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You wanna make something of it?

No, I'm not dressed yet.

I also haven't brushed my teeth and there has been a dirty diaper in the sink in my bathroom since 9:00.

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Don't you have a dog?

Our dirty diapers just sorta take care of themselves. I'm just sayin'

Why get dressed if you arent going to leave the house? And at least the dirty diaper is in the bathroom sink and not the kitchen sink, not that I would say anything against that...

Welcome to motherhood! There were days I spent in my bedroom all day just because it was easier than hauling everything up and down the stairs. And showers? Maybe three times a week if I was lucky. They don't tell you that stuff, do they??

It's better for the diaper to be left in the bathroom sink than under the bed...

I'm not seeing the problem....?

This certainly won't be the last time you post something just like that. It gets even worse when you have more children. :)

way worse than the sink would be if it was still on Mia. Heck once it's off the kid, anything else is just gravy. Stinky gravy, but gravy. :P

You have the best excuse of "I just had a baby. As in, "I just had a baby so it's ok that I've been wearing this outfit for one week straight"

mmm, yum!

Please tell me you are not doing cloth diapers.

I'm taking notes here. "February: will leave diapers in sink, it's okay to stay in same clothes for days, showers are overrated"

Hehehe!! I remember back in those days. I wasn't dressed by 9 either most days till my oldest turned about 4 months old, LOL.

The wise Ms.Q ( said, "I am starting to figure out that what the Beatles said applies to blog love: The love you take is equal to the love you make."

So, I wanted to stop by today and just say "Hi" because I enjoy your blog, but don't stop often enough and leave a comment. Also, I wanted to invite you to contribute to my "Bloggers Summer Photo Album." Read more about it at I hope you'll want to share your summer fun with the Moo!

(Yes, this is a "form comment," but I mean every word! I swear!)

(I can't get over how pretty Mia is!)

Getting dressed is for losers anyway.

I still have days like that and my kids are 1 and 3...

bah. if i could, i'd wear pajamas all the time.

sadly, they frown upon flannel in my office.

the way i see it, your about 2 yrs away from my day...

beth, i've been reading for a while and am finally delurking to belatedly congratulate you and Chris on the birth of your beautiful daughter.

i know you're tired, but it just must be the most exciting and love-filled time of your life.

congratulations again!

Ahhh...the good old days! Start worrying when the diaper has been there for a month and your teeth begin to yellow.

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