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Welcome to 4 AM

Mia Bean slept nearly 4 hours straight tonight, 11 to almost 3. This meant that Mama got three hours of uninterrupted sleep, which was lovely. However, Mia has decided that we have slept enough and have no reason to go back to bed. So, since we are up, I decided to post a few more pictures of my lovely and clever and wide-awake daughter. Yes, I do know she is the most beautiful child ever, but I hate to brag.

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Screw it Beth, brag away as she does seem to be quite a looker. All parents think so but you've got a good chunk of the web agreeing with you. Nice job!

Go ahead and brag I always did. I sure hope you get in a good nap today.

She's just beautiful Beth. Brag away! I hope you get a few more hours of sleep soon :)

she is very cute, but you should really talk to her about the whole sleeping thing. ;)

She is beautiful. I envy you this time with her. Enjoy because it's past and they're in an entirely different stage before you can believe it.

Did you ever get that walk the other day?

She's gorgeous! And good luck on getting a nap in. Seriously, sleep whenever she does.

She is beautiful. You have every right to brag!!

she is positively gorgeous! brag away!

Oooh, I LOVE the closeup of your hand with the IV and her hand on yours. Awesome shot. Worth framing.

WOW! FOUR hours? I'm still pretending our baby will immediately sleep from 7 PM to 7 AM. Every night :))

Great pics!

I cant say it enough she is absolutely beautiful. Just like her mother.

Did you ever think you'd spend this much time thinking about someone else's sleep habits?

Before becoming a parent, I thought there were 24 hours in a day, each of which could be devoted to a different purpose if I so chose. Now, my day is divided into Times When She's Sleeping, and Times When She's Not, and my activities are completely dictated by one of those two states.

Jealous. Oh so jealous. Mia will be talking by the time my baby decides to come out.

She's beautiful by the way.

Okay, the baby is gorgeous, but I feel compelled to say- the cats! where are the cats?

Beth, seriously, I'm just trying to make them feel important, too. ;) To let them know they are loved by the Internet as well!

Idon't know if she's the most beautiful child ever, but she's the cutest one I've seen so far :)
By the way, what's the brand of that stroller, it looks incredibly cozy!

I love newborn baby pictures. She is too cute!

I treasure the memories of being up in the middle of the night with my wakeful babies. She is a stunning little baby, Beth, she is!

Sounds like you are taking to motherhood like a duck to water!

Brag? you? no way! lol
She's way too cute...brag away!

since you are up at 4 a.m. perhaps you could take Mia out to see her first ever meteor shower... the persiods (sp?) are supposed to occur around that very time

Yeah, you definitely have bragging rights. She is beautiful! I am going to force my husband to sit down and look at her pictures if he shows so much as a hint of disappointment if our bean happens to be a girl (which it does). :) Congrats on the 3 hours!!

You MUST get the miracle blanket - . No, i do not work for them, but I SWEAR TO GOD they are like a baby Ambien.

Mia is sooo sweet.. LOVE her!!

Beautiful pictures, she is such a sweethear.

She looks mighty clever, indeed.

she as absoultly beautiful. also if you never got the cats to stop peeing on the floor, put vinager where they pee. they wont go back. (i had lots of kittens running around)

You are a brand-new mother with a brand-new're supposed to brag!!

I don't think it's called bragging-- it's more 'stating the obvious' really.

just give me a few more days...i can be your 4 am friend...cuz i'm sure i'll be up too!

she is sooooo cute, i love, love , love that hair!!!! what a sweety :)

I LOVE to brag, because Gabby really is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. See? Bragging. Oh, wait, you were being sarcastic about hating to brag, right?

Baby girls are the awesome.

Those cheeks!

Mia's gorgeous! Congratulations again!

O Beth, you rock so much as yourself, and you rock a million times more as a Mum. Lordy, Mia is gorgeous! I knew you & Cactus were bound to have a beautiful baby (look at the kissi-ness of *you* two!), but you out-did yourself. Sigh. I just do the 'the universe is good' sigh everytime I come by. You guys are doing such a great a job.
emma (who had a intersect email address before).

So beautiful. I love the hats! :) And brag all you want to - you earned the right!

She's just beautiful, Beth.

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