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The numbers

Babies are supposed to gain about an ounce a day. From day 4 to day 14, Mia averaged an ounce and a half a day. I can't help feeling like this is a personal victory. I don't even feel the need to spout obscenities while breastfeeding anymore, so clearly things are looking up.

I have lost 24 pounds from my top pregnant weight (I lost 2 pounds the last week I was pregnant - stress, anyone?). I have 10 pounds to go, but have vowed to not give it any thought until Mia is 6 weeks old.

To celebrate our weight achievements yesterday, Mia and I shared a frappucino and a cookie. Well ok, Mia didn't actually have any, but I did offer.

So far, Mia is a very good baby. She only cries when she is hungry or when we dare to change her diaper. She loves her a good dirty diaper. A couple of nights this week she even slept four hours straight at night, but then she realized that I did not pick her up once during those four hours so she gave up on that idea. We are back to three hours as the absolute limit, but if I take her out of the bassinet and hold her in bed with us she will let me doze for another 20 minutes or so.

I will get around to writing her birth story soon I hope, and will be sure to include the list of things Chris witnessed which I am requiring him to wipe entirely from his memory.

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Awwww. Also, take your time with the birth story! Spending time with your little girl is far more important than the internets. We may whine, but we will get over it.

G is the same way - she cries if 1. she has to burp 2. she's hungry or 3. she has a dirty diaper. She doesn't mind sitting in a dirty one at all if it's a disposable (those things are frickin' AMAZING) but we do cloth during the day and she says "get this thing OFF" the minute it's wet....

Hugs mama - we're rocking this whole mama thing! G had her appt today too - 13 ounces in 13 days, not quite so much as Mia, and grew three inches.

Four hours???? At one stretch??? At two weeks???


Way to go, Mia!

Oh! It's such a personal achievement!

I remember being so proud that Boy Wonder (who was 5 weeks premature) NEVER dropped an ounce. Not one!

Nick used to cry too when we changed his diaper until we discovered that if we held the baby wipe in our hands to warm it up, he didn't scream bloody murder. I think those cold wipes made him cranky.

I just remember those meconium poops and needing a sand blaster to get that off their butts.


wow on the weight loss for you! and go mia go...:)

uh-oh...did you poop? don't tell me, he saw you poop.

didn't he?

My list for Mr.JuJu to forget includes such things as catheters,blood and other bodily fluids, ten centimeters,vomit,did I mention the catheter?

Wow... Congrats on the weight loss... I am totally amazed that you have lost that much weight in 14 days! Only 10 pounds to go... wow! Good for you. Can't wait to hear your birth story... I think all pregnant people like to hear what they're in for. ;)

I hate you again for being skinny AFTER the baby is born. ; )

i wuv wittle babies, you'll be tiny again in no time, you were all tummy before ;)

My girlfriend just had a baby six weeks ago and he's really good, too, but screamed bloody murder both times I had to change him. She assured me later that that's what he does and that I wasn't hurting him or doing it wrong, and reading it here about your baby makes me feel better. I was trying to be so careful with her baby, you know?

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