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On Saturday, Chris and I decided to do something totally daring and unusual. We went out to dinner.

I? Actually showered and did my hair. I plucked my eyebrows. (Now people, we're all friends here, right? You could have mentioned my eyebrows. It was a little frightening.) I put on actual makeup. I dressed Mia in her cute pink flowered outfit with Winnie the Pooh on the leg and dressed myself in my only nice skirt that fits over my pregnancy-expanded ass. Then I changed both of us after Mia produced a particularly impressive amount of spit-up as we were heading out the door. It was a big moment.

We dropped Mia off with my parents, who were so thrilled to be babysitting they could barely speak, and headed off to our favorite Indian restaurant where we ate too much, as always, and talked mostly about Mia. But it was an intelligent conversation about Mia, not our usual discussions of what her poop looks like and how long she has napped. (Have I mentioned that I am extremely anal-retentive and therefore am still keeping a nursing and diaper log? I plan to save it and show it to the first inappropriate boyfriend Mia brings home as a teenager.)

All in all, we managed to stay away from the baby for about 90 minutes and I only called my parents once to check on her. I missed her terribly, but it was very nice to have some time alone with Chris. I know our relationship will never be quite the same as it was before the baby, but so far I like the way we are changing.

On another note, Mia was a dream today. She took an actual nap and was in bed for (I hope) the night at 8:30. Thank you to everyone who left such nice comments on my last post, it was much appreciated. If you were here, we would totally make out all the time. Or at least when Mia was napping.

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So glad you two got out (if only for 90 minutes, which can seem like a year the first time away)...try and do it more often! Do it for couples like us whose parents live in other states.

just for the record I want you to know that you and Chris get out FAR more often then my Chris and I do.
so there. I am not sure how that is supposed to make you feel better, but it depresses the hell out of me.

its so nice to remember that before you were a mom, you were human.
you'll never be truly just a human again, but for 90 minutes you got to reminice (sp?) .....

Yay for being able to get out of the house by yourselves, even if it was only for a short time.

good good good to get out of the house! When Lady was first born, my mom stayed with us, and she sent us out on a date while she stayed home with the Lady. I wasn't even allowed to call!!! It was hard, but worth it.

We love sleeping babies. Make sure you praise Mia to the high heavens for napping like a big girl...maybe she'll catch on? ;)

Good for you for getting out! It is so important, for your sanity's sake!

So funny you mention your eyebrows - just today I was plucking mine, and wondering if I would have time for such in the future. And then I wondered if you had done such since Mia's arrival.
Okay, now I sound like a creepy stalker. But I'm not, I swear. Just someone who wonders what level of hygiene and primping will be available once Bean is outside of me.

ah. Yes. Getting out of the house is fabulous when they're little like that, you need to still be YOU (even if you miss her the entire time) and it was probably such a party for little Mia and grandma & grandpa! Several happy campers :)

My girls are now 9 and 5, and they leave to go to friends houses all the time and I miss them.

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