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More of everything you never wanted to know

You all should feel really special. The baby is sleeping and rather than doing the very big and important things I have to do, like laundry, I am sitting down to answer more questions. See, special.

Gypsy asked:

What is your biggest Dream for YOU?
Happiness. I don't know what form it will take in the future, but it is all I really want. After that, everything else you can work on.

What is your biggest Fear for YOU?
I guess that I will never be able to relax. I'm pretty high-strung and high-maintenance.

Do you let your fear over ride your dreams?
No, I just lose lots of sleep over it.

Anita asked:

Why is it that when you talk about your lack of sleep, I do not feel sorry for you? (My reason? Mia is just too cute)
Maybe because I'm actually getting enough sleep? Not at night, necessarily, but most days I can get a nap if Mia kept me up at night, although she likes to sleep at night so it usually isn't too bad.

Have you ever been to Australia? If not, where have you travelled and why did you choose that destination?
Nope, never been to Australia. I would love to go, but am not sure I could handle that much time on a plane. I went to Canada and Mexico as a kid and to France a couple of years ago. We chose France because someone else was footing the bill and that is where they offered to take us. Loved it.

How on earth does one human have such a bump one week and no bump the next? I seem to have a bump all the time!
Like I said in my last post, I exercised a lot while I was pregnant (and before for that matter), but mainly it was pure dumb luck. I looked like I had never been pregnant by about two weeks after Mia was born. (There's still a bump there, but I suppose I have to admit it is pretty much my pre-pregnancy flab so I can't blame it on the baby.

Kate asked:

You used to talk about the gym a lot. What is your strangest gym story?
Oh I don't know - most of the gym stuff seems strange when it happens but I never remember it afterwards. I guess the one that sticks in my mind is the stinky guy who always got on the machine next to me for weeks. I know lots of people are stinky in the gym, but this guy stank to high heaven walking in the door and it only got worse as he started to sweat.

(The reverse of another question) How do the cats feel about Mia?
At first, Pixel would run to her when she cried to see what was wrong. Now, they will tough it out a few minutes when she cries but after that they leave the room in a huff. They have both sniffed her, but at most I would say they are mildly curious. I'm sure they will develop stronger feelings for Mia once she is able to pull their tales.

What surprises you most about how your husband handles fathering?
I knew Chris would be a great father, caring, involved, totally smitten. The only thing I wasn't sure of was how he would be with the baby since I don't know that he'd ever held a baby before Mia - he certainly hasn't since I've known him. He's great with her though, a natural.

Laurie asked:

How long have you guys been together?
January will be 13 years, our sixth wedding anniversary is in October.

When / How did you decide you were ready to be parents?
I'm not sure we have decided that. Maybe by the time she leaves for college, we'll be ready.

What scares you the most about parenthood?
Everything. Mainly screwing it up. I really don't want to screw it up.

erin asked:

If you could choose three women you know personally (other than yourself) and three women you don't know personally to serve as positive role models for Mia, who would they be and why would you choose them?
Women I know: my mother, Chris's mother and my maternal grandmother. They are all strong, smart, independent women who I admire greatly.

Women I don't know: I have an answer to this, but I'm not going to give it. I want Mia to choose her own role models and I accept that she may have entirely different criteria than I do. I think as long as she sees admirable qualities to mirror or achievements to which to aspire whomever she chooses will be appropriate.

What song did you guys dance to at your wedding and would you choose the same song again if you were getting married today?
"Wonderful World," and absolutely.

So, what did the fish say?
"So what do you want me to do, drink a beer?"

dazeymae asked:

Please list the criteria for the pretend celebrity boyfriend....I can't believe it's all pretty face, you're not that shallow.
Gorgeous, older than me, not too mainstream, not a rock star, not Jude Law, a little bad, mad sexy, fabulous accent a bonus but not required. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not looking for a pretend celebrity boyfriend to have long, meaningful conversations.

The body changes with childbirth, it's never the same. What are you most unhappy about.
Well, my body is pretty much like it was. My hips are a little wider and I still have a bit more belly than I started with, but that's about it. I do have a wicked scar, but I don't mind it.

What is your personal goal for this year---unrelated to the goddess we refer to as Mia. Personal goal.
To survive? Ok, really to be more patient and more tolerant. I am neither of those things but want to be both as a mother.

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Yay! Thank you!

I was in the locker room one time. A woman came upto me after her shower to tell me about her church and why I should attend it. This was not at allstrange considering where I was. The part that was strange (especially considering her religion) was that she then dropped her towel and began contorting her whole body under the wall mounted hand dryer while talking with me. I stuttered and tried not to stare at her piercings and tatoos (normally would not phase me-it was just the situation as a whole).

Anyway, that is why I asked the gym question!

Mia is lucky to have the two of you as parents

I'm glad you clarified the pretend celebrity boyfriend thing. I've noticed I have a bit of crush on Jon Stewart lately. He's got no accent, but I think he meets the other criteria. Can I get the go-ahead on this?

"Wonderful World" kind of turned out to be our "wedding" song also. We didn't have dancing at our wedding but the first song we danced to on our honeymoon was "Wonderful World" that's what I always say if people ask.

im learning a lot about you...thanks fer answering all our questions!

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