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More answers

Here we go again with the answers. It may take me a month to finish at this rate.

Zoe asked:

Describe the strangest holiday/trip you've ever been on.
The trip itself wasn't strange, but a couple of years ago Chris and I spent a weekend in Baltimore, just to get away for a while. We didn't have a whole lot of extra money at the time, so I found us a hotel at a pretty good bargain. For good reason. The room was huge, much larger than most hotel rooms, but it had to be to accomodate the shower in the corner of the room. No, not in the bathroom, just sitting in the corner of the room in full view of the bed. You could either watch tv or watch someone shower. I think Chris nearly left me over that, or at least nearly left Baltimore, but we ended up having a pretty good time.

Tell us the best gift you've ever received.
Can I be really corny here and say Mia? No? Tough, that's what I'm going with.

What advice would you give to a newly pregnant woman about pregnancy/motherhood?
You know those little side-snap t-shirts? Buy twice as many as you think you need, and then go get about 6 more. Same thing with burp cloths. You will use more diapers in the first week than you can possibly imagine, so stock up on those too.

Shannon asked:

Thongs or briefs?

When's the last time you picked your nose?
Ummm... right.... now!

What's your sign?

Amy asked:

If clive where suddenly to drop off the face of the earth or something (not that he would) who is the next runner up for pretend celebrity boyfriend?
This is tough, because I am still deeply committed to Clive, but if there were no Clive I would say maybe Adrien Brody. He's not really my type, with the pointy face and woman's name and all, but he is very tall and a little exotic looking and strangely appealing for some reason.

If you came home and found that pet duck in your bathtub that you have always wanted- what would you name it?

What is the oddest thing in your purse?
I have nothing odd in my purse. Now I feel like a loser.

angela marie asked:

You are an animal lover, I know. If you had been in that horrible situation down south and ordered to evacuate...without your pets...would you do it? Leave them behind to possibly drown or stay in a 'who knows what's gonna happen' situation with your lovely husband and beautiful daughter?
What a vulgar question! I would do absolutely everything I could to get out of Dodge with the cats yowling in the back of the car. Really, everything. Heaven and Earth? Consider them moved. However, if forced to make the choice between staying with the cats or leaving them there to save my daughter, I (god, I'm crying just writing this) would leave the cats and be miserable for the rest of my life. Mia and Chris are first though, absolutely first.

becky asked:

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?
Ha. What comes after introvert? Ultra introvert? Super introvert? Actually turning inside out? That's me.

Do any of your family members (besides Chris) know about your blog?
Not that I know of. Um... if you are related to me, say hi, won't you? I would not be blissfully happy if my family read my blog, but I try to write every post as though my mother was going to read it because it usually (but not always) keeps me from saying things I shouldn't.

Before you found out Mia was going to be a girl, what (if any) potential boys names did you guys toss around?
Boy names? We couldn't agree on a single one. (Because my husband is totally stubborn and also has terrible taste in boy names.)

Shannon asked:

What did youwant to be as a little girl?
An astronomer.

When did you know Hubby was the one?
Pretty much when I picked him up in the bathroom.

Why did you go/not go to college?
I went because it was expected of me. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I did, but not going to college wasn't an option.

Manda asked:

What is your favorite book?
Tough one. If forced to choose, I would say The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell.

Have you done any knitting at all lately? pre- or post-Mia?
I finished an afghan for Mia about a week before she was born. I started as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Nothing since then, I think it will be a while.

What is your favorite color?

mooalex asked:

What is the one thing that Chris does or says to you that INSTANTLY gets you "in the mood?"
When he opens a brand new something, like Gatorade for example, which I don't drink, just because there is a brand new one available and totally ignoring the half-empty whatever it is in the fridge, which then sits there until I clean out the fridge and throw it away. That sure gets in in the mood... the bad mood!

What? That wasn't "the mood" you meant? Tough.

What is the one thing that YOU do that starts the launch sequence, if you know what I mean?
When I'm clearly angry and Chris asks me what's wrong and I say "nothing." Launches him right through the roof - guaranteed to piss him off.

Favorite sex toy? (and don't say Johnny Depp like Ms. Q did... haha)
I don't have a favorite, and I will leave to your imagination whether that is due to too much or too little to choose from.

supine asked:

What is it about Clive Own that makes him your chosen celebrity boyfriend? And did Closer make you love him less or more?
Since I sorta already answered this, I will just add that the deciding factor has to be the chin dimple. Doesn't it just beg to be licked? Closer made me love him more. Yes, he was evil and dirty and mean, but also so, so hot.

Hey! I'm done! Thank goodness for naptime.

Comments (8)

I thought my husband was the only one to require the new whatever the item is. If I get milk, you best believe he is opening the new one instead of finishing up the old. New hair products, same deal. One would think that he was raised in some extravagant lifestyle, but one would be wrong. He just crazy. :)

Oh I loved Clive in Closer. Have you seen Sin City? He's even lovlier in black and white.

i cant imagine leaving my cats behind, what a question!!! and my husband has learned to let me just STEW when he know sumthin is wrong and i answer with "nothing", lol.

My husband and I stayed in the downtown LA Standard Hotel last year. They have a see through bathroom in each room. Same deal as you and Chris-you can lay in bed and just watch someone lather up in the shower. Or pee. Good thing we didn't choose to share a room with our friends, as was our original plan.

Although that would have made for some good travel stories.

What do you mean 'what a question'? It was a question.

I just figured that no one would put their family's safety above their pets'. I love my dog dearly and would cry all the way outta town, but there is no way on God's green earth that I would stay in an evacuation area because the dog couldn't come along.

THE REASON I ASKED is because someone at work told me that there is no way she would leave her pets. I said, "Even if your kids were in danger?" She said, "Nope, wouldn't leave."

I found that unbelievable.

Heartless Vulgar Question Asker

oh my god...I PICKED up MY hubby in a bathroom too!

Oh, those snap side shirts? Are the best invention ever. The last thing I wanted to attempt was to cram a tiny onesie over my baby's droopy large head.

I love THE SPARROW! It was one of my book club's first picks!

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