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Talk to the hand

BTW, this is my 500th entry. Woo.

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She is a precious little girl. My baby will be 3 on Friday. *Sniffle*

I just want to eat her little hand right up. I hope you have a whole lotta barettes, ribbons, bows, and hair ties in stock for that girl! The hair!!

Happy 500th!! And she is adorable and beautiful all rolled into one. :-)

Yum, yum, yum - her little hand is delicious! Happy 500th!

Now thats my kinda baby talk!


She is Very cute.

Yep..can't get over the hair. You are one lucky mommy!

You can tell she is Chris and your kid.. poor baby is trying to protect herself from the camera..

Uh oh! Attitude so soon?

She's just gorgeous!

What an adorable picture.

Congrats on your 500th entry and, of course, your beautiful baby.

OMG! look at all that hair! cant wait till you start using cute hair

Such an appropriate celebration of your 500th post :)She's a very cute baby.

What a pwetty wittle thing :D Hewwo Mia! (can't help the baby talk)

She has *so* much hair. Such a cutie pie :)

Woo! And wow that is one cute little girl you've got there.

Awwwww, I can't handle the cuteness. She's ADORABLE!

Congrats on the 500th entry!

hooray for 500!

PS: could Mia be any cuter? i think not. but, with parents like you and chris, was there ever really any doubt?

Congratulations. 500 is a lot. I have a way to go to catch up.

And Mia looks beautiful as always. Please give her a hug for me.

Thank you for sharing your adorable, sweet baby girl. I needed a dose of baby love baby (14yr old son) started high school this morning!!!! Even my cutie pie second grader (who was up at 5:15 to start getting ready for school) couldn't cheer me up, but you and Mia did...Thanks. (And I did manage to wait until I drove away from dropping him off at the high school before I cried) They grow up so fast!

So very cute! :o)

Is it okay if I'd rather eat the hand? SO cute!

Hmmm... your bookshelves look like mine.

I swear every time I see her she is cuter. I am glad you're having such a great time with her, you deserve it. :)

She has LOTS of hair!!! She is so cute :-)

Happy 500th, Beth! That is a lot of blogging.

And hello to Mia! But I do not want to talk to your hand, Mia, I want to kiss it, it's that cute!

Hey, Happy 500th!!!! Pretty baby, but you knew that ;)

Happy 500th post! And, just curious, which one of you does she get the "talk to the hand" attitude from? She's so adorable, even with attitude!

Congratulations Beth...she's beautiful...nice sassy attitude too.

Awwww she's so adorable!!

ohH! little miss attitude already. *grin* :) what a cutiepie :)

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