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Dumb things I did today

- Made a cup of coffee with yesterday's used coffee grounds.

- Drank the entire cup before I realized what I had done, wondering all the while why my coffee tasted like bad tea.

- Packed up all my maternity clothes before checking to see whether my pre-pregnancy pants fit. The first pair of jeans I tried on? Well, let's not discuss how many inches the button was from the button hole when I tried to put them on. The second pair of jeans was much more forgiving and I decided to stop there.

- Left the house with Mia, which required not only wearing a shirt, but wearing it pulled down to cover my entire torso, thereby blocking access to the boobs and pissing off the baby something fierce.

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How dare you cover the boobs in public! Don't you realize you're running a 24/7 buffet?

um, hello???? don't you know you're supposed to let the boobs hang out for easy access at all times? so saith the child.

glad you're out and about ;)

Poor kid, about time she learned about disappointment. It's a hard hard world out there. (kidding.)

As for the clothes, if it's any consolation I wore maternity stuff for at least four months after I hd the boy (because nothing else fit), then I was forced to wear it longer because, on more than one occasion, nothing else was clean. (I used to joke we should have called him Ralph.)

It will get easier. I promise.


At least it's not puke day anymore :)

mmm, sounds like soem tasty coffee, it couldn't be any crappier than the stuff i am drinnking. i swear, i amke THE worst coffee EVER!!!

About the coffee thing, I've done that more then once. So it's okay, I think.
Don't worry about the clothes thing, just keep eating right and do a few exercises and you'll get there. Meanwhile, keep the 24/7 milkshake factory open and available. Don't want Miss Mia upset, do we? LOL

Some of us are STILL trying to get over being denied boob access 24/7.

I see that you're still not getting enough sleep. At least you left the house dressed!

LOL - I tried the same thing with my maternity clothes - according to the scale although I'm down 21 lbs I have 20 lbs to go until my clothes fit again (I had to gain 15 lbs to get preggers - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Yep--that's the way it goes. I got so pissed off about my clothing situation I went to a second hand store and bought button down shirts and shorts that are now waaaaay too big for me. You'll get your shape back, just takes a little time.

And definitely, do the button down shirts, it's the only way to go when your breast feeding.

OMG! I used the wrong form of "your"--correction "when YOU'RE breast feeding."

I'm impressed that you're already back into some of your pre-pregnancy jeans! I should be so lucky...

I'll take sleep deprivation for $1000, Alex!

Actually, I did the same thing with the coffee last week and I don't have a newborn to blame it on :/ But did I stop there, noooo sirreeee- our coffeemaker grinds the beans - I had added more beans but not emptied out the old grinds (the ground beans go down into the filter below the grinder, so it overflowed and there was old grinds in the coffee, all over the coffeemaker (new coffeemaker mind you), but wait, there's more - behind curtian #2 I proceeded to put the cream in the cupboard and didn't realize that until preparing dinner that evening.

I still have my pre baby clothes in a rubber made box in hopes that I can actually fit in them one day...;)

You might invest in one or two nursing shirts - they have some pretty cute ones now. I lived in a few of the Super Secret Nursing Shirts from the first couple of months with each kid, but if those aren't your cup of tea, there are all kinds of good suggestions here:

LMAO...don't feel bad...I made my coffee today, and after I realized what I did, and had to pick myself up off the floor from laughing at my dumb ass! I just poured the UNGROUND beans into the filter! There is a reason my loving BF brews my coffee in the morning...(He doesn't drink the stuff)...I am NOT a morning person!

Glad you got out! The clothes will work themselves will be running after the baby in no time! Breast feeding some times keeps weight on...just are where you are supposed to be! And lovely inside and out! Hugs!

Babe, you need to get some nursing clothing! :)

You had a baby? I didn't get the memo -- I go away for a few weeks and this happens? :-) I'm loving the pics of baby -- but tell Chris to stop poking her! Jeez...

You can make your own coffee? All this time I have been going to Starbucks and I could have made it at home?


Sounds like new motherhood. Just do your best. ;)

Problem is, once you start having babies, you lose more and more grey matter every time. Expect more shit like this to happen. :)

Just a favorite duh moments is when I had a newborn and tried to make my then 4yo french toast but used cumin instead of cinnamon, he was not impressed..and I can't tell you how many times I have made coffee with out the grounds...Best of luck..
the real fun begins now.. :)

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