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I have stretch marks on my boobs.

Fucking hell.

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Me too. LOL and on my thighs, and my stomach. Each pregnancy left a set of marks on a different area.

me too :( you are not alone.

We call those 'racing stripes' mkay?

Due to Mastitis, I only have 'racing stripes' on the right one. So now I have a good side even when I'm naked.


They fade.

welcome to my world.

try still having them from when you were 15/16 (i'm only 18 now but whatever)

i've heard rumors of vitamin E helping but i've always been too lazy to stick to a regamin.

I've had them on my boobs since I was 15. Mine weren't from having Elizabeth, they were from going from an A cup to a C cup over the summer.

Heredity. That's what I blame it on.

My boobs are so stretched out that I look like one of those National Geographic women if I don't wear a bra. Scary.

Uh, yeah...boobs, stomach, thighs, legs...the whole drill. Ain't it wonderful? LOL

future pregnancy doesn't bode well for me in the stretch mark area...i too got stretch marks on the boobs when i was a teenager and my boobs went from nothing A cup. awesome.

dude, I didn't know that was even an option. E-gads.

Sorry to hear it!

Aww, I feel your pain and understand completely. I got them too, during all three of my pregnancies.

But they have faded a bit over time. Not sure if that'll help you feel better, it probably won't, I doubt it would have helped me at the time, lol

I like to think of mine as treasure maps. If I'm ever stranded in an unknown land, I believe I can whip out my breasts, follow the squiggly lines, and be led to a pot of gold.

I thought I got through pregnancy with nary a stretchmark in sight. Granted, I wasn't looking too hard.

Then one day, weeks after the Lady was born, I noticed two scraggly little stretch marks on my hip. Damnit!! It is a cruel cruel joke that after pregnancy and CHILDBIRTH we end up with bigger asses, saggy boobs and stretch marks. Who's idea was that??

I have also heard that they fade. Here's hoping!!

I refer to mine at battle scars. I felt like I went to battle during the birth of each of my two kiddos. I figure they're a small price to pay for the wonderful reward I've gotten from them.

I too have them from when I was a teen. I went from A to DD in a year, and yeah. Again, they have faded.

Wow, Heather stole my comment.

They don't look that bad, I promise, and you will actually go back down, most likely, which means they will fade faster. Also, stretch mark products are in the drug store now...

Welcome to my f*ing world!!

no one will know.

Just wait until Mia is old enough to point them out to you! Just kidding, they'll likely fade.

I got them on my waist on both sides. Kids suck.

Welcome to my world. I've had them since I was 15, too, and went from A to C. I've never been able to figure out how to get them to fade... That would be great, if there was some way.

You know the Jen who posted above? Not me, but same story here.

Holy crap, what the hell did I walk into?

It's like too much information fest 2005 in here.


Thank you, internets. I will not sleep well tonite.

Good News! They fade!

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