent a daughter off to college today!

pea from thelast5pages sent me to your blog several weeks ago, and I've been lurking around. Something you mentioned in your post -- the projectile vomiting -- reminds me of when one of my best friend's twins developed acid reflux. That kid could puke ten feet across the room. He wouldn't always vomit like that, but it was a pretty common occurance. The doctor put him on liquid Zantac and had my friend thicken his milk with rice cereal so it stayed down better (which means bottle-feeding and possibly switching to formula). Hopefully Mia's problems are gas-related and not reflux. But if it is, the good news is that babies tend to grow out of refux problems by the time they are toddlers.

ACID REFLUX. you just named ALL of the symptoms. bring her to the doc and see if they'll order a test or just give her the meds. My daughter was HELL with it, but then we got meds and she was SO MUCH BETTER.

I'm with the crowd- gas.

I had to be VERY careful of the green leafies... broccoli, spinach, salads, etc. because that would keep mine up all night howling.

Try playing with your own diet some- that's what saved me.

And don't worry- you have plenty. It just takes a while to get it all down. And as she grows, her system develops and changes, so it just takes some practice.

Hope this helps. I didn't sound like this when I was sitting on the front porch listening to my baby scream through the window from her crib because I was a failure and had no business with a fish much less a baby and should be shot immediately while my husband was out buying cream to soothe the chapped areas I'm sure you know about.

It will pass. I promise.


You've gotten some great assvice here! I second joining a nursing moms support group. It was essential last year in the early days. A few things I learned there and through trial and error.
1. At around 5 or 6 weeks babies sometimes "forget" how to nurse. My normally terrific latcher would suddenly bob around and only nurse for a few minutes at a time after having been a marathon eater before. It lasted for about two weeks and then she started to latch better and eat more efficiently. I didn't do anything--just rode the wave. The lactation counselor who ran the group said it was probably just a developmental phase.
2. You can get gripe water at Whole Foods and natural foods stores. I alternated between that and Mylicon. Not sure if it worked but psychologically for me. . .
3. Pumping is not an accurate measure of how much milk you make (this also from a lactation counselor). No matter how state of the art the pump, it still is not as efficient as a baby. The best measure is how many wet and dirty diapers she has in a 24 hour period and also her weight gain. That said, you may have over-active let down where she's getting a lot of foremilk, which produces gas, as mentioned above. Sometimes pumping a bit before you nurse can reduce that.
4. In my experience, giving a baby a bottle rather than the breast also doesn't help with gas. Bottles generally produce more gas not less. Nursing is a closed system. With a bottle, you're introducing more variables into the equation.
5. She may just be hitting her six week growth spurt early.
6. If you have an infant carseat, try putting her in that after feeding her.
7. I also really liked kellymom and Kate Huggins' book The Nursing Mother's Companion was a great resource.
It sounds like you are doing really well. It's just so overhwhelming. Nursing is a challenge at the beginning, at least it was for me, and then suddenly everything clicked in for both of us and it has been smooth sailing. It's so great to have that cuddling time now that she's 12.5 months and very active.

Good Luck!

It sounds like colic to me. I went through something very, very similar with my son. And it began just about the time he turned 4 weeks old. I would, however, still talk to your pediatrician. Good luck. Nothing is harder than trying to comfort a inconsolable infant. I know it is tough.

It could be something you're eating or it could be gas, which could be caused by something you are eating. Any of the gas blockers work, and they don't do anything at all except break down the gas bubbles to reasonable bubbles that are easier to pass, I hope for your sake and Mia's, this works :-)

Mylicon. I heartily agree. My now-10-year-old projectile vomitted on my hardwood floor on my birthday when he was about 4 1/2 weeks old. That was the beginning. Mylicon drops were the end.

Pretty much.

It could be something you are eating, it could be gas, it could be a thrush infection, it could be acid reflux...there are so many things. I would put into a call to the pediatricians office and ask the nurse what they think.

I noticed that a few other people have mentioned refulx - I would say that it is something worth checking out. My son has reflux and had many of the same symptoms - was better when upright, screaming after eating, not wanting to eat, and scary projective spit ups. He takes Prilosec and now is a great eater and happy spitter. He still spits but he is happy - so much better.
I hope that things improve!

Looks like you've got quite a bit of info here already but here's my ass.., er, I mean, advice:

--Give up dairy. ALL dairy, even when it's the last ingredient in the list. I had to do this with baby #1 and #3. Otherwise? Screaming purple baby. It was the first thing the ped. advised when I took Ava in for her screaming.

--Check out the symptoms of GERD in The Baby Book by Sears or online ( My son had it, luckily we got him diagnosed at 7 weeks and the meds took away the pain.

--I already mentioned this to Chris, but check out the DVD The Happiest Baby on the Block. Lots of cool tips in there.

Good luck! I feel your pain (I really do)!

Burping between boobs?

All I can do is re-iterate: Find a breastfeeding group! LLL is our local one and it's priceless. It's a great way to form great friendships with others going throught the same stuff, right along with you. The friendships last often, and the babies grow and make friends too. More to the point, the breastfeeding help there is phenomenal.
Did I mention the great monthly pot-luck pig-outs? Heh-heh LLL is multi-purpose! Or just go to
You're doing great and your struggles sound very normal!
Keep up the good work.

Beth this sounds very similiar to my second daughter. She would be fine and then all of a sudden she would be awful come to find out the awful was right after I would eat at the cajun place I loved so much. My spicy food was giving her gas and reflux. Good luck!

Are her cries a pain cry or a fussy cry? I personally don't think it's a BF'ing problem at all - it sounds like Mia has passed that 1st month when she can tune out the world and fall asleep on her own wherever, whenever. She now needs to be put down to bed for naps - look for her to get fussy appx 1 hr after waking up from each and every sleep (babies sleep 18 hrs a day at 1 month) - at this age babies can only handle outside stimuli for an hour and can't tune it out on their own anymore - then you need to bring them to a dark/quiet room and either rock her to sleep, or be the nap nazi (like me) and let her cry it out. Some of her crying/fussiness may also be because your trying to feed a tired baby - she could be feeding as a way to pacify herself to sleep, then gets you to let down, takes in some foremilk and is like - whoa! That's not what I want! Too much foremilk will also cause gas pains as it is not easily digested without the aid of something that's in the hindmilk. And the projectile vomitting? That's usually the result of over-feeding. Remember Sierra's "colic"? For 4 weeks we battled what you're going through - Ovol cured the gas pains from too much foremilk, and putting her down to nap helped with the fussy cry.

Oh yeah - I forgot one thing - sometimes she fusses on the breast when I'm sure she's hungry not tired - I take her off and burp her (she does these amazing man burps), then I put her back on and she's good to go!

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!

Have you considered ear infection? Babies do not like to be laid flat when there is fluid in the inner ear, it causes much pain. Best of luck.

Mylicon or what Barb said above, has my vote. I hope she's doing better!

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with that. Believe me, I know how frustrating and upsetting it is. And it sure makes you feel inadequate when you can't figure it out.

When my son was a newborn, I took him to the pedi for the same thing. I thought reflux might be the reason he was crying after feeding during the day only because in the middle of the night, when he was sleeping next to me in his bassinette, he'd kind of swallow hard and then cough and cry. But he really wasn't ever a spitter-upper. She said, "I believe most colic is just undiagnosed reflux." She put him on Zantac and it really did seem to help, but he was on it for several months. (And SO many babies are prescribed Zantac. I'm just not sure what to think of that.) Once he began sleeping in the Tucker Sling (, he was sleeping through the night. For us, the sling was a sanity saver. The reflux symptoms that I saw during the day eventually just went away.

Ok, I don't know necessarily that it is gas. That is a likely culprit, but I also think that she could be going through a growth spurt. But I did have a few problems with gas wih my son, and I swear, within 10 minutes of giving him mylicon, he was finally asleep. And was fine after that.
But more importantly, I know we're a great resource, but the la leche league is hands down the place where you should go. Contact your local chapter or go online. I wish I had when I made the mistake of thinking my son wasn't getting enough milk and introduced him to the bottle. A month later, bottle was all he got because my supply really did dwindle because of the bottle. I wish I had known to contact the la leche league for help.
Good luck! And beautiful, beautiful baby.

Here's what I think about the Mylicon. They may not help with the gas, but the taste almost always calms Bry down. Buy the Wal-mart brand (cheaper and it doesn't stain), give her just a drop or let her suck on the empty dropper just to get the taste, then give her a passy. We use the Nuk passy. Sometimes we actually give him a dose to try to help with the gas, but usually just doing that calms him down. Also the swing works wonders for us. If nothing else will work, use the swing! We have used it since he was VERY little. I felt bad about it at first, like I was neglecting him. But I have learned that it is way better to let him swing a few times a day than to go nearly insane and not be as good a parent as I could be. Those little breaks REALLY help!

One more thing- if she refuses to latch on... you could try a nipple shield. I would ask a lactation consultant first, but we have to use one all the time. It can be really annoying, but it makes it way easier for him.

Growth spurt maybe? And she is eating so much her little tummy can't digest it all?

sorry i have no babies, so therefore no advice, but it looks like you got some from the moms, good are doing great! i hope you figure it out soon and then you can all 3 feel better.

Just adding to the list -- after you rule out an ear infection (those ear canals are very short and infect easily)I'm going with reflux! My youngest was exorcist baby, I thought she would put holes in the wall. All the suggestions are great -- bed higher on one end than the other, you can shortsheet her bed to make a sling so she doesn't end up in a heap at the bottom. Prop up always, even for diaper changes, with one of those foam wedges you can find at the baby super store. Burp often and by all means tell the pediatrician your concerns, always trust yourself. Good luck and hang in, there's lots of things the ped can do for you.

My only assvice is to go easy on the burping. A friend of mine's baby suffered from reflux, and one day when I was over at her house, I saw her burping the baby. She was waling on that kid's back like no tomorrow. Shoot, I'd have reflux, too. Usually, rubbing in a circular motion does the trick, and you don't need to hit them at all. Unless you just feel like it. :-) If you're already doing that, you might want to ask the ped about reflux, because it sounds like she has the symptoms.

I'm putting my three dollars in the Reflux bowl.

Harper's pediatrician once told me that if a baby bends her knees up to her belly, it's gas. If she straightens her legs and makes them fairly rigid, it's reflux.

Harper is currently taking Nexium twice each day and Mylanta as needed. Also, we have her co-sleeper (with a Tucker sling) cranked up to a 45-degree angle. It's working.

I truly hope Miss Mia does NOT have reflux. Those crying fits are rough for everyone! Good luck to you!

My vote is for reflux, too. I'm sure your pediatrician will have some advice/answers for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things get better for you! I'm sure you're doing a wonderful job, it's clear how much Mia is loved. :)

P.S. She's so cute!!!

I'm too tired to read through all of the comments, so, forgive me if it's been said. Has she been checked for reflux? The exorcist style vomiting, the screaming, it sounds very much like my sister's babies and they both had reflux. I don't mean to freak you out, but it sounded so familiar, I thought I'd bring it up.

Ah, whattya know, the person right above me already mentioned it. See? This is why I don't leave comments, they're usually totally useless.

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this - at about the 6 week mark, I was making a TON of milk, and had a very forceful letdown. My oldest would cry and cry and pull away because it was coming at her too fast. She would swallow a bunch of milk too fast, and then cry and swallow a bunch of air, resulting in painful gas, and copious spit up.

If you have a really strong letdown and she seems to be gulping to keep up with the flow, you might try pumping for a few minutes until the spurting action stops, and then pop her on and let her finish the job. I seriously would pump 8+ ounces from each breast, every feeding for a few months.

Also, if you have a neglect-o-matic swing, I found that after a good nursing session, if I got them swinging, they weren't as fussy.

Oh, and I struggled and struggled to get the kids to burp. The only way I was successful was holding them really high on my shoulder so my shoulder was pressing on their little tummy and rubbing and patting for what seemed like hours. My husband could just touch them with a fingertip and they would burp like a champ. Make Chris do the burp detail.

Please like you said whatever you do DONT belive you dont have enough milk. Pleas join the yahoo breastfeeding group also. If I hadnt of had that support I never would of made it but I did for a year...I wish it had of been longer. Email me if you wnt to join its wonderful. Like your doc said it sounds like reflux! I hope things are getting better. I dont want to sound like a know it all but you can email me anytime with a breastfeeding wuestion. I am very knowledgeable on the subject. Goos luck and its awesome you are doing whats best for your baby and as long as she is gaining weight and having plenty of wet diapers 6-8 a day then you are fine!!!!

I second what Jenny said...come join our group ( and get the support and encouragement that is essential to every breastfeeding relationship. :) It's a great group--and we will make sure you get advice from mammas who are extremely well versed in breastfeeding and have been through just about every obstacle you can imagine and made it through. :) Hope to see you there. :) It's a wonderful group. At the very least check out for self-service info on what's normal in a breastfeeidng relationship. There is a lot of misinformation out there from well-intentioned people...and it's important to get the facts. :)


April--mamma to current nursling Parker... and two other formerly breastfed children: Hunter and Summer...

Reflux or gas.

Don't listen to the ones that tell you to pump, babies suck 100x more than any pump. If she's pooping and growing, she's getting enough. ;)

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