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How the cats are spending the afternoon

Pixel in the bouncy seat

Callie in the Pack and Play

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at least they're happy.

Hee. They probably think that stuff is there just for them.

Funny. Those photos could be our two cats in about a month. Or at least after the baby shower on Sunday.

LOL I had to laugh! Looks like there's a bit of a Pixel to bouncy seat ratio issue going on there :)

I'm kinda wishing I had a pack and play to hide/nap in :)

But where is little Mia?!!

They look quite content.

happy kitties
happy mommy
happy mia

cool dude

Does that mean Mia is stretching out in a patch of sun on the floor?

My cat loves the bouncy seat too. She always looks at me with this kind of peaceful and confused look on her face, as if to say: "This is wonderful, how in the world did it take you so long to buy a chair my size?"

How kind and thoughtful of you to buy furniture just for them!

Hey--when do we get a picture of Mia in the Cat bed?? :) :) :) :)

cats are asses that have to claim everything in the house. i know, mine does all the time and i love him anyway.

So, where is that there lil baby?

ok. what did they do with Mia? ;-)

And you thought you only had one baby hee!! My cats are my babies as much as my daughter is too :-)

further proof that cats believe they own everything... ;)

what a good girl, sharing her stuff with the kitties!

HEY. That's my bouncy seat--seriously we have the exact same one. My cats prefer the changing pad (don't even ask me why.)

Oh our dog loves the playgym.

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