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My girls

Is this the cutest thing ever, or is this the cutest thing ever?

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I'm going to go with
A. The cutest thing ever.

B. The cutest thing ever.

I guess I'm still deciding...

I'm going to go with
A. The cutest thing ever.

B. The cutest thing ever.

I guess I'm still deciding...

I guess I've had to much coffee today and I pushed 'post' during the shakes.

I'm going that is the Cutest. Thing. Ever.

I think i'll say that's the cutest thing ever.

Also: Holy head of hair Batman! That child is the follicle equivalent of any great eighties hair band. I see big things in Mia's future as a recording artist :)

i do believe that is the cutest thing. the cat is almost as big as she is!

Well, it's not the cutest thing ever, because that can be found in the post below this one, which is also titled, "My Girls." LOL!

She is just adorable. How's mom doing today?

Very very very cute. Thank you for sharing!!!!! I love the look on her face - MOM, ANOTHER PICTURE?

The cutest. Awww . . .they are bonding, and you can see the cat contemplating when and HOW to flee. Thanks for sharing the cuteness with us. Also--look at those baby muscles--sitting (err lounging?) so good already :)

Actually, you know what would be cuter...? Nope, never mind. I've got nothin'. Mia is a doll. I hope her hair stays just the way it is! :)

C: all of the above! And Mia does have some pretty rockin' hair.

Awwww...I love it.

Ummm, cutest thing ever. With the bear tooshie picture.

I still can't get over that hair!!
What a doll.

it IS the cutest thing EVAH...

unless you decided to take a picture of the girls braiding each other's hair...that could be cuter. ;) heh. might need to wait a while on that one.

hey, that cat doesn't look that pissed either about being stuck on a chair. awwww...they love each other.

Definately double cuteness.

Wow, she's the cutest thing ever!!!

And is she wearing her father's socks??

Beth, what type of camera do you and Chris use to take such beauteous pictures? Also, thanks for the great laughs! Mia is sooo pretty!

Cutest. Thing ever.

A cute baby AND a kitty. No fair! Nobody can compete with that.

Completely adorable.

It IS the cutest thing ever.

is the kitty trying to tip toe away? :) hehe j/k adorable.

She is getting so big! I think all the pictures you and your husband take are the cutest thing EVER. I am partial to the belly kiss picture. But she is adorable! Always look forward to seeing pictures of her!

Could be a post for the bean of the wild adventures of mia's beautiful locks...

I'm still staring at the baby-cuteness. What are my options again?

Your cat is the twin of my cat! Right down to the silly nose smudge thing. Mia is simply beautiful, just how much kitty hair does she have clasped in her fist?

Very, very cute. She is just adorable and the kitty is pretty cute too.

LOOK AT THAT THICK HAIR ON YOUR LITTLE GAL (Mia not the cat :) ) Congrats on blending the family. I have a cat that looks EXACTLY like yours, his name is Bullet but mostly we call him boo-boo or little pink eye.
Keep the pics coming, they are doing wonders for my "clock"

Adorable - I love her little socks - I'm obsessed with baby socks & shoes - poor Sierra already has 5 pairs of shoes and none of them fit her yet!

definately cute. very, very cute.

This picture IS adorable. I just LOVE how she is grabbing onto the cat's hair!! (Or maybe her hand is just closed above it... but you know it'll happen!!)

Your baby is just sooo cute!

Beth, she is beautiful!! :))

baby + kitty = ADORABLE!!!

The absolute cutest EVER...especially since she is not caterwauling nor throwing up! Good day Mia!

My kids were bald...never had hair! Where is her bow? I always wanted my daughter to have a bow on her non-hair...I would glue them with flour and water to her head...gasp!

EEEEKKK!! They are adorable.

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