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Winners! And boobs, of course.

Back in June, I asked you all to guess the date and time Lima Bean would be born. The very first guess was from carrster, 7/22 at 6:42. She was three hours off people, be suitably impressed. She has already chosen nipple ointment as her prize, the other option was diaper cream.

I also asked you all to guess weight and length, but honestly I am way too tired to go through all the comments and figure out the winner.

I also asked for name recommendations, but I have to tell you I only did it for amusement and never expected to use one of the recommendations. I had a lot of laughs over some of the really awful names that people suggested. Now no offense to anybody as it is strictly a matter of taste and I'm sure there are plenty of people who cringed over the name we chose. Anyway, Amelia had been an early contender in the Lima Bean Name Olympics, but had been discarded because I knew it would be shortened to a nickname and there wasn't one I liked. As we were getting down to the wire, I went back and read all the recommendations and saw that Seed2Tree (no site given) had recommended Amelia with the nickname Mia. It just seemed right to me, and when I recommended it to Chris it seemed right to him too. After all the months of deliberating, we decided on her name in about 30 seconds. So thanks, stranger, for naming my baby.

Finally, this whole mothering thing is lovely and wonderful but not exactly intellectually stimulating. To keep things interesting for myself, I have developed a new game where I try to get my breasts to be the same size. I have yet to succeed and usually walk around looking like I decided to have a boob job and lost my nerve halfway, but I have plenty of time to practice so am sure I will get it eventually. Hey! Did I tell you that when I went to the lactation consultant and she was filling out her little lactation consultant form which for some reason has a space to indicate my boob size she circled Medium? I will love her forever for that as it is probably the most generous assessment of my boobs ever made. She also circled Trauma, which was less endearing, but I plan to save it for to use as a guilt trip on Mia later in life. Boob trauma should be good for something, right?

Comments (29)

No, not just boob trauma, medium boob trauma.

Somewhere, somebody is keeping track of the difference.

Oh congrats on your MEDIUM sized boobs, I am so, so proud of you. Medium boobies and a flat stomach...who knew all you had to do was have a baby and your body would be all that! Beautiful pic at Chris's, btw.

The name game was fun. Particularly to see what names people came up with - I especially enjoyed reading the "awful" names (I suggested one of them as a lesson in what is considered awful). The name you chose is perfect though.

Yay for medium boobs!

Every time I hear Mia I think of Mia from the Princess Diaries (short for Amelia, there, too). As your Mia is no doubt a princess as well, I think it's perfect. Much like your ass and medium, traumatized boobs.

When I was pregnant with my first son, my husband and I could not agree on a name. We read through every book and debated. Eventually chose one but disagreed on how to spell it, then a crazy friend GUESSED it so we knew we had to change it. At about the 8 3/4 month mark we went to see Solace (Irish band) and after listening and enjoying ourselves and hearing them talk about themselves, we read the playbill to see what it was they were saying. I think at least two and maybe three of them were named Ciaran. We liked the sound and the spelling and both agreed for the first time. It was decided right then and there.

No girls for us... I could think of ZILLIONS of girl names.

What sort of techniques are you using to even out your medium boobs?

Yay for medium! Whoooooo!! I totally agree that boob trauma can be used for some gain later in life. I'm so glad I'm a winner at something! :-)

Crap - I'm STILL trying to get mine to even out. Sunday morning my mother-in-law commented on the unevenness - arrgh! MEDIUM boobs - yay! You can definitly guilt trip her for the boob trauma!

Breastfeeding IS traumatic! No one tells you that in those pre-baby how to classes! Kinda like how I thought that I would never have a c-section so I could take a nap during that topic...

But hey (if you havent already!) find a good BF support group! They are VERY helpful! I loved mine!! Good luck!

Have you ever thought of switching to bottle-feeding? The formula is just as healthy these days as breast milk!

My boobs are still uneven, all these years later. My left is bigger than my right, and noticeably so. But then I never got my flat tummy back, so you're probably a lot fitter than moo. :)

Belated congrats on Mia's birth (I've been lurking for too long). Babies are lovely, yes. I'm going clucky in my old age, gooing at every baby I see - which includes yours (even tho she can't hear me).

Boob trauma - always good for guilt.

Uneven boobs? No problem. Wait until you stop breastfeeding and they feel all sqooshy. That's real nice. ;)

Don't you love the indignity of the lactation consultant visit? I remember learning that my nipples were "large." Um... thanks?

bet you never thought your boobs would come in so handy. or be so entertaining.

for you, anyway.

Yay for the stranger giving Beanette a perfect name!

Boob trauma. Can you get counceling for that? Group therapy maybe? :)

Yikes! Boob truama? I think you can definately use it as a free ticket to make her run screaming from any room when she is a teenager. You could really have some fun with it, actually.

Ha's funny that you say you don't want to read through all the comments guessing the date & time. Look at the first comment...the person pretty much nailed it. None of the others guessed the same day, but one came close. (I just read through your archives the other day...this is my first post, but I had to give props to that first comment.) Georgous baby, btw! and Congrats.

Guh...I hate it when I'm stupid. I guess I should read more closely. Stupid stupid (smacks forehead). Congrats anyway. ;o)

When I look at her pics, she looks just like an Amelia/ Mia. She is absolutely adorable and it's a great name. I'm very frightened over the boob (specifically nipple cracking) talk... where I'm due in January and my skin is always SOOOO dry anyway in the winter. That ranks right up there with labor pain and lack of sleep on the top 3 things to dread list. ;)

My dh wanted so bad to name our last kiddo Mia (he's Italian) but since it ended up a boy....well that wouldn't work! As far as boob feeding, it's been traumatic for us as well although this is my 3rd time doing it! Born on July 5th, my guy weighed almost 10 freakin lbs and wanted to eat as soon as he came out. Those pastey drops of colustrum wasn't going to work for him so we ended up giving him those hospital bottles of Similac. Now that I've got a good supply though after 4 weeks of fighting each other he's decided he wants to do it now. I won!

I look at my boobs as well daily and wonder why i have a cantalope on one side and a pomagrante on the other. I know my right carries more milk then the left. I guess we're supposed to load the other side with more breast pads to even them out!

I think Mia's name is just perfect - I do love it, in every way! So a big thanks to the stranger who suggested it.

And MEDIUM boobs? *high five* As I shed pounds, my boobs will shrink, and this is the only thing that is sad about losing weight.

Oh, and the not eating chocolate. That is not happy at all!!

Is there a trauma unit for boobs? ;)

I think you chose a wonderful name.

I thought you were going to say she had written down "yes". :D

The sad truth is pretty soon you will not even care if your boobs are the same size....;)

Congrats on the whole medium thing, I think I would just have to crawl under the table when they pulled out the pencil and wrote in itty bitty for me.

"Trauma," argh. But then, is there anybody who breastfeeds whose boobs WOULDN'T be described that way? Don't feel weird.

that's awesom, a friend of mine and i stumbled across ur blog and read damn near the whole thing XD and then started our own. you have a beautiful baby girl. and i wish you the very best of luck. i'm sure you'll be a wonderful mom and Chris a wonderful dad.

boob trauma, yikes...that can't be pleasent, lol.

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