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Mommy-free Meme

I've seen this everywhere, but decided to do it for three reasons:

1. It will force me to post, which I have a hard time getting around to doing lately.

2. It will force me to talk about something other than mommyhood, which I need to do before I lose the ability to speak in complete sentences.

3. Michele did it, and if she did it it must be cool.

So, here it is:

1. Ask me 3 questions. Any 3, no matter how personal, private or random.

2. I have to answer them honestly. I have to answer them all.

And if you wish:

3. In turn, you post this message in your own blog or journal and you have to answer the questions that are asked of you.

Comments (31)

Oo! Oo! Me first!!

1. How did you determine the URL, "So The Fish Said"?

2. Why do you want a duck for the bathtub?

3. How did you decide to paint the upstairs bathroom green and opt for non-pink tones for Mia's room?

Damn. I was going to ask exactly those same questions :)
Ok. I can think of three more:

1. How did you manage to stay so thin during your whole pregnancy?

2. Did you quit your job already?

3. Do you plan on getting a job later on?

1. Why do you blog?

2. How do you decide what's too personal to write about?

3. Vanilla or chocolate?

ps. you write a great blog!

1.We all know, in one way or other, that having a baby will turn our lives upside down, but what change has surprised you the most?

2. How did Chris propose to you? (or did you propose to him?)

3. what's your favorite candy bar?

1.) Are you still recovering from the surgery? I mean, I had my wisdom teeth out a month ago and sometimes my mouth is still weird. I can't imagine major abdominal surgery.

2.) Have you ever thought about living outside of the D.C. area? If so, where?

3.) What is your favorite creative thing to do? Writing, photography, etc.?

1. do you plan to have anymore babies?
2. whats your favorite "date" thing to do...ya know, keepin the romance alive stuff.
3. name one person who drives you NUTS!!!

How long does it take you (ok...PRE-Mia) to get out the door, from shower to car?

Did you get yourself a new congratulatory purse?

Are you as scared as I am to raise a girl into a strong woman?

Ooh - those are all good questions. I don't have any additional questions to add, I just want to read the answers!

1. Why when I see the phrase "blog or journal" do I read it as "blournal"? Am I on the brink of creating hip new internet slang and don't even realize it?

2. Do you miss your job? Do you wish you'd left sooner?

3. What does Mia think about the cats? Does she have an opinion on them yet?

I preface this one with flushed cheeks and a statement "i only ask because of what I sense your relationship is like"...

#1 - Describe a sexual encounter with Chris - before and after baby.

#2 - Do you fear the change in your relationship with Chris (losing that connection) as Mia gets older (school, friends)

#3 - Do you fear losing Chris' attention now that you're a 'mom'?

Thank you!

I'm not sure I can top Starfruit's jaw dropping questions but I'll try. :)

1) How did you know you were "ready" (are we EVER ready?) to start trying for Miss Mia?
2) Have you always been fit?
3) How clean is your house usually?

Oh and I'll post this in the next day or two as well :)

1)What is your biggest Dream for YOU?
2)What is your biggest Fear for YOU?
3)Do you let your fear over ride your dreams?

Just thought I would let you know that baby Mia is absolutely gorgeous. I wish that some day God graces me with one too!


1. Why is it that when you talk about your lack of sleep, I do not feel sorry for you? (My reason? Mia is just too cute)

2. Have you ever been to Australia? If not, where have you travelled and why did you choose that destination?

3. How on earth does one human have such a bump one week and no bump the next? I seem to have a bump all the time!

Sending you a huge......raseberry!

My questiions are kind of lame compared with some of the others!

1. You used to talk about the gym a lot. What is your strangest gym story?

2. (The reverse of another question) How do the cats feel about Mia?

3. What surprises you most about how your husband handles fathering?

Ok, here goes...

1. How long have you guys been together?
2. When / How did you decide you were ready to be parents?
3. What scares you the most about parenthood?

These are all great questions and I can't wait to see the answers!

Ooh... fun!

1. If you could choose three women you know personally (other than yourself) and three women you don't know personally to serve as positive role models for Mia, who would they be and why would you choose them?

2. What song did you guys dance to at your wedding and would you choose the same song again if you were getting married today?

3. So, what did the fish say?

OH Heck ya baby, I'm in.

1. Please list the criteria for the pretend celebrity boyfriend....I can't believe it's all pretty face, you're not that shallow.
2. The body changes with childbirth, it's never the same. What are you most unhappy about.
3. What is your personal goal for this year---unrelated to the goddess we refer to as Mia. Personal goal.

Ooh, me next! Ok, here goes...

1.Describe the strangest holiday/trip you've ever been on.

2.Tell us the best gift you've ever recieved.

3.Hmm... what else... Ok, what advice would you give to a newly pregnant woman about pregnancy/motherhood? (I'm not pregnant, just curious).

I have a few more but I won't be greedy :) Also, I don't have a blog, so I can't reciprocate with this, so feel free to ignore my questions.

3 non-mommy questions for you:

1. thongs or briefs?
2. when's the last time you picked your nose?
3. what's your sign?

(wow, it sounds like i'm picking you up...)

1. If clive where suddenly to drop off the face of the earth or something (not that he would) who is the next runner up for pretend celebrity boyfriend?

2. If you came home and found that pet duck in your bathtub that you have always wanted- what would you name it?

3. What is the oddest thing in your purse?

Im not going to ask any questions, because I am pretty sure I wouldnt have come up with anything that hasnt already be asked. Just know, I am interested too.

Looks like you have you hands thru with all these questions so I will just say hi and come back later to read the answers.

great post. Just passing through, cool blog by the way.

We just discussed this at work yesterday and I was surprised at a friend's answer, so I wanna know...

You are an animal lover, I know. If you had been in that horrible situation down south and ordered to evacuate...without your pets...would you do it? Leave them behind to possibly drown or stay in a 'who knows what's gonna happen' situation with your lovely husband and beautiful daughter?

I'm curious to other's thoughts, since I imagined this as a given.

awesome idea!

1. Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

2. Do any of your family members (besides Chris) know about your blog?

3. Before you found out Mia was going to be a girl, what (if any) potential boys names did you guys toss around?

ok, really, are there any questions out there that arent about being a Mommy?
So here s a try at it:
1. what did youwant to be as a little girl?
2. when did you know Hubby was the one?
3. Why did you go/not go to college?

God that was hard!

i'll play! i'll play!

1) What is your favorite book?
2) Have you done any knitting at all lately? pre- or post-Mia?
3) what is your favorite color? :)

You said personal, so I'm gettin' really personal...

1. What is the one thing that Chris does or says to you that INSTANTLY gets you "in the mood?"

2. What is the one thing that YOU do that starts the launch sequence, if you know what I mean?

3. Favorite sex toy? (and don't say Johnny Depp like Ms. Q did... haha)

I can only think of one -- what is it about Clive Own that makes him your chosen celebrity boyfriend? And did Closer make you love him less or more? (Hey, I thought of two!)

Hi Beth... another moo comment, but no questions this time.
To commemorate 9/11, I've decided to visit every single blog on my blogroll today. I appreciate the entertainment and enjoyment you provide, and I wish you peace and happiness.

I know its late for questions, but you can just say you've missed me without me having to ask.

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