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On our own

Chris went back to work yesterday, leaving Mia and I to fend for ourselves. Mia refused to sleep all day yesterday, I am convinced she was waiting for Daddy. Today she is willing to nap, but expressed her displeasure by projectile vomiting down the front of my shirt. Motherhood is so glamorous.

Mia also had her first tub bath yesterday, which she hated with the fire of a thousand suns, and this afternoon may take her first trip out into the world in her stroller. That is, if I can manage to change out of my pajamas.

Did you know that I get surprisingly little email at 4 AM?

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I'm usually up at 4am your time, I'll send you mail before I go to bed! lol

The bath thing will change. My son Ashton is 16 months - and he HATED baths, until one time I accidentally pointed the water straight at his "manhood" and he got completeley quiet. He liked it from then on. Apparently, the attachment to the manhood starts that early!

it took awhile before Cam liked baths... we used to have to use bribes to get him in the tub - now we need to bribe him to get out! once they can hold their heads up and splash with more authority they start to enjoy them a little more.

i think most spammers send their mail around 2-3am, so maybe start signing up for some different stuff and that mailbox will fill early for ya!

A walk sounds wonderful. I hope you make it.

Wow, she christened you early. Just wait 'til she has her first pootastrophie! That's how you REALLY know you're a parent. If you don't have a strong stomach, you'll get one before long. My boy didn't like taking baths either, when he was that age. You'd have thought I was maiming him, the way he cried. Now that he's 2, I can't get him out of the tub. He's basically a human prune.

Sounds like a wonderful day, even with the projectile vomit....

I'm so glad things are going well, Beth! I've been thinking about you guys! Mia is beautiful. I can't believe the hair she has. How are you hangin' in there? C-cections suck, sista. I've been there. Anyways, talk to ya soon.

I am still living vicariously through you Beth. :-) 9 days past my [our] due date and still no sign of baby. I think I would even trade my heartburn and swollen feet for projectile vomit at this point. Well, yes, provided it was not my own projectile vomit...

You are doing awesome! I am v. v. impressed! :-)

Some fresh air would proably do you and Mia wonders, might even make her a bit sleepy, always worked with mine...
Baths, I'm a co bather, just like I am a co-sleeper.. I make the tub about my body temp and in we go.. my youngest actually liked it a bit warmer than body temp..

How are you feeling, how is the recovery going? You, Chris and Mia are always in my thoughts.

Tip: walk someplace where there are kindly older women. They will gush over your beautiful baby, tell you how wonderful you are, and make you feel a *little* more glamorous, anyway.

Plus, the other posters are right when they say it might help Mia sleep.

And don't worry about wearing your jammies. There were a dozen times I went for walks with my hair sticking straight up. All I told myself, "The baby's not crying so all must be right with the world."

hey, 4am is only something i see when i've stayed up late on caffeine. heh.

but if you DO go out into the world on a little walk, you MUST take pictures.

I second the notion of not worrying about the pajamas... hardly anyone is home during the day and if some other mommy gives you a weird look, just remember that she is thinking about how together you are to even have pants on.

Ahhh she waited for Daddy..too cute!
Baby baths are always kid loved the water from day one.

Yay for babies and mommies. Thank you for letting us peek in on all the stuff, clean and messy.

I'll make a post-it to email you at 4am to amuse you. At the very least we should all schedule blog entries around that time for your sleep-deprived enjoyment. Hang in there :)

Sounds like she's holding out for a pet duck.

we should call each other! one or both of my offspring are usually up @ 4 AM. haha.

Ahh yes, there's nothing like vomit. Just wait until you're on your way out the door to a wedding and she decides to project her morning feeding onto your favorite dress/only dress that isn't at the cleaner/only dress that fits. That's the best!

pajammas are a blessing - no reason to change out of them - unless of course that is what Mia threw up on :)
Congrats on being on your own, it may seem scary now, but you and Mia are going to do just fine, and it'll make Daddy time just that much more special! Post more pictures of Mia sooN!!!

Hey the bath thing was bad for us too. He screamed murder every time. We figured out it was A) his bath thingie and B)the sound of water running. We actually found this out by accident, once we took him into the bath when the water was off and decided to bathe him in the big tub. He actually laughed, I have pictures. This was i think a month or two into his new life.
Love the blog!
Keep on writing!

LOL! It's been 4-1/2 years, but I remember those days like it was yesterday. I used to watch MTV in the middle of the night because there was nothing else on. If only I had DVR back then.

You could blog at 4am. ;-)

Little mail at 4 that's a mystery! :) Hope you got outta your Pjs and got Mia in a stroller...that sounds lovely.

pj's are HOT!!

Princess did NOT like baths until she was old enough to sit up in them, so I feel for you!! Now I can't get her out of them!

Okay, I know you didn't ask for assvice, but we found with Molly that she preferred the kitchen sink. Even when she was too big for it. The tub freaked her out until she was almost a year old.

My daughter is five and a half months old now, but I remember very clearly the first day my husband headed back to work. It was very strange being at home and the only one in charge of this tiny baby. Up until then, everything had been done based on a committee vote :) I hope things are going well -- you will find a rhythm and way of doing things that works for you and Mia sooner than you'd believe. Good luck!

WEll, I can send you email at 4am as I am 5 hours ahead of you now :)

beth, here's a 4:40 a.m. email. i'm up editing, so i thought i'd say "hi." trust all's well. thank you for sharing the lovely anecdotes of life with mia--i'm enjoying them immensely. cheers.

hi beth. love reading about your adventures in motherhood with mia. glad to hear all's well. cheers.

Have fun going out into the real world with her:)

We helped out son adjust to the bath by putting a towel down in the bottom of the tub and a washcloth over him. I guess he just felt too exposed with out it. When I finally got up the nerve to co-bathe, it changed our lives. Now we can't get him out of the water. Thanks for sharing your beautiful girl and the war stories. Wishing you luck on getting out of the jammies - I just sleep in my clothes.

Slap on some lip gloss and sunglasses, toss on a pair of jaunty slippers and nobody will even know you're out walking in your works for me...

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