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What we've come to

Chris is currently walking Mia around singing to her about vomit.

(Dibs, honey.)

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You two are so funny. I love reading about the great ways that you are interacting with Mia -- she is clearly a very loved girl. And they say that babies develop language capabilities earlier, faster and better the more words they are exposed to early in life, so maybe the vomit song will pay off :)

I was talking to a baby at work today and I used the word predisposed. I got mocked. I was like, what? I'm totally gonna have the most intelligent children ever. Or at least word geeks, like me.

My son did the whole projectile vomiting thing...had colic and would have to be reminded how to poop every other day for ohh...well he's seven now, so yeah..anyway...singing about vomit, poop and farts..icluding them into your very own fairy tales and bed time stories is pretty much gonna be there from now on..enjoy!

Way to keep your senses of humor!

Ha, I told Chris earlier, he's gotta write those down and get a never know where the big ideas come from! :) hahahahahaha


I mentioned your blog on Blogging Baby today.

I have a song about vomit, it's awesome, but not appropriate. Sigh

It's 1:30 am...I am 5.5 months pregnant....have heart burn and can't sleep. Found your blog and laughed so hard! Thank you for keeping me entertained so early in the morning! Your little girl is beautiful! Great photography!

Uh oh - I hope she isn't becoming colicky - if I find something that works I'll let you know.

I've sung my fair share of songs about vomit.... lol.... whatever keeps em entertained!

Hmmmm - I bet you guys could make some money on that:o)

keep smiling Beth

hahahaha! You really should record it, and let us in in all the fun :))

Congratulations on Mia. She is so so so very very lovely. sweet.

Poop will be the next song.

Whatever works!

how does that song go?

That is SUCH a Chris thing to do! Laughing till I'm snorting! Good dibs Beth!

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