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A little strange

I went to get a pedicure this morning because a) mommy needed a little break, and b) we are going to the beach next week and I'm pretty sure it is a felony to go to the beach without a pedicure. In a rather strange turn of events, the pedicure lady donned latex gloves before beginning the pedicure. Now, I would not like to have my job involve touching lots of feet and I freely admit that my personal hygiene has been a little sporadic lately, but can I possibly be so grungy that touching me requires the wearing of protective clothing? I mean really, I changed into a clean shirt before I went and everything.

What really has me confused, is that halfway through the pedicure she removed the gloves. I am totally at a loss for the point.

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This is my first comment on your blog and its for this. Weird.

I had one Flast night also and the same thing happened! I thought it was odd also. So 1 of 2 things happened here. Either a) We are both grungy, disgusting, fungus bearing whores or b)its just how they do it.

I'm rooting for b.

The putting on of the gloves I understand. I mean, with cutting the cuticles and such, there (theoretically) could be blood and there are rules about that stuff...but removing them halfway thru? I've never had a pedicure, so help me here. Did she finish the 'bloodiness' of the procedure and THEN when the 'prettiness' part was on, she took off the gloves?


I have had ma ny pedicures, and those that wear gloves tend to wear them throught the pedicure not take them off halfway through....strange!!!

Do you really think it's a felony not to get a pedicure? Maybe just a misdemeanor? ;)

Do you have a bathing suit for Mia? Are you going to wear a bikini?

She decided you weren't as smelly as you looked? That's what I usually get, anyway. :)

maybe because when they scrub your feet it's abrasive on their hands and all that soap can dry up their skin since they do it all day long...

I'd bet that the gloves go on to protect her skin during the parts that use drying products (soaps, scrubs, acetone if she removed existing polish, etc.) and come off for the moisturizing part. I imagine it would be somewhat difficult to polish with gloves on as's amazing how a little latex diminishes the sensation felt by one's fingertips. Kinda makes that "wearing a condom is like..." thing make sense! LOL

I was an esthetician before I had my little one and when we trained for pedicures the wearing gloves part at the beginning is for protection against potential foot or nail problems (ie: fungus). Also for protection against blood in case the person had a cut or you cut them while cutting their nails. If all is good, then when it comes to the massage and polishing part you can take them off if you wish as by that point you know what you're dealing with and the feet are clean. The massage is no where near as good if they leave their gloves on and the polishing is a bit difficult too.

My best friend is a nail tech and here is her explanation:

The gloves go on everyone having a pedicure to protect the nail tech from getting a bacterial infection. Once the tech has cleaned said feet (soaking in hot water, scrubbed and filed away dead skin, etc.), the gloves come off as the "bacterial risk" is reduced (gone).

Oh, she said not to take it personally - there are some people who look impeciblly clean, but "whoo" their feet!

My best friend has been doing my nails and pedicure for a decade and she STILL wears gloves when she does my pedicure.

I've had a few salons use gloves. Not sure why they don't all use them. I would if I were intimately involved with feet for a living. The ARE feet after all.

I've never had someone use gloves on me...but I guess I would totally understand if they did. No way would I touch people's feet without gloves. Eww. The funniest pedi I ever had was with my SIL and we were sitting together getting our pedi's when the women started smacking our legs with the really SMACKING hard and we both were like, "what the fuck?" and trying sooo hard not to crack up. It was, interesting...

Just what Berry and Irene said. :) Plus if she had polish on her own fingernails and was removing polish from your toes....
Have fun at the beach!

I'm a former hairdresser and part of my training was to do is one of the fowlest things I've ever had to go through in my life. I only had to do 2 to get my license and both had dragon nails, one of whoms entire toenail fell to pieces as soon as I touched it.It literally just crumbled. I don't gross out easily but this one made me gag. As for the gloves coming off...I'm not really sure either...maybe at some point they concider the toes decontaminated and safe for consuption (ew) and therefor are ok to touch or, like someone else said, you're a "grungy, disgusting, fungus bearing whore"

how odd

Oh! How adventurous you are Beth! The Beach! WTG! And leaving Mia at home while you went for a pedicure? Very good! Now if I could only gather the strength to do that too...

Maybe she was testing the waters before she deemed it safe!

That's probably because she had already washed your feet after she took off the gloves.

Don't worry: it's just the voices in her head. They told her to.

I guessing that this happened after your feet were "washed" and all bodily fluid contact was done with? I could understand the gloves while clipping and trimming due to blood. Maybe she needed to take off the gloves in order to paint your toenails nicely?

One time, the person gave me a massage (I think it was a manicure) WITH THE GLOVES ON. The rubber/lotion feeling did not do it for me.

I'm amazed that no one has yet asked the all-important question: what color!? A trip to the beach = summer color, but it's fall! Quelle dilemma!

that is quite odd, but perhaps after she had cleaned your feet a bit, decided it was then safe... *shurgs* it's odd any way you look at it that they would be removed half way thru with though.


you'd have a heck of a time at my "salon" because I'd be wearing gloves a haz mat suit and protective face shield! It's just ick...

never had a pedicure, i am self conscious about my tootsies.

Didn't read the other comments so many this is repetitive... but the early parts of my pedicures require hands to go into water that has pedicur-y stuff in it (soaps? moisturizers? battery acid? who knows what they put in there).

I'm thinking she didn't want to over expose her lily soft hands to that stuff, but later after the water and additives part of the pedicure is over, then she took them off.


OK, the battery acid might have been an exaggeration...

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