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You're pretty

And also smart. Mia is the proud owner of a particularly nice case of reflux, and the pediatrician gave the same advice you all did. If only the internet could write prescriptions I could have saved the $10 copay.

Anyway, we're having a rather bad day today, but we had a very good day yesterday so I guess it evens out. We did manage a walk...

... and a nap on my lap, at least until Chris decided to poke her and woke her up.

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...its amazing good things can be. I'm glad you got to the bottom of her problem. J

Oh no! NEVER wake a sleeping baby (at least not in my house, as it usually takes 4 hours to get the damn kid to sleep!)

Aww, so cute.
I see she has a little nursing blister. That is a sign that she is nursing well :)

Next time Chris falls asleep, poke him awake!

She is sooo cute!

OMG- She is sooooooo beautiful!

evil chris.....I agree with Linda. next time he falls alseep poke him until he wakes up.

Ya, I went through the same thing and recognized the symptoms. Good luck, I hope she gets to feeling better (and screaming less) soon.

I hope that you get more of the good days. She is so adorable.

Aw...BAD CHRIS!!! Ahahahahahaha....she looks so funny all strapped in! And not at all happy about it :)

I'm glad that the pediatrician could help you. I hope the prescription works!

Oh! I misread. No medication--I guess you just have to wait until she grows out of it. It will be sooner than you think.

Yuck, but now at least you know what it is. It's really common, they never ralph back nearly as much as you think it is. My girls weren't good nursers so we were covered in formula spit for quite awhile. PU! Everyone will be so much happier now!

Oh my heavens, she is so beautiful.

Can you blame him for poking? Look at that cuteness. :) (I used to do the same thing with all of my nieces).

She looks a bit grumpy all strapped in. Such cuteness!

She's delectable, who could help but poke her? I hope the acid reflux gets better - sending lots of good thoughts your way!

Beth, glad that you figured it out....hang in's gotta be hard sometimes...but we're here in case you need to vent...VENT, I do all the time!

PS - Mia is one hellofa cute bean.

Aw, I'm sorry she has reflux, but glad you now know the problem. We used Prilosec for John, although I hear Prevacid is the choice these days. We also saw a pediatric gastroenterologist, and used a Tucker sling ( with his blessing. John slept so well on it, and we used it until he was about 9 months.

Best of luck!

Glad you figured out what was going on with Mia. Now what is Chris thinking, waking a sleeping baby?

My little man was on Xantac for a couple of months after spitting up blood at about 2 weeks (yikes!). I also cut dairy from my diet - that helped, and we were off the meds by 4 months. At 6 months he was 29" and almost 20 pounds, so he's fine, I've added back dairy, and all is well.

good luck!

Did you notice all the harnesses they put on kids now in the strollers and stuff? They look like they are ready to be launched on the Shuttle!

I think when we were little they strollers were like a wagon with umbrella and you were lucky not to be sitting on a rock.

Ok, maybe that was just at my house.

My sister's rule regarding my niece is, "You wake her; you take her!" That tends to cut down on the poking, as well as the loud voices and noise in general when the little one is sleeping. Just say it like you mean it!

Glad Mia is OK and it's nothing too serious (I don't have a kid, but from what I hear reflux - although gross and a pain for the baby and parents - is fairly common).

so much cuteness. i love how her mouth is a perfect little triangle when she's sleeping :)

hope things get better now that you know about the reflux.

Darling. Just darling.

Of course, I don't have to feed her at 3 am.

I'm so glad it got all figured out. (Makes me wonder if this is what the hell was wrong with my kid 12 years ago. I have the urge to run to his school and give him some Tums now.) Beautiful pictures!

Oh the cuteness! How can you stand it! She is such a beauty!

I hope she is feeling better soon, poor little sweetie.

oh, she is already growing so much, what a darling...i hope she feels better soon!

Grin love the pics...

Sorry to hear about Mia's tummy problem, those are never easy!

I'll say it again--the Tucker Sling is awesome. They sleep so well in it because it makes them feel snug. And since it holds them in place, you don't have to worry about the baby sleeping on her face.

How is she doing today? Is the reflux better?

she really does look like she's about to go on a space shuttle launch ;)

glad she is ok.

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