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This is in very bad taste

I am really torn about this entry. On the one hand, it is very, very funny. On the other hand, it is in exceptionally poor taste. Ordinarily, I would never make this sort of joke and in most circumstances wouldn't laugh at it either. But there's no way around it, it's funny.

So anyway, this is from the take out menu of a local Chinese restaurant. Read carefully.

Some days, I'm really glad I'm vegetarian.

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Me thinks there's a chink in their proof-reading armor...whoops!

why is it that so many asian restaurants have SO many typos in their menus? we just ate at a new sushi place today, and there were misspelled words, extra spaces, random periods and commas, and more all over the place.

hello? spellcheck?

holy cow, dont they prrof read this crap?

Have you read a newspaper lately? They're even worse then this menu! But yes, the chicken also sounds incredibly bad. And I love chicken.

Thanks for the laugh out loud funny. Classic!

Funny...I happen to be living in Japan now with my MArine Corps hubby and it is funny to see some of the shirts in English and some other things like these....(tried to post pics but couldn't)
Love Drugs (a pharmacy)
The Pecker ( a small drill)
and my most favorites
Plussy, Human Water, and GOD coffee.....all drinks from the vending machine!

I love a good grammatical error. These kind of things make life that much more fun...imagine how boring it would be if there were only one language, and if everyone spoke it perfectly.


Ahh, Chinese restaurants. Entertainment and a meal all in one!

My Chinese husband just about peed himself laughing....

One of our local Chinese restaurants posts all the bad checks it gets. Very entertaining!

And, as far as grammatical and spelling errors -- anyone notice all the mistakes that teachers make?Makes one wonder where they got their educashun !

Okay...I admit it....I laughed out loud.

In college, we used to eat at a Chinese restaurant that had the best chicken dish, and the only reason we ever tried it is because the description was simply "chicken in special wonderful sauce." How could you go wrong? And now when my kid asks skeptically about what kind of chicken I'm fixing, guess what I tell him?

I personally adhere to the "It's funny 'cause it's true" mantra. If you had made that up, it'd be in bad taste. To paraphrase old Eddie Murphy material: they brought that shit on themselves.

its like dinner theater

Dear lord..thats hard to read!

OOOOOO... that too me a minute or two (see my brain is fried b/c the A/C is out at my work for a 2ND day) and you'e e right... thats in bad taste on multiple levels (not you but their proofreading errors)

If you find this funny, try, it's a site dedicated to mistakes like that. You could actually submit it to them.... I'm hungry.

I've read it 4 times and I'm still not sure what to expect when you order that.

Ahh it's the little things that make life oh-so-much fun!

"all your base are belong to us." yikes.

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